10 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Success

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10 Tips For Affiliate Marketing Success

success tips for affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing tips

10 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Success

To have success with affiliate marketing, you’ll find here 10 affiliate marketing tips. These tips are powerful and if you use them well, you will increase your chances of affiliate marketing success and creating a sustainable, long term income online. If you want to become a super affiliate, then these affiliate marketing tips will be your starting point.

1. Picking The Right Niche

Don’t try to sell everything to everyone. It is a big mistake many newbie affiliate marketers are making. Trying to sell everything will only dilute your effort and making money online will be nearly impossible. You must start with a niche to target potential clients. You probably already have some money making ideas for your niche. Start with one niche and stay with it until you become successful and make some good money with it.

It is important to pick a niche you are interested in. This basic step is essential for your affiliate marketing success. Pick the wrong niche and you probably won’t earn money online. You need to have a passion for your niche as it will be much easier to write about a subject you are interested in and have knowledge in. It is also wonderful if you can share your knowledge with your readers.

Do research on your niche and narrow it down to a smaller, more targeted and profitable niche. You can find out more on how to find a profitable niche on the page find a profitable niche market.
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2. Create An Affiliate Marketing Website

With WordPress you can easily create an affiliate marketing website. You don’t need to be a programmer to create a stunning website.

On this affiliate marketing website you will clearly explain the benefits of the products and the problems it will solve. Your visitors are not going to buy from you before they have a good reason to buy. Your product must be a problem solver and a wannabe, something the visitor want and need.

First you tell them about the problems they have, so that they can recognize the situation. Then you tell them how they can solve that problem with your product. The better you do this, the more sales you can make.

sales button for customers

buy now button

Put a “Buy Now” button several times on your website. Place the first one in the beginning, and two “Buy Now” buttons closer to the end. You should also put 1 or 2 more “Buy Now” buttons halfway down, depending on the length of your website.

Once your prospect is convinced about how effective and useful your product is in solving the problem, they are more likely to hit that button and buy from you.

As you can see from the image above, it is an outstanding “Buy It Now” image with a clear call to action: Click here to order; with different payment options, and even a satisfaction guarantee.

100% security for customers

money back guarantee

One more important thing: put a money back guarantee on your website. A money back guarantee is all about building trust with potential customers. If visitors don’t trust you, they will not buy from you. That’s why you have to give them a guarantee they can’t refuse. A money back guarantee will also increase sales, and customers could buy from you again in the future.

3. Collect Email Addresses

You want people to subscribe for your newsletter. You have to give them a reason to subscribe, for instance by giving away an interesting ebook for free. You can use a squeeze page to get them to subscribe. A squeeze page is only to collect email addresses, nothing more. The squeeze page should not have any other things on it, like banners or advertising.

Once you have their email address, you can send them more info how on your product can help them. If you can convince a potential customer about the effectiveness of your product, and how it will benefit their situation, they are more than happy to buy from you.

If they bought your product already, send related offers to turn them into returning customers and have them buy from you again. Just don’t fill up their mailbox with all kinds of affiliate offers, or they will unsubscribe faster than they subscribed.

4. Copy Successful Marketers

If a marketer is successful, you should copy what he does because you should get the same results. One affiliate marketing strategy you could use, is present the product as being a bargain. You can create a deadline or a limited amount that is available. If your product is good, a potential client is very willing to buy the product or think he will miss out on the offer.

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5. Use The Product Yourself

If you use the product yourself, you will be able to tell a lot more about the product and you can give an honest opinion about the product. You have to show yourself as an experienced person about the product, or even better, an expert in your niche. A reader must get the feeling that you know what you are talking about. This will make you trustworthy and people will be more likely to buy from you. Telling stories just to sell the product will destroy your reputation and you will not make sales!

6. Promote Products That Solve ONE Specific Problem.

solve problems people have

solve problems to get customers

Many people who are looking for a solution to their problem, are only having just one problem that needs to be solved. For this they only need one product; your product that will solve that problem once and for all. That is also a reason to put only one product on your website: you don’t want to confuse you visitors with multiple products.

7. Sell Products With Different Prices

Not everyone can afford an expensive product, while others prefer to pay a bit more as they see cheap products as low quality products. One marketing strategy you can do is an upsell such as an extra product; or in case of a book, you can have a downloadable version and a printed version; and you could even sell resell rights with the product.

8. Promote The Product

  • You can promote the product on your own website with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Write a blog about the product. This can also be done on someone else’s blog.
  • Promote the product on social media: Facebook, Twitter, G-plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and a lot more.
  • You can write articles about the product and submit them to article directories.
  • You can also answer questions on forums with a link back to your website.
  • Tell friends and family about the product.

9. Become An Authority In Your Niche

You are building a real affiliate marketing business with long term success. Keep writing articles, promoting your blog, connecting on social media, optimizing your website, and more to become an authority in your field. If you keep improving, you can end up on the first page of Google. Once that happens, you can expect a lot of traffic to your website. All that traffic are potential customers.

10. Never Give Up

affiliate marketing success tips

from failure to success

Never give up on your dreams. Giving up is easy, but don’t let failures stop you on your way to success. A failure should be a lesson how not to do it, and to do it better the next time. It may take some time before you will see results, just be patient. Don’t jump from one product to another; go on with what you started until you succeed and make money with it. If you continue promoting your product, you will make sales! Once that happens, you can go on to the next product.

Create Affiliate Marketing Websites

There you have your 10 affiliate marketing tips for success. With Wealthy Affiliate you can find more ways for making money online. You will learn to create your own affiliate marketing websites; they have the marketing tools to get money making ideas; and they will teach you marketing strategies that work today to stay ahead of the competition. The internet keeps on evolving and so does Wealthy Affiliate, they stay up to date with their marketing strategies.

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