Article Steroids Video Course Review

Article Steroids Video Course Review

Article Steroids Video Course From Chad Kimball

Article Steroids Video Course Review
Article Steroids Video Course Review

Welcome to my honest Article Steroids Video Course Review.

I have to congratulate you for clicking the link to read this Article Steroids Video Course Review to know more about this course, before you spend your money on this Article Steroids Video Course product.

With all the online scammers, it is good to find out more about this product before accidentally wasting your money.

It is the way to avoid scams and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!
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Overview Of Article Steroids Video Course Review

Name: Article Steroids Video Course
Web address:
Price: $4.95 trial, and $22.05 after 7 days
Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Chad Kimball
For: Nobody
Overall Rank: 1 ☆
Verdict: Scam
Recommended: No

About Article Steroids Video Course

You’ve probably spend hours, if not days, to write articles, doing keyword research, and posting them online. Only to find out it didn’t got you any traffic.

It looks like all your work was a waste of time and energy! You ask yourself why your articles won’t get ranked in Google. The answer is simple.

You don’t use a powerful technique for your article marketing that will get your articles ranked in article directories and the search engine.

Article writing requires you to write unique content that stands out from other articles. Simply said, you have to write better content than others.
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About Chad Kimball

This Article Steroids Video Course is like having your own goldmine of information about article writing, according to Chad Kimball, the owner of the program.

This same Chad Kimball is talking about Squidoo, a website that doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, Squidoo went offline in 2014.

This is already more than enough proof that Chad Kimball is only interested in your money with his outdated information.

Another thing is that the testimonials from customers cannot be checked in any way for authenticity, so they could as well be fake, just to give the course credibility.

A third red flag is the 7 day money back guarantee. Products sold through Clickbank have a 60-day money back guarantee, not 7 days!

Final Conclusion

The Article Steroids Video Course could work on newbies to pick up some article writing ideas, but if you are online for a few years, this is not going to help you.

As you have a 7-day money back guarantee, you could purchase the course and ask your money back before the 7 days are over.

You don’t have to feel sorry for this kind of marketing gurus who are only after your money. It’s time they get what they try to do to you; scamming people out of their money.
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Pros And Cons

Not one!

  • Outdated information
  • Only 7 days money back guarantee
  • Testimonials cannot be checked
  • Upsells

Final Verdict

This program is a scam!

Article Steroids Video Course Review
Article Steroids Video Course Review

What you need is good education on how to make money from the internet. And that can be done with your own website: a niche website where you promote affiliate products.
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But you need to know the proper way to promote products with affiliate marketing, or you won’t make much money. You have an opportunity here to find out how to get started for free with Affiliate Marketing.

There are 1000s of people just like you who started their own online business and turned it into a profitable work from home business. But you don’t have to do things the hard way.

With the step-by-step training, you can hardly go wrong. And even if you run into a problem, you can expect to get help from 1000s of members.

Get All The Training You Need

With the training you get absolutely everything, from affiliate marketing, content writing, SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, the list goes on!

With content writing, you will get a lot of practical article writing info. You’ll learn how to write unique quality content that will rank high so people can find it in the search engine.

With this information you will get a lot more traffic, and it can all be done in 3 easy steps.

You will learn affiliate marketing from experts who have once been where you are now. You can profit from their knowledge to skip making a lot of beginner mistakes.

You’ll also get a fully customizable website with a choice of over 3000 templates with free quality cloud based hosting. You can read more about WA web hosting here.

You can expect to get support whenever you need, even support from the owners is available. You can read a thorough review here of this program, then create your own free starter account to get started right away.

No Upsells With This Program

One more thing, you don’t have to worry about upsells because there are no upsells. Just see for yourself, decide if you like it, and join whenever you want. You can read more about this program here.

And yes, you will learn to create a real business. Not a get-rich-quick scheme or something like this Articles on Steroids program. Don’t hesitate any longer, create your free starter account now!

Thanks for checking out this Articles on Steroids review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.
All the best to you,

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