How To Earn Money Online For Free

Know How To Earn Money Online For Free

13 Ways To Earn Money Online
Without Investment

Learn how to earn money online for free
Know How To Earn Money Online For Free

Making money online is a dream for many people. Being their own boss, working from home, having more freedom, spending more time with family, and also making more money, would be a dream come true.

Stop dreaming and take control of your life! You are about to find out how to earn money online for free.

There are many ways you can earn money online without investment. You only need to have a computer and an internet connection. These are the two requirements to make money online.

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You do have to spend time on it to get started, probably learn a few things, but the opportunities here are free to earn you money online.

Here are some possibilities you can do to earn money online without investment:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Google Adsense
  • Create Videos
  • Create Webinars
  • Sell Your Skills
  • Write Ebooks
  • Sell Pictures
  • Freelance Work
  • Complete Tasks
  • Evaluate Websites
  • Create Your Own Website

Of course there are plenty more opportunities of how to earn money online for free, but these ones are your best options. These opportunities will bring in a nice side income or even replace your day job. Let’s go through every one of them.

Make Money From Blogging

To get started with blogging, you do need to have a website. Next, you need to find and interesting topic and share useful information with your readers.

To earn money from your blog, you must have something to sell. This can be an affiliate product, your own product, an event, or you can sell advertising space on your blog.

You need to write about something that interest people to get traffic to your blog. It can take some time before you start making money with your blog.

You have to keep writing engaging content to keep your readers coming back for more. Also, share your blog on social media as there will be lots of people who could be interested in your blog.

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Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably your best bet to earn money online. It is about promoting products from other people, using a unique affiliate link.

When a sale is made through your link, you will get a share of that money. You can even start affiliate marketing without a website.

If you set up a website to promote affiliate products, you can use that website also to blog about the products.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to create products, keeping the product up-to-date, or dealing with customer issues. You only have to focus on getting the sale through promoting the products.

Make Money From Writing Content

You don’t have to be a professional writer to make money from writing content. You can do this as freelance work and write for bloggers, marketers, businesses, or your own website.

The important point is to deliver quality content or you won’t get much sales. If there is a niche you are interested in, it will be easier to write about it.

This is the way to go: find something that interest you and write about it. As you already have interest in a subject, it will be easier to write about the subject.

The more you write, the easier it will become as it becomes more of a habit. You can find more info about writing unique quality content on the page Article Writing Tips: Know How To Write Quality Content.

Using Google Adsense For Extra Income

When you already have a website set up, you can put Google Adsense on it. After signing up for this free program, you only have to insert a link into your website, and your done.

This link is provided by Google. Google will then place related advertisements on your website. When visitors click on these ads, you will make some money.

Although it might not be so much, the more visitors (=traffic) you have, the more money you can make. Some people make $1000 per month from Adsense, so there are possibilities to earn good money with it.

Just don’t click on these ads yourself, because it is against Google’s terms and you could have your account closed.

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Making Money From YouTube Videos

If you can make interesting videos that will help people in any way, you can make money on YouTube. It is free to create a channel (profile) on YouTube where you can upload your videos.

Create an interesting video and upload it to your YouTube channel. Share your link on social media to attract even more interested people, and to get more likes and subscribers.

With YouTube you can upload almost anything, so you should not have a problem to find an interesting subject. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas for your channel, then visit the homepage to get some good ideas.

You can also use the search bar in the top to find a more specific subject. Turn your hobby or interest into cash with your own YouTube videos.

Make Money From Webinars

Just as making videos for Youtube, you could also start a webinar. More than 84 percent of people are better with visual learning, and thus prefer a webinar.

In this webinar, you cover a specific topic to promote your product, an affiliate product, course, or service. You give people lots of tips and free advice, and at the end of the webinar, you promote the product you want to sell.

Don’t promote more than one product, or your viewers might get confused. When you do a live webinar, you have the opportunity to answer questions at the end with a Q&A session.

People might have questions to get to know more about the product you have to sell. Answers get them more interested and this can result in more sales.

