The Niche Marketing Guide To Find Profitable Niches

The Niche Marketing Guide To
Find Profitable Niches

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Earn Lots Of Money With The
Niche Marketing Guide

Niche marketing resource guide
Find A Profitable Niche With The Niche Marketing Guide

The Niche Marketing Guide will give you resources to find profitable niches. But first you can read an explanation of niche marketing on the page “What is niche marketing” (opens in a new page).

Niche marketing is not hard at all. With niche marketing you can narrow down your main niche to a smaller niche to attract the right kind of people: the ones who are wanting to buy the product that you have to offer.

As you target a smaller part of the market, you can easily find that targeted group of interested people and turn them into potential buyers.

Here is a simple 3 step process to find a profitable niche:

  1. Identify problems that people have
  2. Find a solution for that problem
  3. Provide the solution for them.

When you have decided what product you want to promote, you need to do research to narrow down your niche because this will make your niche profitable.

This is important step is to target a smaller market. As there will be less competition, it will also be easier to target the right kind of people.

Some people think that they cannot make much money because there are less people to sell to in their niche, and that is correct.

The fact is that these people are interested in what you have to sell. As it is targeted traffic, you can even make more money than with a larger market.

Choosing Your Niche

You have to decide what niche to get involved with, what products to promote, and what kind of campaigns you’re going to use. There is one thing must very be clear: The product must be something that people need or want.

The product must give them a better life, solve a problem they want to get rid of, or just make them feel/look better. These products are the ones that people want or need and will spend money on.

To find a profitable niche market, you need to know what people need. Something they need or even desperately need, is more important than something they want.

People that are desperate are easier to sell to because they want a solution fast. You can see it as if they are holding the wallet in their hand to pay for a solution.

If you can find these people and offer them a solution, you’ve got yourself a profitable niche. Together with a targeted campaign, you will have a profitable niche business.

Finding Niche Ideas

You can find niche ideas just from keeping your eyes open and looking around you. Keep a pen and paper by the hand to write ideas down as you can discover 1000s of niches.

Write down the ones you have a personal interest in, or have knowledge about. The reason is because you will be busy with your niche nearly every day.

Your chosen niche should also make you feel comfortable. For instance, if you don’t feel good about hunting programs, then you should not go into that niche.

Below you will find a list of resources that you can use to look for a niche. When you want to become an affiliate for one of the resources to promote products, you have to subscribe for their affiliate program. Always read the affiliate terms.

There could be some rules that you need to be aware of before you become an affiliate. For instance, Clickbank have some strange rules that could cost you your income. You can read about it on the Clickbank review page.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #1: Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers
Have a look at the Amazon Bestseller List. Here you can find a lot of niche ideas for physical products. You can search in any category, for instance the best selling products in the category toys.

Each category is already a potential niche. And the sub-categories can be seen as targeted niches. If you take a look by the best selling books, you can look inside the book by the table of contents.

Here you can also find good niche ideas and even smaller, more targeted sub-niches. You can even use the information to write articles about your niche.

My no.1 recommendation

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #2: Clickbank Marketplace

Clickbank Marketplace
When you want to promote digital products such as ebooks and software, you can find these on Clickbank. They are the largest retailer from digital products with more than 10.000 products.

You can search by Gravity Score: a measurement how many affiliates made sales with that product. There are many ways you can search for a niche: by product, gravity, amount per sale, recurring billing, and more.

Products that can be downloaded have a high profit margin because it only have to be made once, and can be sold over and over again. Their approval system is easy, that almost everyone can become an affiliate.

Before you become a member with Clickbank, it would be a good idea to know more about Clickbank and what to expect. You can read it on the page Is Clickbank a Scam?.

There are enough opportunities besides Clickbank if you want to promote downloadable products. I don’t use Clickbank anymore because they sell too many products that are not good, resulting in several refunds.


Paydotcom marketplace
Pay Dot Com is similar to Clickbank; they are another retailer from digital products. Except from the fact that they don’t have so much products (but their list keeps growing), they are better than Clickbank.

Affiliate commissions are paid directly into your Paypal account. You can search the marketplace for products to promote; there is a description of the program under each product.

