Attention Grabbing Headlines

Attention Grabbing Headlines For
Higher Conversions

Write Attention Grabbing Headlines To
Increase Click Through Rates

Write attention grabbing headlines for higher conversions
Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines

Know How To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

The most important sentences that you have to write for web pages are attention grabbing headlines, also known as the title tag.

The title can be used for article writing, blogs, social media, newsletters, press releases, email marketing, and more. The title tag of a particular page is important because it shows up in search engine result pages (SERP’s), and social shares.

Writing good headlines is the difference between getting your content read and leaving money on the table. Describe your product in a sentence with your most important keywords included.

You need to keep the reader interested from the beginning to the end. This must make them to click the link to your website to find out more. You don’t want people to click on a link from a competitor.

Write attention grabbing headlines that will get your readers attention, and define your niche in your title including the right keywords.

Use a keyword tool to find important keywords, you will be surprised what you can find. Many times you will find keywords you didn’t think about that will fit perfectly in your title.

This is a huge step to get your page to rank high in the search engine. You also need a title tag to tell the search engine what your page is about.

If the title is for your main page, you’ll let the search engine know what your whole website is about. This is even more important than your inner pages.

Keywords In Title Tags

Put important keywords or keyword phrases in your H1 title tags. When you use WordPress, the content management system (CMS) of WordPress will automatically put the H1 header tag in when you write the title for your page in the title description.

Do not use the H1 heading tag again in your article body because Google will see that as keyword spamming with lower rankings as a result.

Have the most important keywords as close to the beginning as possible. Through research it has proven that title tags with a keyword as the first word perform better than when the keyword is closer to the end.

It is also important for search engine rankings, and higher rankings will get you more traffic, so more people can find your article.

Write headlines that get noticed
Know How To Write Headlines That Will Get Attention

You can repeat your most important keyword within the title for more emphasis, as long as it sounds natural, not keyword stuffed. Don’t use your keywords more than two times or it will be seen as keyword stuffing.

You can use LSI keywords (synonyms or related keywords) to solve this problem. If you can find some good LSI keywords for your title, you can expect to get higher rankings.

Here is an example with “Web Hosting” as keyword: <title>Web Hosting: Low Cost Web Hosting With 99.99% Uptime from</title>. As you can see, the name of the company is at the end, but if your company is not well-known, then don’t put it in the title at all.

The keyword “Web hosting” is very difficult to rank for, but you can make it a lot easier. Put the geographical location in with your keywords, let’s say you are located in Miami.

This is what you can do: <title>Web Hosting Miami Florida: Low Cost Web Hosting in Miami, Florida With 99.99% Uptime from</title>.

The Length Of Your Title

Don’t worry about the length of your title: many people say that the title should be no longer than 65-70 characters. The search engine will only show the first 70 characters, but search engine robots will read the rest of your title tag.

You will not get penalized by using more than 70 characters, but try to keep it below 100 characters for easier reading.

Capitalize the first letter of each word, but never write in all caps. Common words, such as ‘the’, ‘for’, ‘to’, ‘a’, don’t have to be capitalized. Your title should also not start with these common words. Don’t end your title with a period.

Don’t use very short titles; go for longer and more descriptive titles. You also have the possibility to include long tail keywords or keyword variations. Research has proven that longer titles attract more readers.

Use different title tags on your other pages; every page must have its own, unique title. Use the title of each page to target similar important keywords, such as LSI keywords, and keyword phrases. Diversify to get the most out of your title tags to get higher click-through rates.

Creating A Must Read Headline

Writing good headlines takes time, so spend about 80% of your time creating an attention grabbing “must read” headline. Your article title is a presentation of what your reader can expect to find in your article.

You are building trust here with your readers; trust is an important factor on the internet to make sales. If visitors don’t trust you, they will not buy from you.

Your title must be a promise to deliver expert information to your reader, on a certain, specific topic. Use a keyword tool to find important keywords or phrases for your title. Use GoodKeywords, Ubersuggest, or Wordtracker to find these keyword gems you are trying to rank for.

Write better headlines using keywords
Find Keywords For Your Headline

Don’t stuff your title with keywords as it will read unnatural. Keep your title timeless, never put in a date. Your article must have unlimited life. When you write articles for syndication, people can read these articles years later, while the information is still accurate.