When you use urgency (limited time availability) or scarcity (only so many left), you can improve your sales exponentially. You can share your webinar on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Webinars are extremely powerful and convert more prospects into customers than any other marketing techniques.

My #1 recommendation

Make Money With Your Skills

If you have certain skills that will be of help to others, you can make money with it. Think of web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, translation jobs, but also teaching people a language, cooking, science, sports training, actually anything you can think of.

You could even create your own course and sell it online, like on the websites,, and Have a look further down this page by “Earn Money With Freelance Work”.

Make Money Writing Your Own Ebook

You could also write down your skills on paper in an e-book. A good program to use to write your ebook, is that you can download for free from the internet.

This free program got many possibilities, including writing an ebook in PDF format. You can sell your ebook on your own website, through your blog, or through an affiliate marketplace.

If you put your ebook on an affiliate marketplace, it becomes a completely automated process. You only have to make sure that the buyer will be taken to the download page immediately after payment is made.

Another way to sell your book is with the help of Amazon’s Kindle Program. Amazon can help you to get your ebook published and marketed on their platform.

Make Money Selling Pictures

Another way to turn your hobby into profit is selling your pictures. These days almost everyone got a smart phone with build in camera. If you have a talent for taking good pictures, you can sell them online.

Some websites will pay you to buy your pictures, meaning you give away all the rights of that picture. You can also post them on websites like and

People who are interested have to pay a fee to download your picture. This can be from a few cents to a few dollars per picture. You only have to take pictures, upload them, and watch the money coming in.

It is very well possible to make your holiday investment back if you have hundreds of pictures taken during your holiday. Just go out there and take pictures.

My #1 recommendation

Earn Money With Freelance Work

If you are good at writing, and have knowledge on a specific topic, you should become a freelance writer. You can write content for websites, blogs, resumes, newspapers, magazines, or do proofreading, editing, and so on.

You can sell your services on websites like Another possibility is to develop logo’s, images, banners, icons, or graphics.

If there is something you are good at, for instance search engine optimization, you can offer your knowledge to others who are looking for an SEO expert.

Have a look on the website from Upwork with all the freelance categories. You could find a job you have knowledge in to turn it into cash.

Make Money With

With Fiverr, you have to complete tasks, and this will earn you $5,- each. You are free to decide which tasks you want to complete, and thus you can choose the ones that will be your best fit.

To make enough money, you have to complete a lot of tasks. You have to get positive reviews; the more you have, the more jobs become available, and the more money you can earn.

There are many choices, like data entry, accounting, research, graphic design, translating, programming, and the lot. You can even give advice on relationships, astrology, spirituality, create greeting cards, and more.

In fact, you can sell almost anything as long as it is legal and complies with Fiverr’s terms. Of course, Fiverr is free to join as with all the programs on this page.

Earn Money Evaluating Websites

Another way to earn money, is to become a tester. On the website, you’ll get paid $10 via PayPal for every video you complete.

This will only take you at the most 20 minutes, much better than doing surveys. You have to offer feedback after visiting a website, completing some tasks, and record your honest user experience feedback about it.

You need to have a computer (laptop or desktop) with an internet connection, and a microphone. If you want to take mobile tests, you’ll need a smartphone.

You have to download the testing software, be at least 18 years of age, and be able to speak your thoughts clearly in English. After completing a sample test, you’ll get real tests to have you earning real money!

My #1 recommendation

Earn Money With Your Own Website

These days it is not hard to build your own website. WordPress is free and you can use it to build a website or blog with it. A template for your website does not have to cost you anything when you just get started.

There are many places online where you can download free templates. Once your business start to generate money, you should buy a paid template.

Now that you know how to earn money online for free, you should become a member with Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will learn how to build a website or blog that will have you earning money online.

It is free to get started, you get free templates, and also 2 free websites with hosting. It is a community from people helping each other to succeed.

Once you have your website up and running, you can put Google Adsense on it, sell advertising space, and promote affiliate products on it.

This way you will have multiple streams of income. Click the image below to become a free member if you want to succeed making money online.

Learn how to earn money online free
Build Your Own Website To Earn Money Online Free

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