SEO Keyword Research Tips

SEO Keyword Research Tips To Get
Higher Search Engine Rankings

Know How To Do SEO Keyword Research

Find the right keywords with these SEO Keyword Research tips
SEO Keyword Research Tips

Get Higher Rankings From SEO Keyword Research

With seo keyword research you can get your website or blog higher in the major search engines. Keyword research is the single most important factor of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.

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Accurate keyword research is especially relevant for writers, such as freelance and article writers, online publishers, and bloggers.

Without keyword research it is almost impossible to get a good position within the search engine results. It is worth your time doing optimization to get higher rankings.

Using the right keywords can mean the difference between a few hundred or even a few thousand extra visitors per month. This is all free traffic to your website.

How And Where Can You Find The Right Keywords?

First of all you have to know how to research keywords and what a visitor is searching for, in other words what keywords they are putting in the search engine.

To know this you just have to think like a visitor. Once you know what kind of keywords people are using to find your website, you can find other words that are related to your website or product.
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If you use these keywords in the content of your website, the search engine will see your website as a relevant website and give you higher rankings in the search engine.

Quality content is favored by the search engines, but if you don’t use the right keywords people are actually interested in and searching for, you’re missing out on a huge amount of valuable website traffic.

With the right keyword research tool you can find hundreds of good keyword ideas from one source keyword. You can also find the so called long tail keywords that will be a lot easier to rank high for.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I use for all of my keyword research. Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword research tool.

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I get all the information needed to find the right keywords to get high rankings. (see also the page about Search Engine Optimization). With Jaaxy you can find out:

  • How high the competition is
  • The monthly searches for each keyword
  • The estimated traffic
  • The Quoted Search Results (QSR)
  • The Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)
  • The Search Engine Optimization Power

The Quoted Search Results (QSR) is the number of webpages with the exact keyword term in Google, in other words your competition.

The lower the QSR, the better your chances to get high rankings for that keyword. You have to look for keywords with a QSR lower than 300.

The Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) will tell you if the keyword can be used to rank high in the search engine. Red is too difficult; yellow is possible; and green is good.

The SEO Power is a score based on traffic, QSR and competition. The higher the number, the better your chances to get on the first page of Google for that keyword.

Try Jaaxy Yourself

You can try Jaaxy yourself to see how good it is and what kind of keywords will come up.

The keywords also must sound natural, like the way you talk, for instance “work home jobs moms” doesn’t sound natural, while “work at home jobs for moms” does sound natural.
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With Jaaxy you can easily find out if your keyword will be profitable. This keyword tool is my favorite keyword tool to find the right keywords to get my website rank high in the search engine.

As a free member you can perform 30 free searches with You can read more about this advanced seo keyword research tool on the Jaaxy information page.

Using The Alphabet Soup Technique

Another thing you can do to come up with different but relevant keywords, is the Alphabet soup technique. Let me explain how this is done.

You type something in into Google an immediately you”ll get the four most searched results. For instance you type in “keyword research” and you”ll get:
keyword research;
keyword research tool;
keyword researcher;
keyword research software.

Next, you type a space and an A after “keyword research” and you’ll get:
keyword research android app;
keyword research a real-world guide;
keyword research and analysis;
keyword research and analysis for seo.

If you type a B instead of an A you’ll get:
keyword research bing;
keyword research book;
keyword research best practices;
keyword research blackhat.

Have a look at the video explaining even better how the Alphabet soup technique is done: Alphabet soup technique.

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You can also have a look at Google suggest for more info about this technique.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Of course you want to get the right kind of visitors to your website: those who are searching for something specific and are ready to buy!

A person who is searching for an average subject, for instance “digital camera’s” is likely just looking around for more info, and not ready to buy.

If that same person is searching for “Canon 650D digital camera” than this person is more likely to buy. For this reason you should use long tail keywords to target visitors who are ready to buy!

Search engine optimization to get higher rankings
Rank Higher With Keyword Research
Keyword Research Tools

You can do keyword research with tools like,,, and
Google’s Keyword Tool, to build a list of powerful and profitable keywords.
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When you use Google’s free keyword tool, the information will come directly from Google, so you can be sure the information is reliable.

If you want to have the best keyword research tool available, then you should definitely try

To Get First Page Rankings

To compete for page-one rank, all of your pages must have keyword-rich meta titles, descriptions, and the body content needs to be relevant to your website.

You must also have the right links; internal, inbound, and outbound links. Next, go through your list of keywords and mark each of the ones that seems to be favorite topics.

When a keyword phrase has a high search volume, you can be sure that the product or information is in high demand.

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Make sure you have a mix for the best results and spread them out over your website, article or blog and use these SEO keyword research tips to your advantage.

Learn advanced keyword research
SEO Keyword Research

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