The title must be like a question with the answer in your article. The question will have your reader actively involved in the content of your article. Your article must have valuable information (the answer) where your reader is looking for.

Never turn your title in a sales letter. Selling must be done on your website, after readers have been reading your article. First you have to build trust with your reader, or they are not likely going to buy from you. The title must get your reader excited to read your article.

More Topics In Your Title

You can try to mix up 2 article topics in your title. For example: Bodybuilding Secrets – 6 Tips to Build Huge Arms. Topic 1 is Bodybuilding Secrets; Topic 2 is Build Huge Arms. Not only is this title short and to the point, you can easily expand it to put more keywords in the title.

With a little research, this came up: Underground Bodybuilding Secrets – 6 Awesome Tips to Build Huge Arms in 12 Weeks Without Steroids. That is 97 characters, just under the maximum of 100 characters.

This is also a way to use a promise that is delivered in a time frame: Build Huge Arms in 12 Weeks. And the second promise told here, is ‘Without Steroids’.

If only 70 characters are shown, it will be: Underground Bodybuilding Secrets – 6 Awesome Tips to Build Huge Arms. Still a very good title for an article.

Keep promises natural, don’t write things like “Master a New Language in 2 Weeks” or “Get Rid of Arthritis in 12 Hours”. People are smarter these days and titles like this are a big turn-off and will not get you many serious visitors.

Don’t use sentences such as “This is a Must Read” or “You Don’t Want To Miss This” as these will annoy your readers.

It is much better to keep your visitors entertained, because it is a good way to get their attention and keep them on your site. This will also improve your click-through rate and your sales.

Your article will only be effective when you get readers, so it is necessary to grab your readers attention at first glance. This is done with your title, so you better make sure your title is one that people want to click on to find out more.

Your article title is a presentation of what your reader can expect to find in your article. You are building trust here with your readers, this is an important factor on the internet to make sales.

Power Words List

Increase sales with the power words list
Use The Power Words List To Get More Sales

With the use of powerful words you can get peoples attention. Below you can find a power words list. You can find more powerful words on the page power words and phrases list. This power words list will give you a big advantage over other marketers who don’t use these power words.

  • New
  • Secret
  • Discover
  • Stop
  • Fast
  • Amazing
  • Method
  • Insider
  • Genius
  • You
  • Discount
  • Free
  • Limited
  • Easy
  • Truth
  • Warning
  • Instantly
  • Success
  • Lies
  • Increase
  • Learn
  • Because
  • Important
  • Proven
  • Revealed
  • Improve
  • Ultimate
  • Best
  • Facts

Use Article Directories To Find Good Titles

Check popular headlines in newspapers and online articles that want to make you click the link to find out more. TIP: You can find many titles just by going to an article directory. Type in the name of the product, or keyword you are looking for, and you will get a whole bunch of articles with good titles.

When you go through the list of these articles, there must be a few titles that you definitely want to click on to find out more.

Have a good look what it is that got your attention and write it down. Later you can use these headlines to write your own traffic pulling headlines.

Write down several of these titles that focus around your product or keyword and select a few good ones. Don’t be lazy with your keyword research. Do some thinking outside of the box and see what comes up.

You can even ask friends or family for help to see what they think is the best title. After writing your title tags, try to improve them. The time spend on this can be very rewarding.

Write Emotion Creating Headlines

Write attention grabbing headlines that create emotion; this will have people taking action. One good way to do this, is to use “How To” in your headline.

A “How To” headline is very powerful and will easily attract readers to your articles. People are curious by nature and like to know how to do things. Here are a few examples:

  • How to …… like a pro (How to Paint-Play Golf-Guitar Like a Pro)
  • How to Get Rid of …… (How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones-Stress-Mice)
  • How to Build …… (How to Build a Carport-Doghouse-Gazebo)
  • How to …… (How to Catch More Fish-Travel Cheap-Make Money Online)
Write headlines using "how to" to attract readers
Know How To Write “how To” Headlines

People also want to feel appreciated. Here is another “How to” headline:
How to…… So That …… Will Love You! (How to Treat Your Dog So That He Will Love You!)

Mistake Headlines

People are looking for information because they have a problem and need a solution. They recognize themselves in a “mistake” situation and want to know how to fix that mistake. Most of the time they want a fast solution for their problem. Here are a few “mistake” headlines.

