Article Writing Tips: Know How To Write Quality Content

Article Writing Tips To Write Quality Content

Know How To Write Unique And Converting Content

Article marketing for traffic
Article Writing Tips

Here are some article writing tips to have you writing better articles, to turn your content into cash. Article writing, or article marketing, is one of the best and cheapest website promotion strategies.

With these article writing tips you can create unique and quality content that convert to have an easy way to make money online.

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Articles will get you free traffic to your website and have you making sales from promoting affiliate products.

Research To Write Quality Content

Writing content articles is not always an easy job. It can take a few years to become a master in copywriting.

You need to do research, what will cost a lot of time, and you must be passionate about writing and doing research to create quality content that your readers want to read.

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If your readers don’t get quality content, they will likely not read your article. You must get your readers attention and keep them interested from the beginning to the end.

You can use power words to get their attention, so they want to know more and read your article. Power words can be very effective in increasing clicks and sales.

Your article needs to have a title, article body, and the ‘about the author’ box.

Write better headlines
Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

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Let’s start with the most important part:

The Title Also Known As The Headline

  • Your title is very important, and should immediately grab your readers’ attention.
  • The title must tell your reader about the benefits if they read your article.
  • Your title must be like a question for your reader with the answer in your body text.
  • Using “how to” in your title will easily interest your reader to find out more.
  • Your article must contain valuable information; your reader must know this from your headline.
  • Don’t make your title too short; a longer title can hold just that little bit more useful information the reader might be looking for.
  • Just don’t make your title less than 70 characters and, if possible, not longer than 100 characters.
  • You should make the first letter of each word capitalized, but don’t use only capitalized letters.
  • The title must contain your keyword or keywords you are trying to rank for.
  • Don’t make your title keyword stuffed as it will read unnatural.
  • Never put a date in your title, it must be timeless.
  • Don’t end your title with a period.
  • In short: make sure you have a killer title.

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Tell Your Readers About The Benefits

The reader must click the link to your website where you sell your own product or affiliate products. One very good way to do this is to tell them about the benefits of the product, in other words, what is in it for them.

You really need to outline what good the product will do if they buy it, how their life will become better with that product. If your article is not interesting enough, your reader will close the page and look somewhere else.

Once the page is closed, you lost a potential customer and you can forget about making a sale! So make sure your sales copy will make the reader want to click the link to buy the product.


The Article Body

Always write text that is very good readable by using black letters, or even very dark letters, on a white background. Don’t write long pieces of text, but use paragraphs (as you can see on this page).

Using the right keywords and Meta tags can give your article a good boost in the search engine results. Together with search engine optimization, you will rank even higher.

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When you know the keywords people have used to find your article, you can look for related keywords, also known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

If you put these keywords in the content of your text, Google will recognize your website as a relevant website. This will give you higher rankings in the search engine results, which will result in getting more visitors and more sales.

Writing unique content
Quality Content Is King

Use Keywords But Write For Your Readers

Make sure your keywords appear in the title and in the top of the page, but also a few times in the text and at the end of your article.

Just don’t write your article for the search engine, but for your readers. Don’t expect overnight results, it can take some time before you see results.

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Put an image by your article and include the “alt” tag. You can put text there that is not visible to readers, but the search engines will read it.

Use it to put some extra keywords in, but don’t overdo it or your article will be seen as spam. Quality is very important when writing articles and if you make your articles search engine friendly, you can profit twice.

Make sure your article sounds natural, not keyword stuffed. Don’t use article writing software, but write natural, like the way you speak.

If your article doesn’t sound natural, than change it until it does sound natural. Use power words to get your readers’ attention. These power words can greatly increase your sales or subscribers.

Always Write Quality Content

If you’re going to stuff your article full of keywords, you will get penalized for keyword stuffing with lower rankings as a result.

Also, the reader might not be interested to read your article, or lose interest to read on. For this reason you have to make sure you always write quality content that sounds natural.

When your potential customer read your article, he is only interested in one thing: What’s in it for me? They want to know it NOW and they want to know it fast.

Make sure your article tells the reader what he want to know; be specific and don’t use unnecessary filler in your text. Most people are in a hurry and don’t have time to read a lot of text.

Quality content writing
Writing Quality Content

Give your readers unique and useful information. Even if you know a lot about your article topic, it is a good idea to do some research. You are probably not a total expert and you might find some more useful information.

You can put questions in your article body followed by the answers, this way you profit from answering questions the reader eventually might have.

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Don’t Sell In Your Article

Don’t turn your article into a sales letter. You must first get your readers interest; selling will be done later when he is interested enough to find out more.

If you want to turn your reader into a customer, you should provide as much useful information as necessary so he/she only have to make the decision to buy.

If your article is well written and informative, it will boost your reputation as an expert in your subject. When people believe you, they are more likely to buy from you.

If you can provide a solution for your readers’ problem, you already have closed half of the sale. Never ever trick your reader because you will throw away your credibility and also your potential sales.

Not only can you use these tips for website article writing, but also for blogging, social media marketing, online and offline advertising, and other forms of marketing.

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You can find more info in this video lesson: Creating Readable Content That Converts. If you use your articles to promote affiliate products, you can profit almost instantly.


The Resource Box

Before you submit your article to an article directory, make sure you know the rules or your article might be rejected. Do a spell check and never forget to put a link back to your website or all your effort will be a waste of time.

Always place a resource box, it should be at the end of your article. Here you will put your name as the author with a short description about yourself, a short website description, and the link to your website.

This is where the reader have to click on to go to the website where the product will be sold. Now that you know these article writing tips, you know how to write quality content.

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Article marketing for cash
Make Money Writing Content

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