If you have your own product, digital or physical, you can sell it through their network; one product is free, unlimited products will cost you only $29,-. You can easily create your own affiliate page with their cut and paste program.

PayDotCom also provide you with promotion tools from the vendor and you can track your stats. This is very handy if you want to see if people are clicking your links.


JVZoo marketplace
This is another affiliate network for digital products, and still growing. It is easy to become an affiliate to promote their products. They pay instantly to your Paypal account.

In the marketplace you can see the earnings per click for each product. The higher the earnings, the higher the products are converting. This is a good sign for a niche product.


Google Trends
With Google Trends you can find out what topics are hot at the moment. If you type in subjects, for instance “dating tips”, you will also find news, blogs, and articles that are related to dating.

Here you might find some good niche ideas, just realize that these niches are very often not evergreen. As it is a trend, it could work well now, but might not work next year.


Google News
With Google News you can find upcoming markets and be one of the first ones to jump into that market. If you type in “announced” you will get results about announced products, movies, events, and more.

With the Google Wildcard Search you type in a keyword, followed by a star symbol (*), for instance ‘niche marketing *’ and Google will give you random results, all starting with “niche marketing”.

When you put the star at the beginning, (* niche marketing) you will get results with a random word at the beginning, all ending with “niche marketing”.

When you use the Google keyword tool, you can search for specific niches immediately. For instance, if you type in “dog training” and select “only show ideas closely related to my search terms”, you can expect results such as “dog potty training” or “dog behavior training”.

These long tail keywords are perfect to use for a niche, or to narrow it further down to a sub-niche. Here is an example:
dog potty training—> Dog potty training for puppies
dog potty training—> The best routine to potty train an older dog


Offer Vault marketplace
You can get plenty of niche ideas from the website When you go to this site, you will be provided with several research tools to know more about specific niches.

Type in a keyword for the niche you want to know more about, and you will get a list of offers for that term. You have to join the network from the particular offer if you want to promote that product.

My no.1 recommendation

You can browse the categories on to find hobby niche ideas. If there is a magazine about a subject, then it is a niche.


Ezine Articles
On the home page, you will find all the article categories. Clicking on one of these categories makes it expand to give you more targeted categories. These are perfect to find profitable niche markets.


With BoardReader you can find out what people are talking about. You can search by keyword to find related forums about your niche. From there you can find out what problems people have and need help with.

When people have a problem that needs to be solved, they are willing to pay for it. This is one of the aspects you need to look for to find a profitable niche.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #11: Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers
This is similar as BoardReader; people are searching for a solution to their problem. You can browse categories to find questions people have to know the problem they want to get solved.

There are so many topics, you can be sure to find a niche here. With the refine search, you can find more targeted niches. As people got problems they want to get solved, this is a perfect place to promote niche products.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #12: Yahoo! Shopping

Yahoo! Shopping
This is another part of Yahoo where you can get some great niche ideas. There are articles that you can browse by category to get even more niche ideas.

To get ideas for a profitable niche, have a look at the most popular products and popular pages.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #14: Bottom Line Publications

Bottom Line Publications
Bottom Line Publications is an awesome resource if you’re looking for health niches. Health is in the top 3 niches where you can make a lot of money.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #15: Associate Programs

Associate Programs
Alan Gardyne has one of the best affiliate directories. He personally will check them to be sure they are not a scam, MLM, adult related, or multi tier program.

Here you can find legitimate programs to promote for your niche. There is also an active forum where you might pick up some good ideas, not only for your niche, but for affiliate marketing in general too.

NICHE IDEA RESOURCE #16: Affiliates Directory

Affiliates Directory
This website can be your source for affiliate programs and associate programs. Over 2700 listings including new programs, recommended programs, top ten, two tier, most popular and top rated programs can be found there.

Here you will find Affiliate marketing tips, resources, industry news and interactive email discussions. This is a true one-stop resource for learning about affiliate programs and finding new ways to profit from your website.

Their email discussion list is one of the few that is world wide and is entirely dedicated to affiliate marketing. This is a great directory for you to look into and pick up some affiliate tips and tricks.

