Know How To Find The Best Selling Affiliate Products

Tips To Find The Best Selling Affiliate Products

Know If An Affiliate Product Will Be Profitable

Finding best selling affiliate products
Find The Best Selling Affiliate Products

To make good money with affiliate marketing, you need to know what the best selling affiliate products are.

You can literally find 1000s of affiliate products to promote, but you need to know what is selling well and thus what will make you money. If you promote a product that is not wanted, you will not make any money.

The good part with affiliate marketing is, that you can work from home. You can easily become your own boss with affiliate marketing. And there are a lot more benefits of being an affiliate marketer.

But without the right products, you will not be successful. Promoting a product is one thing, promoting the right product, something that people need, is totally different.

Choosing the right product to promote, is the first step to become a successful affiliate marketer. If you choose the right product, you can remarkably improve your chances of earning a good affiliate income.

Let’s begin with how to find the best selling affiliate products to promote. The first thing you need to know is “Who are your customers?”

Who Are Your Customers?

It is very important to know who you are going to sell to. Are there people who have a problem that need to get solved? Or do they need something badly? Or is it something they want?

Find a product that will solve a problem, because these are the people that are looking for a solution. Especially in the health niche, they want a solution fast.

To find an affiliate product to promote, we will have a look at the Clickbank marketplace. This is the largest online retailer from affiliate products. In the past they had only downloadable programs, but now also physical affiliate products.

Clickbank got so many niche products to promote, it is easy to find something that you like. But the point here is to find the best selling affiliate products.

Look For High Gravity

Affiliate money info
Info About Affiliate Money

First you are going to look for a category you are interested in. By having an interest in the product, it will be easier to stay motivated. The results you get are displayed by popularity, but you need to go to gravity.

Gravity will tell you how many affiliates have made a sale with that product. The higher the gravity, the more sales have been made through affiliates.

Find the gravity info
Info About Gravity

Find Products With High Commissions

Have a look at the commissions: what is the percentage; can you find high ticket products? Are there products with monthly recurring billing?

The first point you need to look for is the average amount of money per sale. This is the amount you will make on average when the product is sold through your unique affiliate link.

It will cost you the same amount of time and energy to promote a product that will earn you $10,- as a product that will earn you $1000,-.

If you have a website, you can always put similar products on it that will make you some money, because every little bit of extra money is more income. For now go for the products that will earn you good commissions.

Find Products With Recurring Billing

Recurring payments
Find The Recurring Billing Sign

Next, look for the recurring billing sign. This means that the buyer can get into a monthly membership, and have to pay a certain amount every month.

You, as an affiliate, will get a part of that money also, EVERY MONTH, for as long as the buyer stays a member. This is passive income what you are looking for; making money without any work from your side.

Even years later, you could still be getting money from that initial sale. If you can make several sales with the same product, and have people subscribe for the membership, you can make a very nice passive income.

These are four important points to look for: 1) Solves a problem; 2) High gravity; 3) High commission; 4) Recurring billing.

Check The Vendors’ Website

You also need to have a look at the website from the vendor. Does it look trustworthy or is it just put together to make some quick money? Just ask yourself, “Is this a website where I want to place an order?”

If the answer is “No”, then find another product to promote. Because of all the online scams, people hesitate to pull their credit card these days.

Info On The Vendors’ Pitch Page

Info about payments from the vendor
Payment Info Of The Vendor

Sometimes you can have a look at the vendors’ Pitch page. Not all vendors have it, but you can find important information there. For instance, you can see the percentage you will earn; how much that is; the total money you can make, and the gravity.

You will also see when their account was activated. Have a look at the image below: the product for yeast infection cure was activated in October 2006. They have an outstanding record as a vendor, with a best selling affiliate product.

Date the vendor started
Start Date From The Vendor

They not only have an extensive affiliate page, they also have 3 upsells on their order page. If someone places an order, there will be three upsells, which can make you a total of $110.

On top of that their refund rate has never been above 2%. You won’t make money if people are going to ask for a refund because the product is no good.

That is not all, they also provide you with all the tools, banners, book covers, articles, reviews, and marketing knowledge so you will become successful. Many affiliates have made money with this program.

The affiliate tools can be used by anyone, and it is better to make them unique. Just make some changes to make it different to stand out from the crowd.

Putting It All Together

Look for products with high commissions and recurring billing, with a product that got a proven sales record (gravity), a good sales page, and you can have a very profitable affiliate marketing business.

These are the kind of programs you are looking for; although some are not making you rich per sale, over the years, it will add up to a good amount of money.

Here is in short what to look for to find the affiliate products that are best sellers:

  • A problem solving product
  • High gravity
  • Trustworthy sales page
  • High commission
  • Recurring billing
  • Low refund rate
Promoting Affiliate Products

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Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rick-quick program. If that is what you looking for, then you must look somewhere else. If you want to know how to build a solid business on the internet with long term success, then Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything.

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Know how to promote affiliate products
Know How To Promote Affiliate Products

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