Make Money By Writing Blogs: Intro To Blogging For Money

Make Money By Writing Blogs

Make Money Blogging: Intro to
Blogging For Money

Make money by writing blogs
Make Money By Writing Blogs

Info About Blogging

Do you want to make money by writing blogs? Blogging for money is popular these days and done by a lot of people to earn money online. Blog is short for weblog and started around the 1990s.

In that time, it was more like a personal diary, a story about what happened in someone’s life. In 2005 blogs became very popular with a rapidly growing number of personal and business users.

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In the beginning of 2011 there were already over 156 million blogs online. Blogs have a time and date entry, with the last submitted content being at the top. This way you will start reading the last (newest) submitted content.

Blogs are important because marketers can see what keeps people busy online. They can use it to talk about products and services, and find out what people want or need.

Blogging is a very effective way of linking your product over the internet to potential customers. It is very effective when used with niche marketing.

Blogging Using WordPress

These days, blogs are very popular because it is user friendly; the end user doesn’t need to know much technology as it is laid out in a simple way.

The owner of the blog doesn’t need to have any knowledge of HTML because it can all be done with WordPress; also known as a content management system.

WordPress was actually build as a blogging platform and is very easy to use. With WordPress you can build a beautiful website or blog.

If you want to use WordPress for your blog, you should run it from your own web host. You can download WordPress for free from their website

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WordPress also has thousands of useful plug-ins to turn it into your own personal or professional blog. Almost every web host got WordPress installed or will allow you to install it.

If you have to pay to get WordPress, then you don’t have a good web host, because WordPress must be free to install it, just like web pages and plug-ins.

Use wordpress for blogging
Write A Blog With WordPress

When you start with WordPress, your first page is called “Hello World”. You can change it, or delete it, what most people do. When you make a page with your contact info on it, be careful with your email address.

There are many people on the internet looking for email addresses, using a tool to find the “@” symbol, only to fill up your mailbox with loads of spam.

For your “About me page” you must create quality info to give your readers a reason to read your blog. For instance, tell something interested why you started your blog.

If you are an expert on the subject of your blog, be sure to mention that also. People like to learn from someone who is an expert on a subject.

Personal recommendation

Creating Content For Your Blog

Next, you have to create some quality content. Your blog must have original content to show up high in the search engine results.

Google will recognize republished content and can punish your blog with lower rankings or even remove you from the search result pages when you use copied content.

After you have put a new blog online, you should Ping it to let the search engine know about it. WordPress does this automatically, but you can do this faster.

You have to update the services on the settings page. (dashboard-settings-writing-go to Update Service-add these 4 links there)

Always write high quality, original content to have your visitors coming back for more. Use power words in your content to keep the attention of your readers and have them taking action.

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Blogging sites for free
Top Blogging Sites

There are several top Blogging sites:

  • (Google’s free blogging site)

4 Important Blogging Facts

There are 4 important facts about blogs:

  1. People talk about products and services in real time;
  2. Search engines treat blog content better by indexing it faster than ordinary websites because it’s updated more often.
  3. It’s a powerful way to reach your target market.
  4. You can make enough money with blogging to pay the bills. The more you blog, the more money YOU make, not your boss!

With a blog, you can publish content on any subject to other readers online. Others can respond to your content, and so the blog will remain updated.

This is exactly what the search engines want: relevant content that is updated often. Search engines see Blogs as newsworthy without all the advertising and other unwanted messages.

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When you write a blog, you should write the same way as when you would speak to someone. Combined with keywords you can rank high with organic searches.

Your posts must be of high quality like you are an expert in your field to let your readers know “this person knows what he is talking about”.

People like to listen to an expert, so give them what they want: useful and accurate information. You must keep your readers interested or you will throw away your credibility.

Profit From Guest Blogging

When you write a guest blog, you do that on someone else’s blog. Just be sure you write valuable content that’s interesting for your readers. This way you can make a profit from the bloggers traffic.

When it is a busy blog with a lot of visitors, you can expect to get some good back links to your own site, giving higher results in the search engine.

Two good places to submit guest posts are and They are both free and can help you to get backlinks and traffic to your own blog.

Your content will be on websites with high page ranks, what will attract lots of readers. You can also expect to get more followers. In short: you profit from someone else’s traffic.