My no.1 recommendation


This website is from a wholesaler where you can find so many products, if you don’t find a niche idea here, you will not find it anywhere!


CB Engine
On this website you will find products from Clickbank, but it’s more clear to see what a product is all about. You can see the top Clickbank vendors, with products that are best sellers, but you can expect some though competition.

The search function is also much more extended than from Clickbank. There is a list with new products, so you can be one of the first affiliates to promote a new product. This is a go-to website for affiliate products.


CB Trends
This is another site with Clickbank products, but different than CB Engine. You can easily see the top 10 products with the highest gravity, or popularity. With CB Trends, you can check a product to see if it will be a good product to promote.

This will make your search for a niche much easier. As well with CB engine as with CB Trends, you can easily find out if your niche product will be profitable.


Share A Sale
Share a Sale has become an extensive marketplace for affiliates. This is not an easy to navigate website to find a good niche to promote.


On Ebay you can find many niches: go to “Shop by category” in the top left (next to the Ebay logo) to find a broad market. From there you can find several niches.

Items where people can place a bid, are another indication what people are interested in. This will give you an idea what is hot at the moment.

In the categories and stores section you can get plenty of niche ideas. On Ebay Popular you can see what is selling well at the moment. On the website, you can also find out what is hot on Ebay.

Use Keywords To Attract People

To get the most out of niche marketing, you need to use the right keywords. You can find keywords with the Google keyword tool. As the results come straight from Google, you can expect to find profitable keywords.

Keywords will help you to attract the right people; the ones who are looking for a product that will solve a problem or make their life better.

You need to look for search terms with high search volume and low competition. There must be some competition because it will tell you that there are buyers and the niche will be profitable.

Try to avoid products with high gravity, like above 125, because there will be a lot of competition and you will have a hard time generating sales. You can find the gravity back on the website from when you do a search for niche products to promote.

If you took the trouble to go through most of the resources, you should have enough ideas to do niche marketing for the rest of your life. Don’t worry if you have a short list, because you can make a lot of money from just one niche.

Now it’s time to go through your list and chose the niche that you have the most interest in or one that you know a lot about.

Questions To Find The Right Niche

You should ask yourself some questions to see which niche would be your best bet. The Niche Marketing Guide got a list of questions below which will be helpful for you to find the right niche.

My no.1 recommendation

Question #1: Is This Niche Solving A Problem?

If a niche is a solution for a problem, then people will spend money on it. The bigger the problem, the more willing people are to pay money to solve their problem.

Question #2: Do People Spend Money In This Niche?

When people spend money in a niche, it is a good sign that a niche can be profitable. You should check out if people do spend money there, as not all niches will be profitable.

For instance, in hobby niches they might search for some hobby info, but they are not willing to buy the product you promote.

Question #3: Do You Have Some Knowledge About This Niche?

It will be a lot easier if you have knowledge in a niche. It will be easier to write about your niche, answer questions, share your knowledge, and give your honest opinion.

Question #4: Are There Forums In This Niche?

You could simply type in Google “your niche” and “forum” and you can quickly find out if there is a forum about the niche. This will tell you there is a market for the niche.

The more forums, the bigger your target audience. Have a look inside the forums to find a more specific niche and to see how popular the niche is.

Question #5: Is Your Visitor Having A Big Problem?

If the problem is big enough, they are very willing to pay for a solution. Especially with health problems, people are willing to pay to get rid of their problem.

Question #6: Can You Sell Multiple Products In That Niche?

Not only do you need good products to promote, you also want multiple products you can promote. Sometimes a product will be taken offline, and you need another product to take its place.

You will also want to have an upsell for people who want something extra, like a more expensive product, or a video course with their purchase.

Question #7: Can You Sell High End Products Or Services From At Least $1,000 Or More In That Niche?

You will not find many niches where people spend $1000 or even more on a product. But if you can find them, you can make good profit from promoting these products or services.

If the product is also a high end product, it will be easier to close the sale. And what would be easier: making one sale bringing in $1000 or making 40 sales bringing in each $25?

Question #8: Can You Get Exact Match Domains For The Niche?

