1K A Day Review

1K A Day Review: Scam Or Legit Program?

1K A Day Fast Track By Merlin Holmes

1K A Day review
1K A Day Review – Fast Track System

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Overview Of 1K A Day Review

Name: 1K A Day Fast Track
Web address: https://free.thefasttracks.com/
Price: $997
Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Merlin Holmes
For: All
Overall Rank: 4 ☆☆☆☆
Verdict: Legit
Recommended: Yes

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

What Is 1K A Day Fast Track?

The 1K A Day Fast Track program will teach you how to earn money without any selling but with simple poll pages. At the same time you’ll build a massive email list.

Visitors have to give their email address to see the results of the poll. After filling in their email address for the results, they will automatically be taken to the page where the product is sold.

Not only will you have their email address to build your list, you can also make sales from the products you promote. It’s a simple proven way to start a business with very little risk.

This is not a new method, but it works very well for affiliate marketers. The owner, Merlin Holmes, uses his own method to earn millions online each year.

With proven $50.000 poll page templates students can create their own polls, with simple copy and paste installation. There is no programming or coding needed.

You have to exchange text using checklists to setting up an email system and generate traffic, which cost less than advertising on Facebook, Google or YouTube.

Once everything is set up, it will become an automated system making money for you for years. And it will only takes a few hours a week to run and create thousands in profit.

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Overview Of The $1K A Day 6-Week Course

Week 1: 5 Day marketing masters degree + Quick $400 commissions
Week 2: Setting up more commissions accounts; finding the right products and getting everything in place
Week 3: Rapid development and deployment of your first poll
Week 4: Creating your automated selling system
Week 5: Crafting your first money making ads on the secret platforms and setting up your simple ad campaigns
Week 6: Planning out your future income streams + secret offer sources

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Who Is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes, owner of 1k a day fast track
Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes is the CEO of Rockstar Marketing Inc. He is a successful multi-million dollar internet marketer with over 14 years of experience and $150 million in online sales.

Merlin also does consultations for other companies for 25K a day. He makes over $400.000 each month from the 1K A Day training program he will teach you.

His free webinar reveals a lot, it is not only a hyped up sales webinar. In this free webinar you will learn a lot about how he makes money online with his own 1K A Day system.

He doesn’t call himself an internet guru, because his main job is not teaching online affiliate marketing. Most of his profits come from his 8-figure online business.

Merlin also got a support team, software developers, and copy writers to make sure his 1K A Day course would deliver on his promises. His results are proof that the course is working.

1K A Day Bonuses

With your purchase, you will also receive 8 bonuses:
Bonus #1: Proven landing page templates
Bonus #2: Secret thank you page cash generator script
Bonus #3: Full email templates and training
Bonus #4: Titan of traffic training system
Bonus #5: Phone consultation for first 5 buyers
Bonus #6: Ad pack, $$bump & partner support
Bonus #7: 1 Additional login to share
Bonus #8: Secret personal bonus send to you

You will receive these course lessons on a week-by-week basis. If you finish a module within a week, you have to wait for the next lesson to arrive.

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Is 1K A Day A Scam?

No, the 1K a Day system is totally legit. It has nothing to do with blogging or search engine optimization to get high rankings to promote affiliate products.

You are going to use a powerful sales funnel with a simple cut and paste system that anyone can follow, regardless of your online experience.

This sales funnel will draw instant attention to the products you promote. You don’t need to do any coding or need technical knowledge and it doesn’t involve selling.

Even if you are a newbie, you just have to follow the step-by-step training in the videos. You can watch what Merlin is doing and copy it to make it suitable for your niche.

You will receive proven poll templates where you have to fill in some text using checklists and templates. Merlin makes it easy to understand so you hardly can go wrong here.

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Can You Make Money With 1K A Day Fast Track?

Yes, you will receive video training that is easy to understand with copy and paste work. All the hard work is done for you, Merlin will even help you to find products to promote.

With a template you can create your first compelling poll in less than 15 minutes. You’ll even get the emails to send to your new email list, so all the guesswork has been taken out.

The emails will have attention grabbing subject lines, personalization, power words, a call to action, and more. The headline is very important because the reader must click on it to find out more.

You need to get your visitor engaged with your message to get them interested so that they will buy the product you promote.

This proven 1K A Day system should have you making money in a short time. Even if you don’t make money within 90 days, Merlin will personally help you to make money.

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Pros And Cons


  • Suitable for newbies
  • Easy to set up
  • Over-the-shoulder video training
  • Comprehensive 6-week training course
  • Will build an email list on autopilot
  • Can be used in nearly every niche
  • No selling involved
  • No special skills needed
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No need to have your own product
  • No content writing
  • Simple copy and paste templates
  • One additional login to share
  • 8 Bonus products
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Click Here For Instant Access To The Free 1K A Day Fast Track Webinar
The program might not be affordable for everyone with $997. You have to understand there will be extra costs involved for website hosting, an autoresponder, and paid advertising.

When you live in the US, you can opt in for Paypal Credit to pay the amount over a 6 month period. You can read more about paying using Paypal Credit here.

As the course takes 6 weeks, you should have easily made that money back in 6 months. If you finish a lesson earlier, you have to wait for the next lesson to arrive in your inbox.

The 1K A Day Fast Track program only got 30 money back guarantee, not 60 days what is the standard for programs sold through Clickbank. That is also the reason why this program did not got 5 stars.

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Final Verdict Of 1K A Day Fast Track

This is a legit program and will help you to earn a good income online. As with everything, there is work involved. Especially in the beginning when you just get started.

The quality video training is very clear with actionable steps, making it easy to follow through. It is a 6 week course, and you will get the training week by week.

In one of the first lessons, you will also learn how to create the right mindset. Without the right mindset, it will be hard to succeed, not only in affiliate marketing, but in almost everything you do.

Click the image below to go to the website to watch the webinar to find out more.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for a decent way to earn money online, you should check out my #1 recommendation, where it is free to get started.

You will get 10 free and complete training lessons without any commitment. Don’t hesitate any longer, keep your money in your pocket and create your free starter account now!

Thanks for checking out this 1K A Day Review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

Click Here For Instant Access To The Free 1K A Day Fast Track Webinar
All the best to you,

1K A Day Fast Track system review
1K A Day Review – Fast Track System

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