How To Start Affiliate Marketing Today

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Today

Create A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

Know how to start affiliate marketing today
Know How To Start Affiliate Marketing Today

In this article you’ll get 8 tips how to start affiliate marketing today. There are a lot of benefits of working from home in affiliate marketing.

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The concept is simple: promote someone’s products or services and receive commissions for generating leads or sales.

Many people talk about the awesome results of making your own hours and earning money working from home.

But what exactly does it take to earn money online? Here are eight important steps to become successful as an affiliate marketer.

1. Brainstorm Ideas For A Website

First, you will need to have a website where you can promote affiliate products. Second, you need to find out what people are looking for that’s solving a problem for them, or currently hard to get.

Is there a subject you have knowledge in where information and related products could be provided to potential customers?

Maybe you already have a wonderful product in mind that you know there is a massive demand for and want to build a website around?

Examine website ideas where you can tie in merchant products that your target market will be responsive to. Try Googling some ideas to see what comes up.

Are there any sites devoted to the subject? Are there merchants offering products that you could include on your site? If so, your idea could be very profitable!

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2. Build A Website: Landing Page Or Niche Website

Once you’ve found your website idea, there are two types of websites you can build. You can create a small one-page website called a landing page where you send customers immediately to the merchant.

Common types of landing page websites are used to give the visitor some extra info to get them more interested, so they will click the link to visit the website from the merchant.

A good size noticeable button with the right colors encourages visitors to click on and be taken to the website of the merchant.

These types of websites can be effective in the short-term but are not good at encouraging people to come back to you because they don’t have any real content or value.

The only purpose of the landing page is to connect customers with the product they want as fast as possible.

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2A. The Niche Website

A second type of website is the niche website. Niche sites offer a wealth of information on a specific subject that is currently unsaturated. For example, if you know a lot about survival, you might have a niche site all about survival.

As opposed to a landing page, people come to niche sites for their information and because they’ve established themselves in the niche.

People listen to recommendations about products and visit merchants you’ve recommended because of the helpful content you provide on your website.

If your site is the leader in weight loss, visitors are more open to listen to which weight loss products you recommend.

You can either build a new niche site from scratch using WordPress or start a blog, for instance with Although more limited with the design, it will allow you to quickly start posting your relevant content and promoting your affiliate products.

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3. Create A Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your website and how people will get to know you online (use .com, .net, if possible). The best domain names are short, to the point, easy for customers to remember and contain at least one of your keywords.

Taking the survival site example from above, a good name for your website might be because it immediately tells people what the site is about and the keyword ‘survival’ is great for search engines.

Most likely you’ll need to try different names until you find something that’s available.

4. Find Web Hosting

You need a place to host your website so that it is available to everyone on the Internet. There are tons of hosting companies out there with different packages and prices.

Compare services and go with what you feel comfortable with. I always recommend monthly payments instead of going for a long-term contract in the beginning, so that if you are unsatisfied after a few months, you can always change to another web host.

You can even get free webhosting if you become a member with Wealthy Affiliate. Free members also get 2 free websites with state-of-the-art cloud based hosting.

You’ll also get free WHOIS Privacy Protection, Domain Security, free SSL, daily website back-ups, and lots more. You can read all about their free webhosting in the Wealthy Affiliate webhosting review.

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5. Add Lots Of Unique Content

If you’re building a niche website, start adding lots of rich content and keep adding it on a regular basis. People will come to your affiliate website for the content you provide.

If you’re recommending an affiliate product, review it on your site or compare it with other products on the market.

Provide useful tips and information your target market is looking for and will keep coming back for. In the survival website example, you should include how to protect yourself, what tools to use, how to make a shelter, etc.

People will start bookmarking your site and telling others about it, with a good chance that your site will go viral. When that happens, you will get lots of visitors and the money will follow.

You can find articles about your topic in many online article directories and include them on your site. Adding a forum and allowing visitors to talk about the subject is a great way to create a community of returning visitors.

These two examples are a great way to add content to your site without doing it yourself! Google love sites where people interact, it will give you higher rankings as well.

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6. Find Affiliate Programs And Monetize The Website

Of course the point of your website is to generate income. You need to add your affiliate links to your site. Not sure where to find merchants with affiliate programs?

Try Googling your website topic and the words ‘affiliate program’. Most merchants have a page devoted to their affiliate program that will be indexed by search engines.

You can also visit one of the many affiliate program directories for related affiliate programs. I would recommend going for residual income programs which pay you commissions for the life of the customer.

That is, you get them to buy from the merchant once and you receive commissions each month or for each re-order thereafter. Even if your site is down, you can still be making sales from past customers!

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If you’re talking about a product, include your affiliate link to the merchant website in the text. These types of links always perform better than a banner ad because it will be seen more as a recommendation by you and less like advertising.

For example, on a page about how to survive, you could recommend a specific type of tent you’ve had great success with.

What goes through the mind of your customer is, “This site gives very helpful information, they really know what they’re talking about, I’ll check out this product!”.

It is recommended to add some related banner ads to your site as well. Or once you have a good page rank, traffic, or reputation, you can charge other websites to advertise on your site.

Lastly, don’t forget to put Google Adsense on your website. It’s free to use and you’ll earn money each time someone clicks on one of the links.

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7. Add A Newsletter List

A newsletter list (also known as mailing list) is one of the simplest ways to stay in touch with your website visitors. People who like your site will sign up for your newsletter (usually added to the side of your site).

You can then build a list of email addresses of people interested in what you have to say and who are responsive. They will read the emails to know what you have to say.

By subscribing to your newsletter, they have given you permission to send them content related to your site! Just make sure to send them useful info so they don’t unsubscribe.

From time to time you can send them information they would find helpful as well as include some affiliate links to products they might be interested in.

8. Promote With Articles, Directories, And Forums

Even though people will come to your site for the rich content you’ve provided, you still need a way to get people to come in the first place and continue to keep your customer base growing.

The best way to accomplish this is for people to see you as an expert in the field. Write articles on your subject and submit them to article directories.

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People reading your articles will see you as a valuable resource and visit your website to find out more. If you keep them on your website, you’ll lower your bounce rate and Google will reward your site with higher rankings.

You can also submit your website to directories and reply to forum posts with your website URL in your signature.

Not only will these methods increase visits from readers, they also help your search engine rankings. Look for Article sites, Directories, and Forums related to your topic and with high page rank.

You can also pay for advertising on high page rank sites or use PPC advertising like Google AdWords where you only pay when someone clicks your link. Although quicker, you must be careful not to pay more than you earn.

In Conclusion…

Here are all the 8 steps again:

  • Brainstorm Ideas For A Website
  • Build A Website: Landing Page Or Niche Website
  • Create A Domain Name
  • Find Web Hosting
  • Add Lots Of Unique Content
  • Find Affiliate Programs And Monetize The Website
  • Add A Newsletter List
  • Promote With Articles, On Directories, And Forums

These are the eight general steps that most people take to start earning income as an affiliate marketer.

It may take some time to get going, but once you establish your website as a valuable resource of information, you can become extremely successful working from home.

Now you know how to start affiliate marketing today. So find some affiliate programs and start promoting. You have nothing to lose.

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