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Checkitz Review By Jason Fulton

The Checkitz Review
The Checkitz Review

Can You Make Money With Checkitz?

Welcome by the Checkitz Review.

So good of you for clicking the link to read this Checkitz Review that is made for affiliate marketing to know more, before you spend your money on this Checkitz software.

It is the way to avoid scams, save money and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!

Overview Of Checkitz Review

Name: Checkitz
Web address:
Price: $19+ many upsells
Refund Policy: 100 Days Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Jason Fulton
For: Nobody
Overall Rank: 1 ☆
Verdict: Scam
Recommended: No

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with Checkitz because I don’t promote scam programs! I only promote legitimate programs that have been proven to work.

What Is Checkitz?

Checkitz is a cloud based application that gets you free viral traffic and makes you money in just 3 simple steps, with so called money pages (according to the owner).

With the push button traffic there is no selling involved. It is about sharing the money pages on social media, so that your followers can find it and buy it.

The low quality products you are going to promote are not what you want to offer to your followers.

With your money pages, you can also include PLR bonus products. PLR (Private Label Rights) products are used by many marketers and therefor not advised to use as a bonus.

Checkitz Upsells

ChecKitz upsells
ChecKitz Upsells

When you decide to order this software, you will get 7 upsells.
Upsell #1: Unlimited edition $37
Upsell #2: Done-For-You affiliate profits $197
Upsell #3: Automation $47
Upsell #4: Diamond traffic edition $67
Upsell #5: Super affiliate edition $47
Upsell #6: No computer paydays edition $77
Upsell #7: License rights $147

That’s a total of $619 that you have to pay extra to get everything you need to get the most out of this software. This mean that you’ll get an incomplete product on the initial investment of $19.

Is Checkitz A Scam?

Yes! This web based software app from Jason Fulton is not going to help you to get traffic. Either you have to pay for traffic, or you have to write content.

Content writing, or article marketing is the best way to get free organic traffic, and get you more sales. This evergreen advertising method will not cost you money, only time.

Jason Fulton creates about two new products each month just to fill up his bank account with money. His products are all nearly the same, just a little change and a new product is ready to be launched.

You can see his profile in WarriorPlus here. You can also see that he doesn’t have an image and if you click on profile, you will see an empty page, like he got something to hide.

One of his other products are Clikitz, Schratchz, and Pockitz that are of course very similar to Checkitz. His products are of low quality as you can see by the star ratings.

Jason made 1000s of sales and so 1000s of dollars with his products while several have been WSO (Warrior Special Offer) of the day, giving his products even more exposure.

This is proof that WarriorPlus doesn’t mind to sell low quality products. They don’t seem to understand it will give them a bad name, what will cost them in the long run.

This product creation is what most of the “successful” marketers do because there is lots of money to be made in the Make Money Online market.

Can You Make Money With Checkitz?

No, this software is not going to help you to earn money online. You might be lucky if you make a sale, but the problem is that you have to promote other low quality products.

You also don’t collect email addresses to follow up on your prospects. Because of this, you are not building a sustainable business with long-term results.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use page builder
  • 100 day money back guarantee


  • Misleading sales page
  • Too many upsells
  • Incomplete system
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake income claims
  • No lead collection
  • Not a sustainable business

Final Verdict Of Checkitz

Scam! Don’t waste your money on this software application because you won’t get traffic. Many products and programs sold through WarriorPlus are of low quality.

The done-for-you campaigns are for other low quality products. Even if you manage to sell them, you can expect people to ask for a refund.

The total value of Checkitz is $5,082 and it is sold for $19. If it was of real value, it would have been sold for a higher price than $19, especially if you can make 100s a day.

The product is incomplete, that’s why you need to buy the upsells. But even the upsells are not going to help you to get the sales you want.

This software is a waste of money, it is for people who are looking for a way to get rich quick. And that will definitely not happen, not even with a few clicks.

Building An Online Business

If you are looking for a decent way to earn money online, you should check out my #1 recommendation. You will get 10 free and complete training lessons without any commitment.

You will find out how to create a profitable online business, starting with a solid foundation. Then you have to set up a website where you will promote affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing can help you to earn a good amount of money online, even a full time income, but you need to know how to do it right, or you won’t be making much money.

Get The Right Education

What you need is good education on how to make money from the internet. What you must have is a niche website where you promote affiliate products.

With a website you can promote products from Amazon, Clickbank, paydotcom, Walmart, Target, and lots more retailers that have an affiliate program.

But you need to know the proper way to promote products with affiliate marketing, or you won’t be making much money.
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You have an opportunity here to find out how to get started for free with Affiliate Marketing.

There are 1000s of people just like you who started their own online business and turned it into a profitable work from home business.

With the step-by-step training, you can hardly go wrong. And even if you run into a problem, you can expect to get help from 1000s of members.

Get All The Training You Need

With the training you get absolutely everything, from affiliate marketing, content writing, SEO, social media, CPA, video marketing, the list goes on!

And with content writing, you’ll learn how to write content that will rank high in the search engine so people can find your website when they perform a search.

You will learn affiliate marketing from experts who have been where you are now. You’ll get a fully customizable website with a choice of over 3000 website designs. And it all comes with free quality hosting.

You can expect to get support whenever you need, there is a whole community of people who can help you out. Even support from the owners is available.

You can read a thorough review here of this program, then create your own free starter account to get started immediately.

No Upsells With This Program

One more thing, you don’t have to worry about upsells because there are no upsells. Just see for yourself, create your free account and get started for free!

You can read more about this program here.

And yes, you will learn to create a real business with long term positive success. Not a get-rich-quick scheme or something like this Checkitz program.

Don’t hesitate any longer, create your free starter account now!

Thanks for checking out this Checkitz Review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

All the best to you,

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