Copy Paste Income Review From Ewen Chia

Copy Paste Income Review

Copy Paste Income By Ewen Chia

Copy paste income review
Copy Paste Income Review

Welcome to my honest Copy Paste Income Review.

So good of you for clicking the link to read this Copy Paste Income review to know more about it, before you spend your money on this program.

This program is made for affiliate marketing but Copy Paste Income is not going to be of much help with affiliate marketing, as you will find out soon.

With all the online scammers, it is good to find out more about this Copy Paste Income program before accidentally wasting your hard earned money.

It is the way to avoid scams and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!

Overview Of Copy Paste Income Review

Name: Copy Paste Income
Web address:
Price: $37,- (and many up-sells and other product sales)
Refund Policy: 60 day 100% money back guarantee
Owner: Ewen Chia
For: Beginners
Overall Rank: Not good
Verdict: Not a scam, but DO NOT BUY IT (read on further)

Personal recommendation

First The Bad News About Copy Paste Income

I wrote this Copy Paste Income review because I personally don’t like the site showing expensive cars and houses, pretending it is very easy to generate income online with affiliate marketing.

This already made it look like another online scam, but as there was 100% money back guarantee, I decided to give the program a try.

Ewen Chia also told that he will only sell the program to a limited number of people. It’s a dirty trick many so called guru’s are using to make people buy it.

On his website he will make it look like it is possible to make 1000s of dollars a day with his system, so called niche marketing, but then you also have to buy more of his products.

And believe me, Ewen Chia will try to sell you a whole lot more. It is what he does with all his products, that is how he got his millions, while most of his products are very similar.

Another thing is that he is very pushy to sell the product, like “Hit the button” and “You do it anyway, why not make money with it?”. And it goes on and on. It feels like Ewen Chia is making the decision for you.

The end of the website is just a big sales letter. This Copy Paste Income review is to warn people about these kind of marketers who are only interested in your money, pretending to help you making money online.

Personal recommendation

More Bad News About Copy Paste Income

But it becomes even worse. After you order the product, you get an up-sell for $67 to complete the product, not much later another up-sell, and he even tries to sell you 2 more products with a price tag from $297,-.

Before you buy, you have to clear your cookies and make sure his name is at the bottom of the page, so that he will get paid as the reseller. I can understand he want to make money, but all this is ridiculous.

After I entered the members area (download page), a video started and I couldn’t find out how to stop it. I’ve noticed this on all his pages, another thing I don’t like because I like to read first.

The members area is also stuffed with products he tries to sell you. It is also possible to get a free website (plug-in profit site), but you have to use the web host (GVO) he tells you, because he is affiliated with it.

He is just like any other marketer trying to get as much money out of you as possible, and he claims himself to help people how to make money from the internet.

I absolutely don’t like this, and if I get an up-sell, I ask my money back because to me it means the product is not complete.

Money Back Problem

Here comes another problem, because Clickbank refused to give me back my money, while there is a 100% money back guarantee. After my second refund request, they decided to give me back my money.

Personal recommendation

Clickbank sells everything, even if it is not a good product or program, as long as they can make money with it, without too many refunds.

I have experienced more bad products from Clickbank in the past and do not recommend buying from them, unless you do some proper research first.

The whole program (Copy Paste Income) is one big sales letter where he tries to sell you one product after the other, and this becomes very irritating.

If you want to close a page, another page will show up. The videos are full of unnecessary filler, to make it look more interesting.

The first video was for me totally useless, as it will be for most people, because of the information that is very basic. Ewen Chia will tell you what most people already know.

Video #2 is about getting a Clickbank account and finding a niche product to promote. If you are on the internet for a few years, it is very likely you already have a Clickbank account.

You probably also know how to find a profitable niche product to promote, otherwise you can get free information on how to find a profitable niche on my website.

This information is good for newbies and starters, but NOT for people that are already having the basics of internet marketing. It also seems the videos are put together in a hurry, because it is of a very low quality.

Personal recommendation

Poor Quality Videos

Let me explain this: Ewen Chia does something and later he will change it. This doesn’t look professional, but amateurish.

If you follow what he does, you also have to make changes. Sometimes he will move the page up and down too fast, making it hard to see what he is doing.

Another very annoying thing is the way he’s pronouncing words: Affiliate is pronounced like afflit; the color red is pronounced like read; and there are a few more.

In video #4 he is talking about using Private Label Right Content as a way to make money online. Using Private Label Right Content is not good for beginners.

