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Successful email marketing campaign
Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Creating A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you want to create sustainable long term income from the internet, you have to focus on email list building. This is done with email marketing.

With an email marketing campaign your main goal is to generate leads and sales. You want people to subscribe for your email newsletter in the first place. You do this with an opt-in form where they have to fill in their details.

You can put the opt-in form on a landing page or squeeze page, but also at the end of an article or in the sidebar. Just make it clearly visible and stand out from the rest of the page to get the highest results.

To remove the barrier for visitors to subscribe, you have to give something in return. This can be a free ebook, video, software, or short course, as long as it is valuable.

Visitors are not going to sign up and give their name and email address without getting something of value in return.
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The Opt-in Form

You must keep your opt-in form simple. Don’t ask for more than necessary. The easier you make it for people to subscribe, the more likely they will subscribe. Only a first name and email address must be enough.

If you need to know more, you can always ask later once they are subscribed. Tell them that their email address is safe with you and that you hate spam as much as they do.

Most people don’t likе the opt-in form bесаuѕе of the bаd experiences they had with so called internet guru’s who are more interested in money than helping people.

These money sucking marketers kept filling up their mailbox with all kinds of unwanted affiliate products or their own products, only to make money. So, keep it simple if you want people to subscribe for your newsletter.

Write Personalized Messages

By asking for their first name you can send personalized messages to them. Calling your subscribers by their first name will make your emails more personal.

Mention their name also in the email once or twice, as this will be appreciated. Your subscribers will get the feeling you are talking directly to them.

Place the opt-in form to join your email list on every page of your website. Try more than one opt-in box on your website and see what works best for you.

Avoid buttons with a term like “Click here” or “Subscribe” but use more inviting text, such as “Sign Me Up” or “Give Me Instant Access”. Tell your subscribers what to do; if they have to click a button, tell them to click that button!

Getting started today button
Getting Started In Email Marketing

Email opt-in pages with videos convert better than pages that have only plain text. Video emails have been proven to increase click through rates up to 300% and this can increase profits by up to 40% per month.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Many people use their mobile devices to check their email, so make sure your email and sign up forms will also be readable on mobile devices.

These days a lot of people use their mobile device to check their email. If your sign up form is not optimized for mobile devices, you leave a lot of money on the table.

When you write emails in HTML format, ensure that readers can open them, or otherwise write in plain text format. Your subscribers need to be able to read your emails on every device. This can be a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Use Double Opt-in

When visitors become a subscriber for your email newsletter, you have to use so called double opt-in. After the thank-you page, they will receive a second email with a link to click on to confirm their subscription.

This way, you, as a marketer, have proof they subscribed for the newsletter. These days people receive a lot of emails and spam and it happens that they forgot they subscribed and could report you for spamming.

My no.1 recommendation

Increase Sign Up Rate

To increase the number of people who sign-up, tell them their email address is safe; it will not be sold, rented, or given away. Another good way to increase your sign up rate, is to use a pop-up.

When using a popup, use one with a time delay, so visitors get time to read some content on your website before they get to see the subscribe popup.

Your first email should be sent immediately after they subscribe. Introduce yourself, thank them for signing up and tell them they made a good choice to subscribe.

For peace of mind, tell them they will get useful information about their subject. Otherwise, they could think that they will receive a lot of spam emails, promoting all kinds of unwanted affiliate offers.

It is important to send emails to your list of subscribers soon after they sign up. They will still remember you, and are more likely to buy from you within the first 2 months before they lose interest.

Keep the topics in your email limited to one, or at the most two topics, to keep your readers’ attention.

Make Emails Recognizable

Your address line must be familiar for your subscribers, they should be able to recognize your emails from the rest of their emails.

Use the same look, format and address line all the time. If you send them valuable info, they might be looking for an email from you to read as the first one.

You should also use email to confirm everything: when people subscribe for your email newsletter, the confirmation email, when they place an order, and when they make changes in their profile.

What Newsletter To Use

There are two kinds of newsletters: the online newsletter, and the email only newsletter. The online newsletter must be read online, and the best place is of course on your own website. This will also give you traffic to your website, and can increase your search engine rankings.

The email only newsletter will have all the information in the email. This will get more readers to read the email message. As there will be more readers, the open rate is higher and also the action they take, such as more sales.

If you want your emails to be read, you’d better do not send them on a Monday or Friday. Monday is a busy day for most people; the start of the week with plenty of work to do.

Friday is the end of the week when work must be finished. On these days there is less time to check emails and read them. For a good email open rate, it is much better to send emails on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

My no.1 recommendation

Use Split Testing

Send one email to a group of subscribers and a different email version to another group. Find out which email performs better and keep repeating this process to get the highest click through rate. Use split testing also for calls to action.

Put a share button in your emails so subscribers can share the info with friends. Not only will it give a higher click through rate, you can get more subscribers. If your click through rate is low, then you have to focus on improving your headline and content.

