Smart Goal Setting: Know How To Set Goals In Life

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Know How To Set And Achieve Smart Goals

Smart goal setting to create wealth in your life
Smart Goal Setting

What Is Smart Goal Setting?

Goal setting, or smart goal setting, is about making dreams come true by writing down what you want to accomplish in life. In other words: You can create your own destiny by setting goals.

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If you’re planning to become successful and want dreams to come true, you have to set definite goals and also have a positive mindset.

Goal setting can be done any time of the year, but New Years day is not the right time. About 75% of goals made on New Years day, will never become a reality.

To find out what you’d really want in life, write down all the dreams you want to achieve. Write down as much reasons as possible why you want to achieve those dreams.

Create an image in your mind and see a bright future with abundance. Then start to brainstorm which one the most important is; the one that needs to be achieved first.

Shortly after starting goal setting, you’ll notice you’ll try to find any information or look at any opportunity to get closer to that goal.

What Is Smart Goal Setting?

Smart is an acronym and stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable or attainable
  • Realistic or relevant
  • Timely

Specific: Know exactly what it is you want: what, why, how, and when.
Measurable: Keep track of your progress to stay on track.
Achievable: You can reach for the stars but set goals that are achievable but also challenging.
Realistic: Your goals must be made a reality (do-able) to improve your life.
Timely: Set a date when your goal must be completed.
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The Importance Of Goal Setting

Setting goals in life is important to improve your life and create the life you want. Research have shown that about 20% of people set goals, while only about 30% of these people seems to accomplish them.

Goal setting is very powerful but it is important to work towards your goal, or it will be a failure. You have to know exactly what it is you want and work hard to reach that goal to have success.

You have to set goals that will be motivating. Most people don’t know how to set goals, and therefore never reach their goal. If they manage to reach their goal, it is through a difficult way that takes much longer.

That is why many people stop before they achieve a little bit of success. From having the right mindset, it is possible to achieve each and every goal.

With goal setting you will be in control of your life. Keep telling yourself that you can and will succeed and success will be yours.

How To Set Goals

The first step and also an important step in the goal setting process, is knowing what is important in your life. Setting goals in life is not hard, you just have to know how it is done, and it is easier than you think.
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To get the best results, you have to follow the right steps as described below.

  • Set specific goals
  • Write down that goal
  • Break it up in small steps
  • Make every step achievable
  • Keep it realistic
  • Set a time frame

Set Specific Goals

To achieve success in realizing goals, they must be realistic and very clear. I want to have a house with a swimming pool is not a clear target, because it is not specific.

I want to have a house with 3 bedrooms, each with own toilet and shower, a living room with a fireplace, and a 25 meter pool in the garden, that is specific. The more specific you are, the better the results will be.

Set goals for life
Write Down Goals

Write Down Your Goals

Write down the goals in a way as they are going to happen in the future. Writing down goals will help to achieve your goals. Read them every day to remind yourself to keep working to reach that goal.

Shortly after getting started working towards that goal, you’ll notice you’ll try to find any information or look at any opportunity to get closer to that goal.

In the beginning it can look like an impossible goal, but over time when you’ll get results, you’ll be more inspired to keep going on to reach the desired outcome.

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Write A Plan

Write down what steps are necessary to accomplish your goal. This will make it clear which step to take first. Feel the excitement coming up and you’ll be more willing to bring your dream to life!

With a goal and a plan, the chances of completing a goal will be ten times bigger. The more details you write down, the more can be done is less time. Make your dreams come true with a plan!

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Break Your Goal Up In Small Steps

Break your goals up in small manageable pieces; the so called short term goals. Don’t see the big picture at the end – the long term goals – because it can be overwhelming.

It is better and easier to set 10 smaller goals than 1 big goal. It is possible to set several small goals at the same time, just don’t try to do everything at once; more than you have time for, or you probably end up with failure.

And it is fundamental to take action: You have to work towards your goals to make it a reality. If there is no action taken, then nothing will happen. Your goals must be something you want more than anything!

It must change your life in a better way, such as more wealth, health, success, a better career, or a better financial situation. It is even possible to attract your dream partner with goal setting.

Make Every Step Achievable

By breaking down a goal in smaller steps, it becomes easier to achieve small successes each time. Even the smallest success will be a step forwards.

No matter how small that step is, it will take you closer to your final dream. Also, smaller goals are easier to accomplish. Once you’re achieving these smaller goals, it will become a lot easier to achieve the bigger ones.

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Keep It Realistic

Don’t set goals that are far beyond your capabilities; know what can be done and what seems to be impossible.

You must know how to set goals that will take you out of your comfort zone, because you will get the feeling of going for a better life.