As everyone can buy Private Label Right products, you can expect to get duplicate content and Google will penalize websites with duplicate content with lower rankings.

After the Google Panda updates in February 2011 and Penguin updates in April 2012, using Private Label Right Content is a good way to get your rankings down, if you get any rankings at all.

I’ve found this very bad info, coming from a so called “marketing expert”. This also makes it look like the product is very old without being updated.

Using private label rights
PLR Content And Google Update

Because of all this, I do not recommend buying this product. I’ve heard good things about Ewen Chia, but my mind have shifted in the other direction.

Now that I also had a problem to get my money back, while there is a 100% money back guarantee, I will not buy any other product from Ewen Chia anymore.

Personal recommendation

Ewen Chia is just as bad as all the other marketers on the internet. They call themselves “guru” but a much better word would be “thief”.

Now The Good News About Copy Paste Income

Although it claims to have you making income in 24 hours, this will rarely happen, but that doesn’t mean the product is a scam.

The video training is reasonable to good, so you don’t need experience, a website, a list, copy writing, a domain name, web hosting, building squeeze pages or even knowledge on how to drive traffic.

One thing you do need to know is to use the right keywords so that interested people can find the product you promote, otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

Members are provided with all the tools they need to start making money, including videos with all the information you need, to take away any question you might have.

And just in case you do have a question, you can ask the support team who are available 24/7. I can’t tell anything about the support team because I didn’t needed them.

Making Money With The System

You will learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and how to get leads with many traffic sources, using Traffic Magnets to at least double your traffic.

You can use these Traffic Magnets for all your niches. You only have to follow the process which will take you about half an hour to set it up properly.

Every time it will be easier to do this, and soon you will be on your way to live from the money you are making on the internet.

After this short set up, you can start with the copy and paste system. This will take you just 10 minutes and have to be done only one time. It is all described how to do this in the videos.

You have to copy the info that has been written by a first class copy writer, who has done more than 100 million dollars in online sales, if we can believe Ewen Chia.

A search marketing expert optimized the system to get the most out of it. A web designer did the design, he did some of the hottest brands in the country.

At least, that is what Ewen Chia makes you believe. So, it seems all the hard work has been done for you, you only have to activate it.

Personal recommendation

How Much Money Can You Make?

According to Ewen Chia’s own information, it is possible to make $1000 per day, but as with everything, you have to work for it (and buy more of his products).

There are a few people who have made money on their first day, but most people can expect to make money within a few days. One thing must be said, if you pick the wrong product, you might not make money at all.

Be careful with websites promoting Copy Paste Income, as some of them are trying to sell you a fake membership what will cost you more than on the original website.

For instance, there is a website called that has nothing to do with Copy Paste

Pros And Cons


  • Legit program
  • Beginner friendly
  • No experience needed
  • Step by step training
  • Short set up time
  • Support team available
  • Yes, you can make money with it


  • Too expensive for what you get
  • Several upsells
  • Incomplete program
  • False expectations of making money fast
  • Poor quality videos
  • Videos are full of unnecessary info
  • Training is not easy to follow
  • Problems getting a refund

Verdict Of Copy Paste Income

Although it is possible to make money with Copy Paste Income, the price is too high and the quality of the videos is low. The upsells makes it a big turn-off.

The fact that he tries to sell you a whole lot more in the videos, is not only irritating but a good reason not to buy any product from Ewen Chia.

After doing some research about the products from Ewen Chia, I’ve found out that his nasty, pushy sales techniques are showing up in almost all of his products.

If you want to get a much better online course for making money online, and also cheaper, you should read the Coursenvy review where they sell high-quality online marketing courses.

You can even get the Work For Yourself Course Bundle where you’ll get access to 11 courses in 1 with the most important Coursenvy Courses in one convenient bundle!

Personal recommendation

Building A Successful Internet Business

If you want to build a successful internet business, with long lasting results, you would be much better of becoming a member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you will learn how to make money from the internet building a solid internet business, starting with the right foundation, a niche website, keywords and quality content.

They don’t have Private Label Right content, you will know how to write your own unique content to build a profitable website with positive, financial results.

All Inclusive, No Upsell Or Other Product To Buy

You will not get an up-sell, or have to buy any other product, because you will find everything within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

This website is run by 2 highly successful internet marketers who made millions on the internet, so they know how to make money online.

You can profit from their knowledge and learn how to make money from the internet as well. With their task based lessons, anyone can start their own online business.

Thanks for checking out this Copy Paste Income review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

Review about copy paste income
Copy Paste Income Review

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