Your headline must be so awesome that visitors will want to opt-in for your email newsletter. You must write quality content where you will tell them why they need to subscribe. Use bullet points to tell the benefits about your newsletter and have them taking action.

Copy Successful People

Successful internet marketers know how to write converting emails. You can copy their strategies by simply becoming a member for their email newsletter. Have a good look at how they write their headlines, content, where they place links, and more and use it in your own newsletter.

You should also use power words in your content, such as “Discover”, “How to”, “Achieve”, Secrets”, “Proven”, and more. These powerful words can give you remarkable results for your email marketing campaign.

Use these effective and powerful words in your content and you can expect to generate more leads and also increase sales.
My no.1 recommendation

Entertain People

People like to be entertained. Use headlines including subject lines with some humor to entertain them as this has proven to get a higher response rate. Humor increases email opening rates as well as making sales.

Try to keep the email short and to the point. Your subscribers are not looking for a long story to read as they are limited with their time these days. Besides, most people scan an email when it is longer, looking for important points that will grab their attention.

If your unsubscribe rate is high, then you are doing things wrong. You should ask those people to give you a reason why they want to unsubscribe.

It could be that your information is not targeted enough, or you send them too many sales letters. Anyway, there is definitely something that needs to be changed.

Use Social Media Buttons

Adding social media buttons in your emails can also increase your conversions by making it easy for subscribers to share your info on social media. The social media buttons should take them to your business profiles, where they can subscribe.

Create more success with social media
Social Media For Email Marketing

Include sign up forms on all of your social media profiles that you use for your internet business. If you can’t use sign up forms, then use links to sign up forms.

Put these sign up forms on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, or whatever you use for social media, just make sure that visitors can signup for your email newsletter.

Building Trust And Loyalty

Build trust with your subscribers by sending them useful information. People buy from who they trust so always send them quality information.

Don’t fill up their mailbox with all kinds of affiliate offers. If you try to sell in each and every email, your subscribers could unsubscribe very quickly.

Send these valuable emails about 3 times a week. From time to time send them a free book, report, video, software, or something else but make sure it is valuable. Your subscribers will trust you more and stay subscribed if you send them valuable freebies.

Do not send an attachment with your messages because many people are afraid to open it because of a possible virus. If you want to share some info, you better put it on a separate web page with a link in the email.
My no.1 recommendation

Your Contact Info

At the end of your email messages, you must put your signature and your contact info. This is to sell yourself, your company, and your products but it is also about building trust.

Subscribers need to know how to contact you if they have a question. They will trust you more, and are more willing to buy from you, if they know how to contact you.

Include different ways that members can contact you. Some people want to make a phone call; others prefer to write an email; and others will want to send you a message through your website.

You need to respond to any e-mail inquiries as soon as possible, preferably within one day. This also includes Saturday and Sunday because the internet is available 24 hours a day.

The sooner you respond, the more it will be appreciated. This is also about building trust and shows that you care about your visitors, subscribers, or buyers.

The Unsubscribe Link

Comply with the anti spam regulations by putting an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. This will make your internet activities more professional and you create trust with your subscribers. If you use an auto responder service, the unsubscribe link will be included automatically.

Put another link at the end of your email to your website. Doing this can get you more traffic to your website. When you get more traffic, Google will see that as having valuable info on your website, and that could result in higher website rankings.

Avoid Spam Filters

To prevent your email from ending up in their spam filter, you should not use words such as “free”, “fast”, “million dollars” or any other word that could be considered as spam.

You can prevent this by telling your subscribers to white list your email address. Keep your sentences short with around 60-65 characters per line as this will keep your email best readable.

Send an email to yourself first to see how it looks and if it gets through your firewall or spam filter. Your email is not going to bring you any profit when it cannot be delivered.

Check if the links are working, look for grammar mistakes, and if pictures show up correctly. Everything must be OK before you send the email to your subscribers.
My no.1 recommendation

Email Marketing Tips

Tell your subscribers what to do; if there is a link they have to click on, tell them to click that link! From time to time you can send an email where you try to sell a product.

To interest your subscribers and have them buy the product, tell them about the benefits and why they need that product. This way you can make several sales from one email and even from one subscriber.

If you want to sell a product, you need to have an eye-catching headline. Your headline must be so interesting that your subscribers will want to open the email to read more.

The opening rate of your emails depend on your headline. If the headline is not inviting enough, less people will read the email and less sales will be made.

The content must be quality content where you will tell them why they need the product. Use bullet points to explain the benefits about the product.

Make it clear what benefits the product will give them. Have them taking action by clicking the link or button to the website where the product is sold.

Create Urgency To Make Subscribers Buy

Only promote one product in an email to get a high response rate. If you promote more than one product, you’ll get your subscribers confused and they are likely not take action.

Use statements like ”This offer is only valid for the next 48 hours” or ”Only for the first 100 buyers” to get them to act fast. Products that are time sensitive or limited in availability, will always increase sales.

