Affiliate Programs Directory

Affiliate Programs Directory

Find Affiliate Programs And Products To Promote

Affiliate Programs Directory of affiliate programs and products
Affiliate Programs Directory

What Is The Affiliate Programs Directory?

With the affiliate programs directory, you can find many different affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are also known as reseller programs or associate programs.

There are a lot of benefits to become an affiliate, and it is the easiest way to get started into online marketing and to earn money online.

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Through the affiliate programs directory you can find enough products to promote, but it is wise idea to choose an affiliate product you are interested in.

You can expect to spend many hours with it: building a website, promoting the product, writing articles about the product, optimizing your website, and more.

As you have an interest in a product, it will be easier to keep working on it and writing informative articles about it. These articles will be used to get traffic to your website.

It is a simple way to make money: you have to sell a product from someone else to get paid. The payment can vary from a few percent to almost 100 percent.

You have a choice of 1000s of different affiliate programs, and you can turn all of them into a niche. You can literally do niche marketing for the rest of your life.

Look For An Affiliate Program

When you see a program or product that you like, you can go through the website to see if they have a reseller program. If there is an affiliate program, it will be most likely at the bottom of the page.

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Sometimes the link is called “webmasters”, that is where you can find the affiliate program. Before you sign up for the reseller program, be sure to read the terms as you are not always eligible to become a reseller.

After becoming a reseller or affiliate, you will be given an affiliate link or affiliate ID that you have to use each time you are promoting the product.

That way the owner of the product, or the affiliate company, can track down who made the sale, so that you get compensation for making that sale.

The best affiliate program to choose, is one with recurring billing, also known as residual income. Every time the customer have to pay, you get paid also.

If the customer stays a member for 10 years, you will get paid for 10 years every time they have to pay. This is a very good way to get revenue for a long time.

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Where To Look For Affiliate Programs

You can find affiliate programs with companies and shops such as,,,,,,, just to mention a few.

You can also sell downloadable products, known as info products. These can be found on, (was before Commission Junction),,,,, and more.

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The good thing about being a reseller, is that you don’t have to keep any inventory, keeping the product up to date, or deal with any problems with the product.

You are just a reseller with no further commitment to the buyer. If there is a problem with the product, it will be out of your hands. The customer will have to solve the problem with the owner of the product.

Products To Promote As An Affiliate

Directory of affiliate products
Make Money With Affiliate Programs

You can promote almost any product or article you can think of. So you can be sure you can find a product you are interested in, making work not look like a job.

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Just make sure you choose a product that is also of interest for other people (customers), or you won’t have many sales. Here is an alphabetical list of different products and programs you can promote:

-airline tickets
-baby products
-dating sites
-digital products
-dog products
-garden products
-gift cards
-graphic design
-green products
-health and fitness
-health and wellness
-health foods
-high end products
-home decor
-interior design
-kitchen appliances
-martial arts
-medical supplies
-musical instruments
-natural products
-online games
-organic products
-real estate
-rental cars
-scuba diving
-self defense
-self improvement
-sporting goods
-vitamin supplements
-web hosting
-weight loss
-weight training
-wine making

Of course there are a whole lot more products and programs you can promote. Almost every product you can think of, can have an affiliate program.

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Take Amazon as an example, they have 1000s of products and you can promote each and every one of them. You can be sure there will be something of interest to you.

Although Amazon doesn’t pay high commissions to its affiliates, if you sell large quantities or the more expensive products, you can still earn a very nice income.

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Niche Marketing With Affiliate Products

All the programs and products mentioned above can be narrowed down to smaller programs, so called niche markets. For instance, jewelry can be turned into man’s jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches.

This can be even further narrowed down to smaller niches. For instance, rings can be separated into wedding rings, engagement rings, golden rings, stainless steel rings, rings with gemstones in it, and so on.

This way you can find a smaller niche with targeted people. There might be less people interested in it, but it will be people who are looking for these products, so called targeted buyers.

These are the ones you are looking for because that is where the money is. You just put the products in front of these people to make sales to get your affiliate commissions.

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Promoting The Products

To get the products in front of these people, you have to advertise or promote the products. In other words, you have to get traffic to the pages where you promote the products. There are several ways of advertising.

  • You can put a link on your Facebook profile, Twitter, and other social media profiles
  • Another way of advertising is placing a comment on a forum with a link to the product
  • Answer a question on a site like Yahoo Answers with your affiliate link to the product
  • Write a blog about the product with your affiliate link to the product
  • Write an article review about the product with your affiliate link to the product
  • One of the most, and best used techniques, is writing articles

After writing an article about the product, you submit them to the search engine, or an article directory, so that targeted buyers can find the products you promote. This way you don’t even have to build and maintain a website.

As you can see, there are 1000s of products you can promote and make money with it. Just narrow it down to a smaller niche, or sub-niche, because that is where the money is.

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You can find out more about niche marketing on the page niche marketing. On this page you can find out how to do research to find a profitable niche.

Become A Member With Wealthy Affiliate

I hope this affiliate programs directory will help you to find a profitable product to promote as an affiliate. Just take your time to find the product that is right for you.

When you become a member with Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to start your own profitable niche website. You can start as a free member to try the program first, without paying a dime.

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List of affiliate marketing products
Directory Of Affiliate Marketing Products

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