After setting a few goals, you’ll get more experienced with the whole goal setting process. This will make it easier to start and finish your next goal successfully.

What is smart goal setting
Setting Goals In Life

Once your goal has accomplished, go on and start the next goal. The goals you’ll set today, are your success in the near future. Visualize yourself as if you already have accomplished your goal, and have what it is you’d want to have.

This will activate your mental powers to achieve your goals. Visualization is powerful in goal setting and will help you to stay on track.
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Set A Time Frame

Set deadlines when a goal must be accomplished. Without a time frame goals are nothing more then just a dream. Don’t write down “in the future” but set a time like “in the next week, month, or 6 months”.

This is because the brain have to know exactly what it is you want to get the best results. Also, a deadline will put you under some pressure to go on to turn your dream into reality.

Don’t let the amount of time or anything else hold you back from accomplishing that goal.

Example Of Goal Setting

Let’s say you want to lose weight. If you want to lose 10 kg, it can be done in 5 months, losing 2 kg every month. That is about 500 grams each week and achievable.

It is also possible to lose 1kg every month or 250 grams each week, but then it will take 10 months. It depends on how much you want to lose each month. In other words, how high do you want to set your goal?

Losing 2 kg each month can be done, from eating healthy and doing exercises. Just 20-30 minutes of exercises 3 times a week should be enough. Make sure to do a good workout with a fat burning effect on your body.

Don’t try to lose too much weight in a short time, as it can be a risk to your health. You also might get a jojo effect: putting on weight faster than you’ve lost it!
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Goal Setting Worksheet

You probably need a bit of help to reach your goals. This can be done with a goal setting worksheet. By using a worksheet, you can stay on track and see if a goal might need some adjustment.

These worksheets are free to download (no email address needed), print them out, and put them where you can see them all the time.

There is one worksheet where you can write down goals for a year ahead; the master goal setting form. This is a good opportunity to set goals for a whole year and get a lot, or even all of your goals, successfully finished.

The other worksheet is a 12 week goal planner worksheet with Milestones, where you write down when a goal have been accomplished.
Click the images below to download the free goal setting worksheets.

Goal setting forms to check your progress
Master Goal Setting Worksheet

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Goal setting worksheet
12 Week Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Mistakes

The biggest mistake most people make with setting goals, is setting too many goals at the same time. This is where a lot of people fail; they try to do it all at once. Start with one or two goals to begin with.

Later when you have more experience, you can set more goals at the same time. Don’t worry if you make mistakes; you have to learn from your mistakes.

In fact, successful people see mistakes as a learning curve to do it better the next time. That is exactly what you also must do: see mistakes as a way to do it right the second time.

The next mistake is setting goals that are beyond reach. Just be realistic in what can be accomplished; you can always set another goal and raise the bar a little bit higher.

Another mistake is adopting other people’s goals. Every persons life is unique and so should your goals be. And always make goals a priority.
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If you know how to set goals to create the life you absolutely want to have, then it will be easy to think of that specific goal all day long. This will make it easier to fulfill goals. That is why you have to make goals a priority.

  • Don’t set too many goals or you set yourself up for failure
  • Read your goal every morning and start the day with visualizing that goal to stay motivated
  • Do the same before going to sleep
  • You have to keep going to reach your goals, there is no way back. Once you’ve started it, you have to finish it!
  • Don’t let anything that is not important stand in the way of reaching your destination
  • Don’t tell others about your goals; there might be people who will tell that you’ll never get it done. Negativity is not good when setting goals in life, not from yourself and not from others
  • Write down what negative consequences it will have when a goal is not achieved. This will be an extra reason to achieve your goals
  • Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal, for instance, go visit a place that you wanted to visit long time ago
  • One thing you should do is check the desired goal from time to time to see if it need some adjustment. If the situation is changing, your goal might need to be modified.It’s just like life: when you were a little kid, you must have had an idea what you wanted to become in the future. Later in life this probably must have changed, as it happens to most people, and you had to adjust to the situation

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Goal Setting And Success

Goals can be set in every area of life: business, health, finances, weight loss, relationships, family, fitness, career, spiritual, hobbies, and so on.

You’ll get increased energy levels because you have a destiny in life: a dream to go for to create a better life. Every person deserves a life of peace, abundance, love, happiness, freedom and ultimate success.

Don’t settle for less, because it can all be realized with smart goal setting. Never underestimate what can be accomplished when you believe in yourself!

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The most important target for now is to make time available and write down your first goal. Get started right now and do something that will help to achieve your first goal.

If you want to work from home, running your own business, you can accomplish that with smart goal setting. Click the banner below to find out more about working from home, where many people succeed!

Setting goals for life
Set A Goal To A Work From Home Opportunity

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