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Know How To Find Available Domain Names

Useful Tips And Tricks To Find
Available Domain Names

Find available domain names
Find An Available Domain Name

It might be difficult to find available domain names. But with the tips and tricks on this page it will be a lot easier to come up with a suitable domain name for your website or blog.

Choosing A Domain Name

A domain name, also known as a web site name, is what a visitor types in into the address bar to view the web site.

Choosing a domain name is a very important decision you’ll need to make before putting a new website online. Already more than 50 million domain names worldwide have been registered and thousands more are added every day.

When you want to build a website, you have to consider 3 important steps:

  1. Finding a domain name
  2. Choosing a web host
  3. Choosing an application to manage the content of your website.

A domain name must be easy to remember and associate with your business. It might be very hard to find available domain names these days, because all the best names are already taken.

Then again, it is still possible to find a great domain name; you just have to be creative! The tips on this page will help you to find a domain name that will fit your business.

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Domain Name Extensions

Domain extensions
Domain Name Extensions

The most used top level domain (TLD) is .com. A domain name with a .com extension is also the easiest one to remember.

Other TLD’s are becoming more popular and from the beginning of 2014 there are newer TLD’s such as .CAMERA, .EQUIPMENT, .ESTATE, .SINGLES, .BIKE, .GARDEN, and more.

You can find a whole list of new and upcoming TLD’s through this link.

If you want to build a strong online brand, the first step, and probably the most difficult step, is choosing a good domain name. A memorable name can be a great help in boosting your chances of success.

There are so many websites and domain names on the internet, that you have to be creative to find an available domain name that isn’t already in use.

Tips To Find Available Domain Names

On this page you will find several good tips to find an available domain name for your website, including website addresses where you can use a domain name generator to help you find a good domain name.

TIP 1.
Keep it simple.
Try to keep your name as simple as possible, so people can remember it easily. This will also prevent typing mistakes as a lot of people misspell words constantly. The best way to go is to use a name with only one possible spelling.

TIP 2.
Keep it short.
Try not to use more than 15 characters. Most of the better known online brands use only 1 or 2 words, like,,, and

Just as tip 1; keeping it short will also prevent typing mistakes (and possibly sending your visitors to your competitors). Also, a short name will fit better onto business cards.

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TIP 3.
Always try to get a domain name with a .com extension.
If someone is going to visit your website, they will most likely type in your web address ending with .com. If you have a domain name, for instance, the user will most likely type in

If you want to use your name for an online business, you should register your domain name with as many of the extensions as available.

Use a redirect to point all of these domain names to your main site (.com) because this will bring more traffic to your website. With a .com you will also boost your credibility.

If the .com extension is taken, try to get a .net domain name, as this is the second most popular domain name extension for business.

Since early 2014 there are a lot of new domain extensions, and you might find one that will fit even better, although .com is still the easiest extension to remember and also very short.

TIP 4.
Try to put keywords in your domain name.
If you use a keywords in your domain name, you can get higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

When you are building a website to make money with it, you should include profitable keywords in your domain name, preferably close to the beginning of your domain name.

If your keyword is “dog training”, then a name like is better then A keyword can also increase your click through rate.

If you use relevant keywords in your domain name, your listing looks more relevant in the search results as Google highlights the searched keywords.

Another benefit is that when someone places a link to your site, they’re more likely to use a relevant keyword in the link, which can give a good boost to your site’s rankings.

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Use a prefix or suffix to create a domain name
Create A Domain Name With A Prefix Or Suffix

TIP 5.
Put a prefix or suffix to your name.
As most names are taken, you can use a prefix or suffix and you might end up with a suitable name that’s available to register.

For instance, when is taken, you can use a prefix or suffix and try or You can find a list of 500 of the most common prefixes and suffixes here.

You just have to replace the “+” sign with the domain name you want and check to see if it is available.

TIP 6.
Don’t put symbols in your domain name.
Your new domain name must be at least two characters long, with a maximum of 63 characters, including the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (such as .com), and a total maximum of 255 characters.