You have to mention the product at least 5 to 7 times in your email messages before they will take action. You need to have enough emails ready to send to them. Make the offer one they can’t refuse; something they want and need.

Call To Action Button

Always include a call to action button; This button must be placed after the benefits, bullet points, testimonials, and urgency message. Do not sell a product in your email directly but get their attention first.

Get people to take action with action buttons
Call To Action Buttons

Tell a story they can relate to and create curiosity to get them excited. Then place the call to action button and tell them to click the button. This will take them to the web page where you want to make the initial sale.

Use A Bonus To Make More Sales

Use a P.S. after your signature and write down the main benefit of the product you promote. You can also use the “Buy This And Get … Free” method.

Include a special bonus that compliment your product as close as possible and you will get people buying through your link just to get that free bonus.

Make sure your free bonus offer fits to what your list signed up for in the first place. Buyers don’t like it when you take advantage of them. If you do, you can expect to see your conversion rate go down, and your unsubscribe rate will go up.
My no.1 recommendation

Turn Buyers Into Subscribers

If somebody has bought a product from you, they probably want to stay in touch. You should get them on your list and send them emails when there is an update for the product and to send them related information.

This is a good way to build a relation with a customer who might buy from you again. The reason is simple; if they have bought a product from you, it means they trust you. If people trust you, they might buy from you again.

Almost every marketer will put you on his list after buying one of his products. Although it is not subscribing for their email list, it is allowed, even by the big auto responder companies.

You should do the same; if a person buys from you, put them on your list. This is a good email list building technique to grow your list of buyers to turn them into returning buyers.

Creating A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to create a successful email marketing strategy, you must understand why people want to buy the product you promote.

Basically, people make purchases because they need a product, while other people buy just because they want to have the product.

To have a successful email marketing campaign, you must satisfy the needs of your subscribers by promoting a product they need or want. When you promote a product that solves their problem, the people on your list will gladly buy the product.

You can make different lists for every email campaign, such as customers, newsletter subscribers, potential clients, networkers or even by product group such as health, dating, family, travel, or home improvement.
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Tips For Effective Email Campaigns

Don’t promote poor products. Even if you can get a high commission rate and would be able to get high conversions, don’t do it. A poor product will stay a poor product, no matter how well it is packed.

If you wouldn’t recommend a product to your friends, you definitely don’t want to recommend it to people on your list. You will throw away trust people have in you and they are less likely to buy from you again. You can also expect people to unsubscribe from your list.

With your email marketing strategy you want to convert visitors into buyers. Successful email marketing is not only about the amount of subscribers you have on your list.

It is how well they respond to emails and if they are willing to buy from you. That is why you need to have a good headline and quality content that will convert them into buyers.

Send your list an email when you have published a new article or blog. If many people read your content as soon as it is online, it will improve your Google ranking. Google likes pages that gets many views shortly after being published.

Using An Auto Responder

Your email marketing campaign can be automated when you invest in an auto responder. With an auto responder you can stay in contact with your subscribers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You just need to have your pre-written emails stored in the auto responder.

Every subscriber start with message #1 and will receive the next message soon after that. The messages will be send on times you have set in the order you’ve put them in the auto responder.

You can have a streamlined email marketing system and also be able to track how many emails have been opened; how many links were clicked, and more. With this info you can improve your email marketing campaign and your conversions.

An auto responder is an almost hands free system, just put in the emails and the date they must be send. With an auto responder it will become a set it and forget it system, ready to make you money.

Don’t fill up the mailbox from your subscribers with sales letters only, or you will blow your credibility and your subscribers will unsubscribe faster than they have subscribed.

Get Your Subscribers Excited

If there is a new product launch, tell your subscribers about it. Tell them about the benefits, what good the product will do for them and get them excited before it happens.

From this excitement, they will be more willing to buy and could visit your website more often, where they might find another product to buy.
My no.1 recommendation

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is inexpensive, and one of the most effective internet marketing methods. It is currently being used by thousands of businesses and got a very high ROI (return on investment) from around 4000%.
  • Email marketing is very fast, efficient and very convenient and got an enormous reach.
  • Email marketing can be used for almost every marketing product.
  • Email marketing can get you 40 times more new sign ups than Facebook or Twitter.
  • 90% of people preferred to receive updates through an email newsletter, while only 10% chose for Facebook.
  • About 70% of people make use of discounts and coupons they got to know via marketing emails. If you can get your hands on coupons, simply email them to the people in your list. This will encourage them to buy more things.
  • 60% of people subscribe to a business email list for special offers in the first place.
Your List Is Worth Money

With email marketing you can still have a business going even if you lost your website, your blog, and your social media accounts. You have the opportunity to generate some fast cash from your email list.

You can send an email for an affiliate product and expect to see orders coming in within hours. You should not do this too often, but it’s nice idea to have some financial security.

Click the image below to become a free member and know more about email list building and creating an email marketing campaign.

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Create A Successful Online Business

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