  • 5 Dating Mistakes That Will Ruin Your First Date
  • 7 Crucial Website Building Mistakes You Need to Fix
  • 10 Major Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight
  • Eating Mistakes That Cause People to Get Heartburn

You should also use a number in your title, or a time period as these work very well. Especially a time frame will get attention because the reader can see how long it will take them to get the desired result.

There is an extension behind it, to show you how easy it can be to create an even longer title for more clicks.

  • How To Lose 5 Kilo’s in 8 Weeks (And Still Eat Your Favorite Foods)
  • 4 Awesome Muscle Building Foods (To Put On 5 Kilo’s In 10 Weeks)
  • 101 Ways to Promote Your Website (Without Breaking The Bank)
  • 31 Days to Lower Cholesterol (Without Leaving Food On The Table)

Fear And Lies Headlines

Another headline that works very well is fear and lies. People want to know what the lies are (curiosity) and why these lies are being told.

  • 5 Big Internet Marketing Lies (Stopping You From Making Money)
  • Big, Fat Lies That Stop You From Losing Weight!
  • Doctors Won’t Tell You This Secret About Diabetes

Most people scan the title and read only the first and last 3 words. This would mean that a 6 word well written headline would give the best results.

If the beginning or end of the title is good, interested people will read further to see what the content is about. And if you look at the headline above a web page, it can easily be more than 6 words.

But you don’t have to do things the hard way. There is no need to spend hours thinking of perfect, attention grabbing headlines.

Many professional internet marketers are “stealing” their information from others. Yes, that is right, they steal their information and that is what you should do also!

Easy headline writing from stealing information
Writing Better Headlines From Stealing

You probably bought a few products that did not deliver what you expected. The so called gurus are more interested in your money, than they are willing to help you.

Why not use their ideas for your own website? They already know about writing good headlines, and you can use it with some creativity to write your own headline.

Spy On Your Competitors

If you want to survive in this business, then spy on your competition and see what’s working for them. Because it will save you time and have already proved to work!

Use your creativity and imagination to make some modifications to adapt headlines to your style and your done!
To keep it short: make sure you have a killer headline.

About Articles

After you got your visitor interested with your headline, you want them to read your article. This article is not where you sell your product or affiliate product. Articles are used to interest your reader and to get traffic to your website.

There is where selling must be done, after you got them interested and excited enough to click the link to your website.

That is not all, when you write articles, you can have them reprinted as long as the links and author description will be kept unchanged. This can give you more traffic to your website and higher sales rate.

Tell About The Product

In your article you first tell the reader about the benefits of the product, why they need your product. Create desire by telling them what good the product will do for them, how their life will become better when they buy the product.

Explain everything that would benefit them: how it will save them time, money, work, make them money, make them more attractive, and so on.

Get visitors interested with your headlines
Creating Desire For Your Product

Tell them also about disadvantages, like what not to expect, as this will make your article more credible. In your content you can tell a story how the product helped someone, and that someone is you!

When you use real life experiences, it will make your article more believable. This is called pre-selling, a technique that works very well and is used by nearly every successful marketer.

In your article you tell them the benefits of the product to get them interested for the product. You can put questions in your article and have the answers further on in your article.

This way you can profit from answering questions the reader could have about the product to get them more interested, with a bigger chance to make the sale.

Get People To Buy From You

Before you can convince your readers to buy from you, you have to build trust with them. By providing your readers with free and valuable information, you build trust and authority.

When you can build trust with your readers, your chances of making the sale will increase significantly.

When you promote a product or service that will solve their problem, they will have the confidence to buy from you. You should include some form of proof, like testimonials, as these are great to help to sell the product.

A very well working psychological trigger is to insert the name of a famous celebrity. This will almost always draw attention, just think about all the magazines being sold every week or month.

When you have information, that is not immediately available for public viewing, or info that most people are not aware of, you can make them curious enough so they want to know more.

You want to be better than the rest, and you also have to be different. If you can come up with a different marketing angle than all the others, then you have taken a huge step towards increasing your sales.

When you also can build trust with your readers, your chances of making the sale will increase significantly.

I hope you found useful ideas in this article about attention grabbing headlines. Click below to become a free member and know more about marketing, and making money online.

Write captivating headlines
Create Catchy Headlines

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