Exact match domains perform better in Google, giving you more free traffic, so try to get one. Do some domain name research to find a suitable and available domain name.

Question #9: Does This Niche Fit In The Category Health, Wealth, Or Relationships?

The health, wealth, and relationships niches are the big money makers with a huge market to target. These niches are also evergreen and will always be profitable.

You can make good money in the health, wealth, and relationships niches, but there are a lot of people promoting these products, so you are dealing with tough competition.

Question #10: Is The Niche Evergreen?

Choose niches that are evergreen, as you can make money with it all year round. This is not the case with temporary niches, such as Christmas, Halloween, or tour the France.

Question #11: Could You Create Your Own Product For This Niche?

It is almost always better to have your own product, at least when it comes to your income. You can have affiliates making the sales for you, while you can be busy with support or starting your next product.

You can also use PLR products to create your own products. And you can even write your own ebook these days with all the available information you can find online.

Question #12: Can You Build Authority In The Niche?

While it can take a long time to build an authority website, it can bring in a lot of money if your niche website is the place where people can find all the information they are looking for. You need to have a look at your competitors to see if you can beat them.

My no.1 recommendation

Question #13: Are People Searching In Google For This Niche?

Use the Google Keyword Tool to see how many searches are performed for this niche. This will tell you if a niche is profitable or not.

Question #14: Are There Recurring Programs, Such As Membership Sites Available In The Niche?

Think of web hosting, auto responder services, and online courses, where people haven to pay every month. If you can get people to subscribe through your link, you can have a long term income, for as long as that person will use the service.

Question #15: Can You Make This Niche Profitable, Stand Above Competitors?

Some niches, like weight loss, might be very difficult to make you enough money. But if you can stand out, have another, unique approach than others, or have something special like an extra, you can make every niche profitable.

Question #16: Can You Easily Get Free Traffic For That Niche?

If you want to get free traffic, do research to know what you have to do to get that free traffic. Can you use social media to get free traffic?

Do you have to write articles to get found in the search engine? With the Google keyword tool you can find out how competitive keywords are for your niche.

Question #17: Can You Find Potential Jv Partners For Fast Growth Of The Niche?

This is something to consider: doing a Joint Venture is a fast way to grow your business.

Question #18: Do You Need To Build A List In The Niche?

The money is in the list, so it makes sense to build a list. Sometimes it is a must to build a list to get profits, and not everyone is willing to do that.

Question #19: How Expensive Is It To Advertise The Niche?

When you have to pay for traffic, you will want to know what it will cost you. You can use adwords to bid on Pay Per Click (PPC) keywords, but also keywords and URLs using Cost Per View (CPV).

Question #20: When Will Vendors Pay Out And Are They Going To Pay You For Every Sale?

Some vendors pay when you have reached a minimum amount, others pay every two weeks. You might run into a vendor who is not going to pay, or not for all of your sales.

Always try to use an affiliate network with a good reputation, or at least do some research if you’re not sure about them.

Question #21: Can You Sell Coaching In This Niche?

When it comes to coaching, you can expect prices into the 1000s of dollars. You can make some really good money in the coaching niche, if you can generate leads for these coaches.

Question #22: Does This Niche Have Pay Per Lead Promotion?

Pay Per Lead promotion can bring in more money than affiliate marketing. The reason is simple: it is easier to have people filling in some info on a form than selling a product.

Question #23: Are There Teleseminars Or Webinars In This Niche?

Teleseminars or webinars convert around 10%, while normal (affiliate-) sales are around 1%.

If you find tele seminars or webinars, then the niche must be profitable. You can start your own teleseminar if you have enough knowledge on a certain subject.

Question #24: Does This Niche Have Call Centers?

Selling over the phone converts even higher than teleseminars or webinars. If there is a call center for that niche, you can be sure that the product is selling well.

Do some research about the call center, because many of them use tricks to sell their products. For instance, making the product look much better than it really is.

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You will learn how to build a profitable website, how to find products to promote, how to find the right keywords, and how to get high in the search engine.

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It is free to get started, so you have nothing to lose. The Niche Marketing Guide will help you to get started in niche marketing.

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