Building Quality Backlinks For Higher Search Engine Rankings

Building Quality Backlinks For Higher Rankings

Know How To Rank Higher By
Building Quality Backlinks

Rank higher in the search engine with backlinks
The Know-How To Building Quality Backlinks

Everybody wants to be on the first page of the search engine results for their chosen keyword. There are several ways to do that, such as building quality backlinks, writing articles, SEO, keyword research, and social media. In fact, you must master these techniques all together.

You also have to be better than others; writing better content, finding more valuable keywords, such as long tail keywords, optimize your pages properly to get high search engine rankings, and link building from other websites with high page rank.

The Google Rules

To get a top search engine ranking, you have to live by the rules of Google. Although these rules are a secret, and can change by the day, there are several things you can do. Google will look at your:

  • Content: it must be unique and quality information
  • Domain age: older domains will rank better
  • Anchor text: it must have good keywords in it
  • Content length: try to write at least 1000 words content
  • Keyword density: have your main keyword appear about every 100-200 words
  • Links: build quality backlinks to your site naturally
  • Site structure: make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for
  • Anchor text: use keyword rich text, if possible with your main keyword in it
  • Alt tags: always use alt tags with a text related description
  • Related keywords: use them throughout your content
  • Title description: make it interesting so that people want to click the link to your website
  • Headlines: write a catchy but questionable headline so that visitors want to know more

Build Quality Backlinks Naturally

One of the important things to get high rankings is to build quality backlinks pointing to your site. Search engines will see your website as being more important than other websites, if you have more inbound links than other websites.

When your website has more link popularity (=more inbound links), it will rank higher in the search engine. These links must be build naturally; if you suddenly have 200 links in one day, Google will see it as spamming the search engine and will lower your rankings.

Link building takes time and must be done naturally. You can get inbound links from press releases or writing articles and submitting them to article directories.

With article directories you put a link back to your website at the end of the article, in the author resource box with a keyword rich anchor text link.

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Writing Content To Build Links

There are several link building strategies. The best and also fastest way to get back links to your website, is to write content on a regular basis. These articles must have valuable information, otherwise the reader will not click the link to your website.

People who visit your website are interested to find out more and they are all potential clients. That is why it is important to write unique and valuable information.

Search engines will spider websites all the time, and when there is a link to your website, your website will also be indexed in the search engine.

This way people can find your website through links you have coming from other websites. Inbound links are also known as backlinks or one way links.

About Inbound Links

Inbound links are very important to get links back to your site. Inbound links are links coming from other sites, such as blogs, article directories, forums, but it can also comes from sites as

As YouTube got a high page rank, it is important to get a link from there back to your website. You can easily do that by putting a video online with a link to your website.

If you can get links coming from a .edu or .org website, the search engines will see your website as being more important. These websites are considered non profit websites and search engines will give high value to websites that are linked from these .edu and .org websites.

These websites will contain a lot of information about a specific subject to have all the information a visitor might be looking for. These websites can also have links to other websites with similar information to fill up what is missing on their own website.

Build free links to rank higher
Free Link Building For Higher Rankings

Getting Free Links The Easy Way

You can also do guest blogging: leaving a comment on a blog with a link back to your own website. This is a very effective way to build natural links in a short time without making it look like gaming the search engine.

If you give helpful advice to the readers, you will also build credibility with a bigger chance that people will click the link back to your website. Don’t spam the blogs with useless information as you have the risk of being blocked from writing comments.

Another possibility to get free links to your website, is by answering questions related to the subject of your website on sites such as Yahoo answers. Use an anchor text with your main keyword in your answer to get links back to your website.

You can also become an Amazon reviewer and write reviews for products sold through the Amazon website. At the end of your review you have to put a link to your website.

You do have to write honest reviews or Amazon won’t let you write product reviews anymore. Also, write product reviews that are helpful for visitors, not only to get links back to your website.

A not so well known but very effective way to get quality links back to your website, is by finding broken links on related sites. You have to contact the webmaster and offer a link to your website as an alternative.

Most webmaster will appreciate that you told them about the broken link and they can accept your link as a replacement. This is a good way to get backlinks from sites with a high page rank.

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Getting Links Through Social Media

Use social media to share your content with other people. You only have to put sharing buttons on your website, what can be easily done with a plugin.

If people like what they read, they can share your content with followers and that will give you free advertising and free links to your website. This is a good reason to write unique and quality content, otherwise they will not share it.

The more links you can get to your site, the more important your website looks to the search engine, and the higher you will rank in the search engines.

The pagerank given to your website depends on the number of links and the quality of these links. The quality is about the link text and the page rank is where the link is coming from.

Anyway, you will get higher rankings in the search engine results thanks to your links. Try to get your links coming from websites with at least a page rank 4 or higher, especially so called authority sites, because these will give your website a positive boost in the search engine.

Link Building Strategies

If you want to know more about building quality backlinks, you can find more information on the webpage link building strategies.

On the website you will also find lots more info about marketing, especially affiliate marketing, niche marketing, and working from home.

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The training, such as article marketing, local marketing, PPC, video marketing, niche marketing, SEO, and more, can be found there. There is also more info about building quality backlinks and getting your website higher in the search engine.

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Building quality backlinks to get higher rankings
Higher Rankings With Backlinks

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