What Makes Profitable Niches?

Know What Makes Profitable Niches

Find The Most Profitable Affiliate Niches

What makes profitable niches?
What Makes Profitable Niches

How To Recognize A Profitable Niche

If you want to get into the niche marketing business, it is important to know What makes profitable niches? You have to do research because without research it will be hard to find a profitable niche.

Although every niche can be profitable, there is a difference between making money and flooding your bank account with cash.

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First you have to find out if there is a market for the product you want to promote. In other words, do people spend enough money on that product?

You have to find out what kind of people will buy the product you promote. Are they interested in the product or do they need the product to solve a problem?

Are People Spending Money On That Niche?

If people are passionate about something, you can be sure they will spend money on it. Just think of hobbies, there is a lot of money spend on hobbies to satisfy their needs.

If they have a problem, they are looking for a solution and are willing to pay for it. The more urgent the problem, the more money they are willing to spend to solve that problem.

You want to be the one who is offering that solution to their problem. Then again, not all niches are big money makers. Some niches can make you some money, but not much.

This can happen if you narrow your niche down too much. That is why you have to do research to know if it will be a profitable niche.

It is good to narrow your niche down, because there will be less competition. Just don’t narrow it down too much as a micro niche might have only a handful of interested people.

If you can make money with it, it won’t be much. So don’t narrow your niche down too much. You can of course use a micro niche as an extra source of income.
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Look At Competition

You also need to take a look at competition; if there are more people promoting that product, you can be sure it must be a profitable niche. Then you should be able to make money with it as well.

If there is no competition, then forget about that niche, because there will be no buyers or hardly any buyers. If there is a lot of competition, for instance in the weight loss niche, you might want to consider another niche.

If many people promoting the same product, you will have a hard time to make money. Competition is good, but too much competition will make it hard to turn your niche into a profitable niche.

To earn money in a competitive niche, you have to be better than others. You can also use a different angle to promote the product. Anyway, you have to stand on top of your competition if you want to make your niche profitable.

What Not To Promote

Products you should not promote, are products that people won’t buy online. They might buy expensive sunglasses online, but they are not going to buy a car online.

Although Amazon was selling cars online, not many people would buy one. A prospect want to see the car, feel it, smell it, sit behind the wheel, and touch it. That is not possible if you buy a car online.

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Where To Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Once you’ve find your niche, you have to find affiliate products to promote. You can search for a product in the search engine, visit the website and look for an affiliate program.

An affiliate program, or reseller program, can normally be found at the bottom of the page. Sometimes it is called web masters, resellers, make money, or something like that.

You can also visit affiliate networks, such as CJ.com, clickbank.com, amazon.com, jvzoo.com, linkshare.com or shareasale.com. Here you will find plenty of niche products you can promote.

Become The Product Expert

It is a wise idea to buy the product yourself, so you know more about the product. This way you get to know the product much better to make an honest and more in-depth report.

You must be able to tell people the benefits of the product; what good the product will do for them. This will tell your readers that you know what you are talking about.

When you start to promote the product, readers must see you as an expert in your field; someone who used it, been there, done that. People like to listen to an expert, someone who knows a lot about the product.

If visitors have questions, you should be able to answer these questions the best you can, showing your expertise about the product. A good answer can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer.
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Promote Quality Products

Another factor is that you need to promote quality products. Low quality products can get you a lot of refunds, and you throw away trust people have in you. They won’t buy from you again, so it is important to sell quality products.

To make money online, you have to stay on top of your competition. You have to write or blog about the product, and tell as much as possible about the product to explain everything there is.

If you keep putting quality information online, your website will become an authority site. People will want to visit your site more than once if they see you as an expert about the product.

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Rank High In The Search Engine

Of course you’ll also need traffic to the website where you promote the affiliate products. Without traffic, you don’t have a business. People must be able to find your website in the search engine.

If your site shows up on page 12 or so, people will not find it if they perform a search for the product you promote. So it is important to get your product, article, or website to rank high in the search engine.

Rank high in the search engine
High Ranking Niche Websites

To get high in the search engine, you’ll need to write unique, high quality content on a regular basis and optimize your website for the search engines.
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Advantages Of Niche Marketing

With niche marketing you can target a smaller part of a market. You can focus on interested people who are more willing to buy what you have to offer.

As the niche is smaller, it is also easier to become an authority in your niche. Your niche must be something you are interested in, so you will enjoy what you do.

