How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

Know How To Build Landing Pages That Convert

Create Landing Pages With
High Click Through Rates

Landing page creation
Know How To Build Landing Pages

Get People To Subscribe

All successful marketers will build landing pages to get people to subscribe to their mailing list. Depending on the number of subscribers, a well written email to your subscribers list, can bring in a lot of money.

This so called email marketing is very powerful, more than most people would think. In fact, your list should be your number one priority.

Provide Value

Your landing page must give your visitors a good reason to become a subscriber. You do this by giving away something for free, something they can’t refuse or they won’t subscribe.

Be sure to provide something of value, like a free book, demo of your product, video, or free short course. What you give away should be an example of the product or service you are trying to sell.

Always make your subscribe form stand out from your website in a clear position above the fold. Above the fold means the part of a web page that is visible without having to scroll down.

You can place your subscribe form in several places such as before a post, inside a post, at the end of a post, in your sidebar, or in the footer.

When you have testimonials on your site, then at the end of the testimonials is a very good place to put a subscription form.

Use An Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline is very important when it comes to creating a squeeze page or landing page. Make sure to put in one or more important keywords relevant to your product. This will get your page higher in the search engine ranking.

Use bullet points to describe the benefits that people will gain from signing up. Don’t tell them anything specific yet, just what they can expect and make it as interesting as possible to get them excited. Use the word “You” to make your text more personal.

Using the word “Imagine” will increase desire by visualizing the use of your product. The word “Because” will tell visitors a reason why, for instance why they need your product. You can find more power words on the page power words and phrases list.

Tell them exactly why they need to subscribe and why it is important for them. Make the benefits very clear so they are more likely to subscribe and give their email address.

Tell your visitors what they have to do to get it. This is the call to action, if you don’t tell them to fill in their name and email address, they are very likely not going to subscribe.

My #1 recommendation

Don’t Ask Too Much Info

Let visitors only fill in necessary details, like a name and email address. The more info they have to give, the less likely they are going to subscribe. For creating a good landing page with high conversions it means less is more.

When you ask for a phone number or date of birth, your conversion rate can go down with 50%. If you need more info you should ask them on the “thank you” page.

Always tell visitors that their name and email address is safe and that it will not be sold or given away. Put this under the form where they have to fill in their details.

Thank You Page

After they subscribe, they must be taken to a “thank you” page. Here you thank them for becoming a subscriber and that they made the right decision. On the “thank you” page you can put navigation links back to your site so the subscriber can already find more info on your website.

Now you can tell them what to do next or you have the opportunity to advertise for related affiliate products or even for your own products.

You should do this with a one-time offer. Tell them if they are not taking advantage of it, they won’t see the offer again, to have them taking action immediately.

You can optimize your thank you page with other calls-to-action; this could be subscribing to your blog; becoming a fan on Facebook or Twitter; or having them sign up for a free trial.

My #1 recommendation

Use Two Way Verification

These days it is important to use two-way opt-in verification; after they subscribe, they will get an email with a link to click on to confirm their subscription. Once they click that link, you have permission to send them emails. This way they cannot report you for sending spam.

After they click the link for permission, you can stay in contact with your new subscribers via email. This process of list building is one of the most important aspects of any online business, so make sure your squeeze page is highly effective.

Design Of A Good Landing Page

Create the perfect landing page
Landing Page Optimization

The design of your landing page is important. Your landing page should be a stand-alone page without any distractions, such as navigation. There shouldn’t be any other links or advertisements on your landing page, other than a subscribe form to capture email addresses.

Red and green button colors have proven to increase landing page conversions, while red and yellow can even double your click through rate. A strong contrast between buttons and the background color will also increase your conversions.

You can use Google Website Optimizer to try to build landing pages. It’s free and you might get some good results!

Experiment with your headline, body, bullet points, fonts, conclusion, call to action, size and color of the subscribe button, text on the button, and images until you are satisfied. Especially pictures and content have the biggest impact on your sign up rates.

Keep your landing page simple, so it will load fast. Fast loading pages convert more visitors to subscribers. If your landing page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will lose around 40% of new subscribers.

My #1 recommendation

Have Visitors Share Your Content

Put social sharing links on your landing page to encourage visitors to share your content so that more people could subscribe. Use these social sharing links also on your thank you page.

This is even more important as your subscriber already decided to subscribe for what you have to offer. He/she is now more likely to share your content on social media.

For Facebook share links, use share.php?u=[INSERT URL HERE]
For LinkedIn share links, use shareArticle?mini=true &url=[INSERT URL HERE]
For Twitter share links, use tweet?text=[INSERT TWEET HERE]
For Google+ share links, use[INSERT URL HERE]

If other people see on social media that they have downloaded and shared your content, it must tell them it will be good. This should tell them to check it out and also become a subscriber.

Increase Your Conversions

You can increase your landing page conversion rate through personalization. Putting an image of yourself on the page will increase your conversions. Many people don’t like to give their email address to strangers, so be sure to upload a photo that visitors can see who they are dealing with.

The next thing you can do to increase conversions is by adding your signature at the bottom of your landing page. This will create trust between you and the visitor. They will be more likely to give their name and email address to subscribe.

When you put as well a picture as a signature on your landing page, you will significantly increase trust with your visitors. A third way to increase trust is by offering something of real value, like a 5-day course.

Putting a few testimonials on your page will also increase trust as visitors can read about others who became successful with the product. Don’t put too much info on your landing page oryou might overwhelm your visitor. This can easily send them away from your sign-up page.

My #1 recommendation

Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly. These days many people access the internet with a mobile device, such as their mobile phone. If your landing page is not mobile friendly, you will miss out on a lot of new subscribers.

Attract visitors by using keywords that they will use to find your website and put them into your text. Look for keywords with high value and low competition.

Use The Right Text On Your Subscribe Button

Don’t use the words “Subscribe” or “Join” on your subscribe button, but use more inviting text, such as “Give Me Instant Access” or “Sign Me Up”. “Download My Free Guide” will do much better than just “Submit your Name and Email”.

Use an exit pop-up on your landing page for those visitors who did not wanted to subscribe to your list. Here you will need to offer something even better than on your landing page. The pop-up should be something like:

“WAIT! Don’t Leave Yet!
Download this highly favorable (report, free video or other product) totally free of charge.
Just sign up below for immediate access.”

Here you can give them an audio or video as most people see them as having more value than a downloadable report. It must be something that is closely related to your paid product.

Create A Squeeze Page

You should also create a squeeze page as they are more effective than just a subscribe form on a landing page with several distractions.

Squeeze pages are single web pages that will only ask the visitor for an email address in exchange for valuable information.

This is actually the same as an opt-in page or landing page, but a squeeze page is much more focused on getting their email address.

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