Personal recommendation

Never rely on one source of traffic, like the search engine. An algorithm change can suddenly lower the number of visitors to your blog.

You can also have links coming from other sites, sending traffic to your blog. Don’t forget about traffic from social media, starting a newsletter, or writing articles.

Blogging for profit
Make Money Writing Blogs

Making Money With Blogging

Blogging is not a way to get rich quick, you have to put time and effort in it in order to make it work but you can make money by writing blogs.

Then again, you can expect faster results compared with Search Engine Optimization, just don’t expect overnight successes.

You have to realize that there is a big chance there will be a lot of competition if you want to make enough money with your blog.

For instance, you can make money promoting affiliate products on your blog, although there might be a lot of competition making it harder to make money. Of course you can also sell our own products through your blog.

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Another thing you can do, is to sell ad space on your blog. If you have a lot of traffic to your blog, many people will be interested to buy ad space on your blog.

The more traffic you have, the more money you can charge for ad space.
These days you cannot go around video blogging; more and more people prefer videos over reading text.

It is a very effective way to get traffic to your blog. Videos will also get you good backlinks, because most video sites have a high page rank.

Promoting Your Blog

You must know how to promote your blog to get the most out of it. You can do this with article marketing or social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and more.

If you start a new blog, you can promote it through writing guest posts on other blogs, or leaving a comment with a link back to your blog, but also sharing links on all the social media sites.

With Facebook, you have to set up a business page and announce every time you put new information on it, with a link back to your blog. You can also join a group on Facebook, or create a group, as well private as public.

With LinkedIn, you must set up a complete profile and try to improve it, so more people will get to know you and your blog. Recommend others and get them to recommend you. Use Twitter often to have people visiting your blog.

Also, choose a blog name that’s easy to remember. Here’s a great tip: Look at other successful bloggers and copy their strategies: if it works for them, it must work for you too.

Personal recommendation

Blogging As A Business

If you can make enough money with a few hours work to have a reasonable income, than you should go for full time blogging.

If you think about professional blogging, you have to realize it will be a full time day job and requires full time commitment.

When you have a blog about a topic you are interested in, it should not feel like a day job but more like a hobby, making it easier to get the job done.

Blogging business plan
Blogging Business

If you want to get into professional blogging, you must have enough ideas to keep writing new blogs all the time and keep your readers interested.

If you run out of ideas, or having problems getting your next blog completed, than it won’t be long before you have to force yourself to write your next blog.

This might reflect in your writing; your readers will notice it, and you are well on your way to kill your own blogging business.

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Getting New Ideas For Your Blog

One good way to get new ideas, is to

  • Look for questions related to your blog. Use that question to answer it in a blog post
  • Do a survey to know what keeps people busy
  • Look on forums to see what people are talking about to get new ideas
  • A comment on your blog post or on social media, can hold good ideas for your next blog post. If a person writes a comment, always reply back to them

You should build a list of followers (subscribers) if you want to make enough money with full time blogging. If you put a subscription form on your navigation bar, it will appear on every page and post you make.

Another thing you should do, is putting social media buttons on your blog to build a social network of followers. This is a good way to make some extra income.

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Updating Your Blog

Set up your blog so that every update you make or new post you put online, automatically will be send to all of your social media accounts.

By doing this, you don’t have to manually update your blogs each time. You can do this with RSS, which means ”Really Simple Syndication”.

RSS is used for distributing content using a newswire model. People can subscribe to RSS and will receive a notification with the updated content whenever there is an update.

This is a good way to keep readers coming back to your blog to read the latest news. More traffic will also be seen by Google as having info of value on your site, what can result in higher rankings.

Generate Extra Income

If you put Google Adsense on your blog, you can generate some extra income. Don’t expect a lot of money, but every little bit will help and it’s free.

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can start a paid membership site on your blog for those that want to know more. You can also sell ad space on your blog page for advertisers.

When you already have good traffic to your blog, people will be interested to advertise on your blog and profit from your high traffic. This is a win-win situation.

Personal recommendation

You have to realize that you are responsible for your own income. There is no ordinary day job income from your boss to pay your bills! And you also have to save money for your pension, when you stop working.

In other words, know when you are ready to start full time blogging or you will find yourself in financial problems later in life. Many people are doing it and you too can make money by writing blogs.

Make money by writing blogs
Make Money With Blogging

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