Important Points That Makes A Niche Market Profitable:

  1. There must be a market for the product you want to promote: people with a problem or who are passionate about something.
  2. These people want a solution to their problem, or fulfill their desire.
  3. There will be affiliate products you can promote.
  4. The people are willing to pay for it.

How To Find Your Niche

  • Write down topics that you have an interest in or are passionate about
  • If there is a topic that you want to learn very well, write that down as well
  • You must be good at something, have certain skills, that you can use for a niche
  • Write down niche markets that you see as profitable markets
  • Write down markets where you can see that sales are being made

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The 10 Most Profitable Niches On The Internet:

Find the most profitable niches
Find Profitable Niches

1. Health
2. Fitness and Weight Loss
3. Dating and Relationships
4. Pets
5. Self-Improvement
6. Make Money on the Internet
7. Personal Finance
8. Hobbies
9. Spirituality and Alternative Beliefs
10. Gadgets and Technology

Let’s have a look at each category.

1. Health And Beauty

These days people are more aware of their health. They want to avoid diseases and health problems to live longer. Instead of using medication with their side effects, they prefer something natural, that most often works better.

Health niches can be everything, from treating diseases, herbal remedies, detoxing, gluten-free, and taking supplements to alternative health.

People like to have a younger look with a smooth tight skin, without wrinkles. There are many products to promote, such as creams, lotions, even teas, or anything that will prevent them from looking older.

To stay attractive and stop the signs of aging they will spend a lot of money. Anti aging products and other skin care products are a billion dollar business. There is good money to be made in this niche.
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2. Fitness And Weight Loss (including muscle building)

Losing weight have been a favorite subject for many people. It is all about weight loss programs, diets, supplements, exercise programs, and more. There are many programs you can promote but there is a lot of competition.

Fitness is about staying in shape, but also bodybuilding. With bodybuilding, you would be better of narrowing your niche down to something more specific, for instance building bigger arms or better shoulders.

3. Dating And Relationships

Dating is a big popular niche. People either want a relationship or they want to improve their existing relationship. Others want to spice up their intimate relation, or are into dating.

And there are people want to fix their broken relationship. You can find a lot of products to promote in the dating and relationships niche.

4. Pets

People are willing to spend good money for their pets. They see their pet as another family member. Not only do they want to give them good food, they want to know everything there is, and even more.

Especially dogs is a very big niche that you can easily narrow down. There is a lot of money to be made in the dog niche, but you have to prepare for heavy competition.

Here are some dog niches: making gourmet dog food, potty training, obedience training, stop a dog from barking, building a dog house, traveling with dogs, and the list goes on. This can be further narrowed down to a specific dog.

Of course there are not only dogs, but many pets; cats, pet rats, mice, ferrets, rabbits, birds, even spiders and snakes. As people spend a lot of money on their pets, you should be able to cash in as well.

Just be sure to find niches that will be profitable. Again you have to research the niche you want to get involved with, to find out if you can make enough money with it.
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5. Self-Improvement

There are many self-improvement products you can promote in this niche. People want to have success in life, in their career, achieve goals, create abundance, live their dream life, stress free, and they don’t mind to spend money on it.

In this money making niche you can find books, video lessons, online courses, and programs. The self-improvement niche keeps growing, so you can have a nice income, if you can find the right profitable niches.

These days the mind power programs, so called Brainwave Entrainment, are popular. And there are also programs to stop smoking, drinking, gambling, nail-biting, losing temper, binge eating, and so on.

6. Making Money On The Internet

This is a very big niche but with some stiff competition. There are many people looking for a work at home opportunity, or people who want to quit their 9-5 job, while others want to have some extra income, or save money for retirement.

Making money online is possible with the info on the internet. You can start part-time to make some extra cash, and when money is coming in well, start to work full time online.

Not only can you promote other people’s products as an affiliate, you can also have affiliates selling your products. These products can be ebooks, software, videos, courses, info products, and more.

There are many profitable make money online niches but it is not easy as there is also a lot of competition. You have to be better than others to make decent money.

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7. Personal Finance

Money makes the world go round. Who does not want to have a better financial situation? People want to fix their credit scores, getting out of debt, they need a personal loan, paying off mortgage bills, or solving bankruptcy.

These are all cases where people need help and so these are niches where you can make money. There are several ways people can improve their financial situation.

One well-known way of making money is Forex trading but the risk of losing money is also high. Then there are stocks, investment options, commodities, equities, e-commerce, and more.

As many people do not have the knowledge to get started or make a profit with trading and investing money, you have many niches you can profit from.