It is not allowed to use symbols, such as @, #, $, %, !, and there are no spaces allowed. For instance, if your business is about working at home, you can use, but not

TIP 7.
Try not to use hyphens.
Domains with a hyphen in the name can have a negative SEO ranking factor. Hyphens make it harder to remember the name, and more difficult to spell.

When a user types in the domain name without the hyphens, he will probably end up on a different site, maybe even from a competitor.

The good part about hyphens is: Search engines can recognize your keywords better and so return your web site more prominently in search results for the keywords you have in your domain name.

With a hyphen it is also very well possible to find a suitable domain name you want to have.

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TIP 8.
Keep it singular.
If is taken and you decide to choose, you have the risk of sending your visitors to because most domains having singular words rather than plural words.

One good advice here: try to purchase as well the singular as the plural variation of the domain name and then redirect the not so good sounding domain name to the better sounding domain name.

Sometimes a plural domain name sounds better, for instance sounds more logical and thus is better than

TIP 9.
Think creative.
As most single word domains are taken, you can create your own name.

Try putting two words together (, use a phrase (Four Square), mix parts of two words together (Travelocity), try tweaking a word (Fiverr), use a prefix or a suffix (Friendster), or just try making up a completely new and unique name.

If you want a specific word in your domain name, think of all its forms: noun, verb, adverb, adjective, as well singular as plural.

TIP 10.
Make your address clear to visitors.
When people hear about your website name, they should known immediately what can be found there. Think about domain names such as,,, and

TIP 11.
A good website where you can find a lot of alternative words for your domain name, is on the website You have to type in the word you want and you will get a lot of alternatives words.

You might even find a very good substitute for your domain name, that you didn’t thought about. Here you have a good chance to find available domain names that will be a good fit for your website.

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TIP 12.
Don’t use slang.
People will probably write your name wrong if you use slang language for your domain name. For instance, is a bad replacement for

The same goes for multiple spellings, such as extra vs. xtra. People might have a hard time to find your website, and you will get less traffic and less sales.

Use keywords in your domain name
Find An Available Domain Name

TIP 13.
Keep your domain name relevant to your business.
Your web address should describe your services, products, or what’s sold there. It can also reflect your company’s name.

Try to use keywords in your domain name that describes your business as well as the service you offer. If you are in a roofing business, you could think of or

When you include keywords that people are searching for, it will help to improve your search engine rankings and you can expect to get more visitors and thus more sales.

TIP 14.
Use the name of your area.
When you have a local business, you should include the name of your city or state in your domain name.

For instance, the domain name will be easy to remember for local customers, and can boost your search engine rankings.

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TIP 15.
Make a list of useful words.
Write down a list of possible words you can use in your domain name. If your website is about fishing, you can write down: fishing; rod; hooks; bait; and so on.
Put these words together, or add adjectives.

Next, use Bustaname’s free domain name tool, to find available domain names with the words you wrote down together. You can also see immediately if the domain name is available.

TIP 16.
Avoid the numeral 0.
The numeral 0 (zero) can be mistaken for the letter O, causing you to miss out on potential customers. Also, don’t use numeral substitutions. A name such as instead of doesn’t work.

TIP 17.
Avoid trademarked names.
Never use a domain name with anything of a brand in it. You might be infringing on an existing copyright and get into big trouble. This could not only cost you a lot of money, you can even lose your domain name.

If you are not sure about your new domain name, use the online search function of the US Copyright Office to find out if a particular name is copyrighted.

More Tips To Find Available Domain Names

Think outside of the box; you might come up with a special domain name.
Take your time because your domain name could be for life.
Here are some more tips for your domain name:
Don’t pay too much to register your domain name.
There are domains that sell for thousands, and even millions of dollars, like
But you can register a domain name for less than $10.

Never Forget Your Expiration Date

When you let your domain name expire, it will become available for anybody to buy it. If you have a good domain name registrar, they will send you an email to let you know that you have to renew your domain name.

Don’t Give Up Easily

Just because the domain name you want is already sold, does not mean you should give up. Several people will purchase domain names and keep them until someone want to buy it from them, of course at a higher price.

