How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Know How To Start Affiliate Marketing
Without A Website

Affiliate Marketing With No Website

Know how to start affiliate marketing without a website
Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Are you are thinking of making money from the internet but you don’t have much experience or the money to start your own internet business?

Well, then don’t worry, because there are a lot of online marketing options you can use to get started with. In this case, you will find out how to start affiliate marketing without a website, as affiliate marketing is considered being your best option.

Selling Affiliate Products

With affiliate marketing you have the chance to sell products online without the need of having products of your own to sell. You just have to sign up with an affiliate marketing program.

Signing up for an affiliate marketing program, also known as a reseller program, should always be free and can be done quick and easily.

Some companies will ask for a lot of information to get more insight who they are dealing with. Sometimes affiliate companies will not allow people from certain countries to sign up for the program, for instance people from Nigeria.

The reason for this is because there are too many scammers misusing the system, like sending spam or trying to scam people.

After signing up, you can visit the marketplace and choose the products you want to promote. As an affiliate, you will be paid by the merchant for sending visitors to the merchant’s site and turn these visitors into buyers.

The payments are based on a commission basis, and are normally between 50 and 75% but can go all the way up to 100%. With Amazon the affiliate payments are much lower, depending on the product, you can get up to 5% commissions.

Is A Website Necessary?

Although there are a lot of benefits from promoting affiliate products, a lot of people are still skeptical to get started with affiliate marketing.

One of the main reasons they are skeptical is not having a website to start promoting affiliate products. This will take us to the question of whether a website is necessary or not with affiliate marketing.

People that are working longer in the affiliate marketing business will tell you that you can start promoting affiliate products without having a website.

Actually, anybody can start promoting and marketing affiliate products even without a website. There are several ways on how this can be accomplished.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

The fact is, these affiliate marketing strategies that will bring you success, exist without actually needing a website to promote products.

These success strategies include email marketing, writing e-books, offline promotions, writing ezines and engaging in online discussions like chats, forums, message boards and others.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the most popular affiliate marketing strategy that doesn’t require the affiliate to having a website.

With the email marketing strategy, you basically maintain a list of email addresses of your prospective customers and provide them with articles.

These articles must be relevant with the affiliate products and programs you are promoting. Articles that you send to your contacts should not be promotional, but informative.

Many individuals find promotional types of email annoying because subscribers don’t like it when people try to sell them products. It would be so much better if you provide people with the benefits of the product, and how it will improve their life.

This information will get them more interested and will increase your sales. At the bottom of your message you just add a small link to your merchant’s site.

Writing E-books

If you are good in writing, writing an e-book can be the best way to promote your affiliate products in case you don’t have an actual website.

Just like in emails and newsletters, your readers will appreciate your e-book more if it is informative rather than promotional.

Just be sure to make the contents of your e-books in line with the actual affiliate products you are promoting. Near the end of your e-book you can put text ads or banners that are linked to the merchant’s site.

Offline Promotion Strategy

There is also the choice of promoting your affiliate products offline. These promotions can be done with classified ads, brochures and flyers.

Classified ads would generally convert better compared to brochures and flyers because classified ads in periodicals, like magazines, often get a wider audience.

Ezine Writing Strategy

Ezines are publications or articles to inform people about a particular topic. If you want to promote products as an affiliate, you can use ezines to promote affiliate offers or use it to insert links to the merchant’s site.

If you have a website, your ezine article can be used as content for your site. But considering you don’t have a website, you can just submit your free ezine articles to many article directories, like,,, and many others.

If you do a search in Google, you can find plenty article directories where you can submit your articles. Some article directories won’t allow affiliate links but there are enough directories where it is allowed.

Online Discussions (Chats, Forums, Message Boards, etc.)

Online discussions, like chats and forums, are great venues for marketing affiliate products. With or without a website, you can easily find people who will be interested with the products you are promoting.

You can use chats, forums, message boards and discussion boards with topics related to your products to put the affiliate offers in front of them. Just don’t spam the forums as this will have your account closed.

Try to answer questions, give free advice or help in any other way and then you can put a link to the product you promote or to you profile. At the end of your profile you can also put a link to the affiliate product.

With the use of all these strategies, you can assume that one doesn’t really need to maintain a website to market affiliate products and promoting affiliate programs.

Starting with an affiliate program without a website is not hard to do, but becoming successful in affiliate marketing without a website is another thing.

Now you know how to start affiliate marketing without a website.

While it is very well possible to actually gain enormous success in affiliate marketing even without having a website, it is unlikely that “newbies” can reach the same levels of success as seasoned marketers.

Having a website is not really a necessity to get into an affiliate program, unless the program owner would want you to have a website. But while this is so, it is still recommend that you have a website for yourself, if not now, then maybe in the near future.

Advantages Of Having A Website

Having a website will give you a lot of advantages in affiliate marketing. It provides you a place where you can advertise not only one of your affiliate products but all of your affiliate products.

With a website, you can also promote your affiliate products to a bigger audience. If you are good in writing articles, you can get a lot of free organic traffic to your website.

Again, you can do affiliate marketing with no website, it is not a requirement in affiliate marketing. But with the advantages that a website can provide, it is better to have one for yourself and make affiliate marketing a lot easier for you.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

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Promoting affiliate products without a website
Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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