8. Hobbies

When it comes to hobbies, you have plenty of niches to choose from. Hobbies can easily be narrowed down to more targeted niches with more interested buyers.

These hobby niches can be anything you can think of: from fishing, model trains, scuba diving, coin collecting, hiking, to soap making, knitting, sketching, drawing, playing an instrument, beer brewing, the list keeps going on.

And what to think of some strange niches: sewing machine repair, beekeeping, worm farming, mushroom growing, or cricket breeding, just to name a few.

The hobby niches got a huge amount of sub niches to target and there will be enough affiliate products you can use to make money from. You can be sure to find a profitable niche there.

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9. Spirituality And Alternative Beliefs

These niches consist of astrology, hypnosis, reiki, numerology, tarot, meditation, witchcraft, magic, and more. This is an evergreen market with plenty of buyers you can target.

People always want to have a better life and there are plenty of alternative ways to get there. It is not hard to find a profitable sub niche you can monetize.

10. Gadgets And Technology

If there is something new, then there will be buyers who want to have it. Think of mobile phones, wireless speakers, smart watches, headsets, tablets, but also kitchen gadgets or survival products.

People love gadgets and new products, even if it is just to show of. You can profit from their habits, but these niches are not evergreen, they mostly have a short lifespan.

A niche must be: ‘evergreen’; something that is not time sensitive. Halloween or Christmas are not evergreen because it only happens a few days in a year.

Mobile phones or computers are also not ‘evergreen’ because there will be new mobile phones and computers all the time.

The niche markets health, wealth and romance, such as love and dating, are evergreen and will always be profitable. People are always interested to improve their health, wealth and love life.
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Getting Started With Niche Marketing (To Making Money Online)

  1. Make a top 10 list of best-selling niche products. Find products you also have interest in or you know something about.
  2. Find products you can promote as an affiliate on Clickbank, Amazon, PayDotcom, linkshare, e-junkie or CJ (commission junction). Also, look for the best-selling products as these are proven money makers.
  3. Have a look at other online businesses how they are promoting their niche products. For instance, are they using email marketing, pop ups, blogs, social media, or something else.
  4. Use top selling products to promote with not too much competition to create your online niche business.

Solve Problems And Make Money

Find something that people really need and put it in front of them. 1,000s of people having a problem and are searching for a solution. If you can solve their problem, your bank account will flood with money.

Niche Selection Tips Before You Get Started

To find a profitable niche, you’ll have to do appropriate research to see what people are looking for. Research is important to find a niche that will be profitable.

Choose a few niches you want to analyze before making a decision. If you pick a niche that is not going to be profitable, you can easily start over again.

Of course you want to make money, but without proper research, you probably won’t see much money coming in. So it is important to do research for the highest chances of success.

Although it will take some time to do research, it can be the difference between hardly making money and making a fortune online. So do research because it is necessary to become successful.

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Find Low Competition Keywords

When you know which niche you want to get in to, you have to find keywords. This must be keywords with low competition to make it easier to rank for that keyword.

On the image below you can see several different keywords, and on the right you’ll find related keywords, the so called long tail keywords. These are perfect for a targeted niche.

Jaaxy keyword research tool
Finding Keywords With Jaaxy

In the column QSR (quoted search results) you can see how many competing websites there are for that keyword. The column KQI (keyword quality indicator) must be green, meaning the keyword is profitable.

The program I used for this, is called Jaaxy, professional keyword research tool. Jaaxy is my favorite keyword research tool that gives me all the info I need to rank for a certain keyword.

Discover Profitable Niches With Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword tool and is invaluable to discover what makes profitable niches. You can find hot products, search trends, monthly searches, brainstorm, alphabet soup search and more.
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To know more about the alphabet soup technique and how it is done, watch the video and have a look at the page SEO Keyword Research Tips.

You have to look for keywords with a high search volume and low competition. Take a look in the search engine to see if you have to compete against authority sites or other big competitors.

You don’t want to compete with big companies that can easily spend a lot of money on advertising. Once you are sure about your niche and keywords, you have to write quality content about the product.

Put your keyword in the title and in the content, first close to the beginning, once at the end, and once or more in the content itself, depending on the length of your article.

You can read more about writing articles on the page article writing tips. Here you will find useful tips to write quality content that will rank in the search engines.

What A Niche Must Be

A niche must have proven to be profitable; people are spending money in that niche. A niche must solve problems or create a passion. People with a problem are looking for a solution and are willing to pay for it.