Look up the domain name by typing the name into the address bar to see if there is an actual website. If not, look up the owner through the whois database (, and check if the name is for sale.

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Don’t Use Strings Of Words

If you sell multiple products and you also want to use keywords in your domain name, you might want to put as much keywords as possible in your domain name.

Don’t do this because it will only be confusing. For instance, a domain name like is not going to do you any good. You can find better available domain names for your business.

Domain registration
Domain Name Registration

Don’t Register Your Domain Until You Have Done Some Research

There are plenty of domain registrars where you can register your domain. Just have a look what they have to offer and if it is what you need.

Before you register your new domain name, go to and type in the domain name you want, to check the history of that domain name.

If the domain name has been registered before, don’t buy it. In case the domain name has a bad past record, it can be of a negative influence for your search engine optimization results.

With Google Ubersuggest you type in a word and you get an alphabetic list of the most searched word combinations. You can certainly get some good ideas to find available domain names.

Domain Name Generators

Using a domain name generator can be fun, they generate random domain names and sometimes even a useful domain. One advice: is NOT recommended as they monitor what people are searching for.

They will than buy the name to sell it for profit, making it less available for people who just get started and don’t have much money to spend for a domain name.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to see my no.1 recommendation for making money online. will help you to find available domain names just by typing in a few keywords. You will get a whole list of available domains, mostly your words with prefixes and suffixes. uses linguistic data to help you find domain names. You can save, manage and organize your searches, so you can use it later.

A “words list” option advises you of identical words for your search, that you can organize inside folders. The available domains can be sorted in several ways; by quality; by length, and more.

There is also a video tutorial that will explain how to get the most out of This is a very good place to find an available domain name. is a combination of domain name search engines. With Domain Tools you can uncover relevant information about domain names.

With the “Whois” search function you can find out who registered the domain; and with a “Suggestions” search you can find similar domain names.

A “Domain Search” can be used to find out what TLD’s are available; and also what domain names are “For Sale” or “At Auction”.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to see my no.1 recommendation for making money online. let you do a more customized and refined search.

For instance, you can set the maximum domain character length to prevent lengthy domain names from showing up in the results, or exclude domain names with a hyphen (-) to show up. allows you to search and discover domain names with “easy,” “advanced” and “magic” options.

With the “magic” option your keywords are combined with popular words, and with the “easy” option you can check if the name is available.

With the advanced option you can combine words and choose from selected extensions. This is a good website to create available domain names.

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Find a domain name
Create Available Domain Names creates words that are made up, to give you unique words that also sound and look great.

Each word is at the most 10 letters long, with a selection from up to five languages, and you can even mix and match languages to create something unique.

You can also change the quality level: the higher the quality, the more the word looks like natural words of the languages you’ve selected. This is a good place to find available domain names that are short and special. allows you to do a keyword search with only one or two words, with or without hyphens and rhyming words.

It’s simple to use: Just enter the words that describe the domain name you’re interested in, and NameBoy will generate a list of potential domain names, showing you which domains are available for purchase.

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With you can generate 1000’s of available domain names with only a few mouse clicks.

You can also see random generated domains, find brand-able and memorable names, add prefixes and suffixes, and much more.

You can check for alternative name variations, get keyword suggestions, look up definitions and other related words for more ideas, and filter your search criteria to generate useful domain names. will give you immediate results as you type. You can see which TLD’s are available, you’ll get domain name suggestions, and you can see other domains that are for sale.

Another useful free site is You can browse through the pending delete domain names and backorder if you find a good one, or you can check the deleted domains and just register domains.

You can find available domain names there that might be a good fit for your website.

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Dropped Domain Names

Dropped domain names are domains that are no longer registered. It happens that a company will go out of business; someone is unable to pay the fee for the domain registration renewal; or they just forget to pay the renewal fee.

If this happens a domain is dropped and becomes available for anyone to register. You can even buy dropped domain names and sell it back to the previous owner, of course with a profit.

You can search the dropped domain names database to see if there are great dropped domain names there. With all these tips it should not be too difficult to find available domain names that you can use.

Find an available domain name
Find Available Domain Names

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