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about me page
about me page

About Me Page: Introduction To Get To Know Me Better

On this about me page, I like to introduce myself.
My name is Nico de Vries.
I am from the Netherlands, 55 years old, living in Vlaardingen.
Single, no kids, just some wild animals and my computer.

About My Job

I am an entrepreneur, working full-time in marketing on the internet.
I do this for already 10 years now, and happy with the freedom I get from it.
Instead of working for a boss from 8-5, I can make my own hours.
I can easily take a day off and work in the evening or in the weekend.
Because of this, I have more freedom and at the same time, have more income.
Here are some good points about working on the internet:

  • No need to get up early
  • Working from home = making money from home
  • No need to leave the house
  • Making my own hours
  • Work can be done from anywhere as long as I have internet
  • Take a holiday whenever I want
  • Work less and make more money
  • Having more freedom.
  • Creating financial freedom

What Is My Main Work Online?

Of course you have to work for it, but as I enjoy what I do, I don’t see it as a job.
My main focus is on affiliate marketing and niche marketing.

Then I also do keyword research and Search Engine Optimization to rank higher in the search engine. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started to make money from the internet. With niche marketing I focus on a special (targeted) group of buyers.

Being a perfectionist, I keep going to reach what I want to reach – financial freedom.
To do this, I keep improving my websites, putting more info online, and learning new things as the internet is constantly changing. This could be one of the negative points; I have to keep up with all the new online rules. It is probably a never ending learning process.

Making Money From Home

The internet is also a worldwide information place where you can find a lot of info about almost everything, including making money from home. There is a lot of money to be made from the internet if you do it right. The internet is in fact the biggest marketplace in the world!

There are many ways to make money from the internet but you have to know how and what and take the right steps. It’s easy to pick an online program to find out later it was a internet scam, wasting your heard earned money and your time. There are a lot of bad people out there, just trying to rip off your money by selling programs that are not, or hardly, going to help you (many of these people call themselves “guru”).

Just like you had to read and write, you have to know how to make money from the internet if you want to make money. I had to start from the beginning also and over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge about internet marketing. Today I already know a whole lot more because of all the work I did on the internet.

I want to help people to do the same and make money without leaving their house or even to get up early. You can read more on my website www.wealth4affiliates.com. If you need more information, you can contact me at info @ wealth4affiliates.com. Thanks for reading this about me page.

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