11 Affiliate Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by N. de Vries

11 Affiliate Mistakes To Avoid

11 affiliate mistakes to avoid

Affiliate mistakes to avoid

In this article you can read the most common affiliate mistakes to avoid in marketing, so you can prevent them from happening and become successful with affiliate marketing. With Affiliate marketing you can promote thousands of products through reseller programs, also known as affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding if you do it the right way. Too many beginners in affiliate marketing make mistakes that are not necessary.

Mistake 1: Doing Everything At Once

One of the biggest affiliate mistakes to avoid is one that newbies are making: trying to do everything at once. They are joining too many affiliate programs and promoting several products. This will only dilute the effect and will hardly make you any money. Find a good affiliate program and stick to one or two products and once it is selling well, you can always promote more products.

Mistake 2: Not Having Your Own Website

You can write about the product on a blog or article directory with a link to the product, but it is much better to have your own website. Not only does it look more professional, you can collect email addresses and build a list of subscribers. At the same time you can still write an article for an article directory or blog with a link to your website. And you can promote related products from your website as well.

Mistake 3: Get Your Website Online Too Late

Many affiliates wait too long to put their website online. This is one of the mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing. They try to make a perfect website before they will put it online. Once your website is as good to go, put it online so people can visit it and you be able to make a sale. At the same time you can still improve it by putting more pages on it, more content, or just making it better.

Mistake 4: Your Website Is Finished

Some people think that once their website is online, it is all done. Wrong! Once you have your site online, you have to put more info on it. The search engines don’t want to see static pages, so you have to keep writing content. This will also improve your search engine rankings, and higher rankings can have you making more sales. The point here is to inform the reader without giving too much away. You need to interest them so the reader want to find out more.

Mistake 5: Not Having Enough Links

You have to build links by writing articles and blogs with a link back to your website in the resource box. Use different article directories and blogs to get links from several places as this can put your website higher in the search engine.

Mistake 6: Not Using Adsense For Extra Income

Many affiliates don’t use and profit from Adsense. Adsense is an advertising program from Google that is free to join. You put a little snippet of code on your website, and Google will put relevant advertisements on your website. When a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you will make money. Although it will not be much, every little bit extra will help. Some people made their website specially for Adsense, and it is very well possible to earn a full time income from these advertisements.

Mistake 7: Not Promoting Your Website

Many affiliates don’t promote their website enough. This is another one of the mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing. Having your website online is one thing, but to be found by visitors, you need to promote your website. You can get visitors from social media marketing, getting high in the search engine through website optimization, but also from promoting the product you sell on your website.

Promoting can be done through article marketing, video marketing, email marketing, but also through blogging or forums. You can even put ads on the advertisement board in your local supermarket. It is a good idea to use business cards to put up, as people can take these cards with them and they can make you money even a year later!

Mistake 8: Choosing The Wrong Affiliate Program

Some affiliate programs are full of promises, but when it comes to the payment, you won’t get anything. Do some research to find out more about the company, their payment methods, and if they are trustworthy. Choosing the wrong affiliate program, can be a costly mistake. Many people go for Clickbank, as it is the biggest retailer for downloadable products on the internet, but they are not my favorite. You can find out more about Clickbank on the page “is clickbank a scam”.

Mistake 9: Not Using The Product Yourself

If you don’t use the product yourself, how are you supposed to write a good article about it? Get to know the product, and it will be much easier to write good content about the product. It will also be better for your readers to write in-depth content that will answer possible questions your reader might have about the product. And even if they still have questions, you will be able to give them an honest answer. Not only will you build trust with potential customers, you are pre-selling the product and you will get potential customers more interested to buy the product.

Mistake 10: Sticking With One Way Of Promoting

Some affiliates write articles and nothing else. To get the most out of affiliate marketing and also more affiliate sales, you have to do blogging, email marketing, video marketing, pay-per-click, using forums, and more. Especially video marketing is popular these days and if done correctly, it can bring in a lot of new sales.

Mistake 11: Doing Everything Yourself

Look for affiliate materials, such as banners, images, articles, keywords and more. You don’t have to spend time to make these things by yourself when the merchant has already done it for you. It will make your life as an affiliate much easier. If you use an article, rewrite it in your own words to prevent duplicate content penalties.

When you use images taken from the internet, be sure the images are royalty free or you might get into problems as many images are copyright protected. Google already sued several people for using their images without permission. Making your own pictures is the safest way to go and you can even make a unique image. You can use Google search, then click on images to get plenty of good ideas.

Now that you know the affiliate mistakes to avoid, it is time to benefit. With these tips you can master affiliate marketing and become a super affiliate. Click the link below to become a free member and learn more about marketing, and not only about affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate mistakes to avoid

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