Especially those who have a health problem are often desperate for a solution and are looking for a fast way to solve their problem. You want to be the one who is offering that solution to their problem.

People with a passion are very willing to spend money because it will give them pleasure to buy stuff in that niche. This is especially true for hobbies, where a lot of money is spend.

A niche must have affiliate products you can promote. You should also look for related products to promote to make extra money. You might offer what someone happens to be looking for.

For instance, if you promote a book about how to improve your golf swing, you could also promote golf sticks, golf clothes, and golf accessories.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Are there affiliate products you can promote for your niche?
  • Can you use this niche for a long term?
  • Can you write enough articles or blogs for that niche?
  • Can you use a unique angle to stand out from competitors in your niche?

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How To Get Started

Start with a broad niche, for instance health;
Choose your target market, this could be people with high blood pressure;
Target a specific group of people, let’s say men older than 50;
And then the problem they have: risk of getting a heart attack.

Is There A Market For The Product?

Once you know your niche, you have to find affiliate products you want to promote. If you go to the Clickbank marketplace, you have to do a search for niche products.

By the results you will see “gravity”; this is the number of people that made a sale with that product. This will tell you if there is a market for the product; the higher the gravity, the more sales there are made.

If you do a search in Google, you will find product reviews and product promotions. This will tell you that there is a market for the product. The more reviews and promotions, the more profitable the niche will be.

Another thing you can do is browse through magazines. When there are paid advertisements for a product, you can be sure there is a market for it. Advertisers are not going to pay for something that is not profitable.

Research your niche market
Market Research
Research The Market

You have to research the market to know:

  • if there is demand for the product in your niche
  • if your niche will be profitable
  • and to see how many competitors there are in the same niche. Too many competitors will make it harder to make money, and you would be better off choosing another niche.

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Find Profitable Niche Keywords

Your next step is to find profitable niche (buyer) keywords. You have to use a keyword program such as Jaaxy, long tail keywords, Wordtracker or Google keyword planner.

Google is a very good choice as the information comes straight from the biggest search engine (and it is also what most people use to find products online).

Log into Google Adwords or create a free account. Go to “Find new keywords and get search volume data”.

Start with a broad keyword, as an example I used “model trains”. Type that keyword in under “Your product or service”.

Next click on “keyword options”. Click the first one ON: “only show ideas closely related to my search terms” and click on save.

This is to prevent that your search will return 1000s of less important results. Click “get ideas” at the end of the page.

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Finding A Smaller Niche

Under the tab “keyword ideas” you will find related keywords that can be used to find a smaller, more targeted niche. These keywords can be used as long tail keywords.

By the average monthly searches you can see how many times your keyword has been searched for. If you see 100s or even 1000s of search results, you can be sure there is a demand for your niche product.

By “Competition” you can see if your competition will be high, medium, or low. This is a good indication if you can rank for that keyword, or that it will be difficult.

With the keyword “model trains”, you will see that competition is medium or even low when there is a brand name with it, for instance Atlas model trains. It won’t be hard to rank for that keyword.

Find profitable niche keywords
Find Profitable Niche Keywords

After you’ve found your keywords for your niche, it’s time to find affiliate products and write articles or blogs about the product. The more you promote your affiliate niche product, the more money you can make.
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About Long Tail Keywords

Here’s some important info about long tail keywords and why you should use them. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases which are very specific to the product you promote.

These keyword searches have a higher conversion rate than average searches. Long tail keywords are also easier to rank for and to make sales with.

You can combine many keywords to long tail keywords that rank well, so it is a good idea to write several quality articles around these keywords. This will also give you higher rankings in the search engine.

Create An Authority Site

If you keep writing articles for your website, you are creating an authority website, where visitors can find all the information in one place. This will give your website higher rankings in the search engine.

Just make sure you write a unique title, description, and body content. Also, use header tags (H1, H2, H3), meta tags, and optimize your content for the search engine.

Do not write articles for the search engine; but for your visitor as your number one priority.

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SEO Trick To Get Higher Rankings

Once you have written your article, it is a wise idea to put some more keywords and related keywords in your article without spamming the search engine.

If you do it in a natural way, you can get higher rankings in the search engine. This can make your niche even more profitable. Just keep it natural and easy to read and the search engines will love it.

NEVER use black hat techniques because the search engines can recognize it and will penalize you with lower rankings, or even remove your article from the search result pages.
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Start with one niche to become successful with it before you move on to another profitable niche. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you picked up several good ideas about What makes profitable niches?

Learn to make niches profitable
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