Create A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Create A Mobile Friendly Website

Create A Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile Responsive Website Design

Pro’s Of A Responsive Website Design

With a mobile responsive website design, your website will be adjusted so that it will show properly on any mobile device. These days you need to have a mobile responsive website design, for a positive user experience.

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Without a mobile responsive web design, you will lose money! The reason: there are more mobile devices than PC’s, and also more mobile phones than landline phones.

More and more people are going online using their mobile device. Many times they go onto social media, especially Facebook, but also to buy things online with their mobile device.

You don’t want to miss out on all these potential customers because your website is not mobile friendly! And Google also gives higher rankings to websites that are mobile friendly.

Use A Responsive Template

As more and more people use the internet with their mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, it is important to have your website optimized for mobile devices.

This can be done with responsive web design or with WordPress, using a responsive template. To see how your website will show on several mobile devices, you can use this tool:

When you use a responsive template, for instance with WordPress, you can profit twice. Your website will be mobile friendly, and WordPress templates rank higher in the search engines.

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Higher rankings will give you more organic traffic, and that will result in more visitors, more subscribers, but also more sales.

According to Google, the mobile friendliness of a website is seen as a page by page basis. Every page on your website will be checked to see if it is mobile friendly or not.

There are only 2 possibilities; your webpages are either mobile friendly or not. There is no grade like “70% mobile friendly”; if your page is not 100% mobile friendly, than Google will see it as not mobile friendly pages.

Creating A Mobile Website

There are 2 ways of creating a mobile website:

  1. You can create a mobile friendly website (.mobi), similar to a normal website but more basic without all the unnecessary banners, graphics; and more.
  2. You can use a responsive template so that your website will adjust to the right size for a mobile device.

A .mobi website is specifically build to be viewed on a mobile device with a smaller screen. Because of this, the website will load faster.

Mobile users are more willing to buy from a site with a fast loading, responsive template than from a slow loading website. Google also want to see fast loading websites and reward them with higher rankings.

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When you have 2 websites, one mobile friendly and the other not mobile friendly, you can target different keywords with a bigger chance people will find one of your websites.

The problem is that you also have to maintain 2 different websites. The websites must have different content or you are at risk to get penalized for having duplicate content.

When you use a mobile responsive website design with a content management system (C.M.S.), you’ll have a website that will show properly on every mobile device.

Check Your Pages For Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendly pages will keep their position in the search engine results, while not mobile friendly pages will get a lower ranking. You can easily check if your pages are mobile friendly with Google’s webmaster tools.

If your website doesn’t have a responsive web design, you should fix it or you will get lower rankings and that might cause you to lose potential customers.

Build a mobile friendly website
Create A Website With A Responsive Design

Another way to check if your website is mobile friendly, is to resize your window. By making it smaller and larger, the website must chance in such a way that the content, pictures and everything will be readable at all times.

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A simple way to make your website mobile friendly, is to use the WordPress plugin: WPtouch mobile plugin. This will instantly give you a mobile friendly website version that will pass the Google mobile friendly test.

You can find all the information to make your website mobile friendly on the website from Google. Google recommend a mobile responsive website design, and with WordPress you can have one for less than $100.

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get free responsive WordPress templates to build a mobile friendly website. And as a premium member, you can choose from over 3000 responsive templates.

Give Users The Info They Want

Give mobile users the information they are looking for and nothing more. They are not just surfing the net, they are looking for the right kind of info, not some flashy banners or large graphics.

As most users search for information in their area, make sure to use your location, link to street maps, and click-to-call phone numbers on your web pages.

Most mobile users perform searches on Google, so you should make Google your preferred search engine and follow the rules from Google as they can send you a lot of visitors.

Put the most important information clearly visible on your home page, such as contact details, privacy policy and call-to-action where your visitors can easily find it.

By keeping it simple, you’ll also keep the page size down and that will increase load time. Visitors don’t like to wait and if your page load too slow, they will go somewhere else.

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What To Do And What Not To Do
  • Try to prevent scrolling as much as possible as it is difficult for mobile users to scroll the page.
  • To have your website showing up properly, try not to use frames and tables.
  • Keep your menus and navigation simple because you want to give your visitor the best user experience.
  • Keep the size of your pages to a minimum, try to keep it below 1 Mb or it will load too slowly and this will not be accepted by most mobile users.
  • Write mobile friendly content to increase traffic to your website.
  • Make sure to keep your image size down; put them in a compressed format such as gif and jpg to have your website load quickly.
  • Don’t use popups because they are not mobile friendly.

As I wrote before, when you become a member with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get free mobile responsive website design templates from WordPress to create a mobile friendly website.

They will teach you the right way to make money online and how to build an internet business from scratch. Go ahead and give it a try! Click the banner below to become a free member.

Build a mobile friendly website
Mobile Responsive Design

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