DHBriefs Review: Digital Health Briefs Review

DHBriefs Review: Healthcare For Seniors

DHBriefs review
DHBriefs Review

Digital Health Briefs By Dusan Belic

Welcome to my honest DHBriefs Review.

I have to congratulate you for clicking the link to read this DHBriefs Review to know more about this program, before you spend your money on this program.

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Overview Of Digital Health Briefs Review

Name: Digital Health Briefs
Web address: DHBriefs.com
Price: $49.95/month or $149
Refund Policy: 60 day money back guarantee
Owner: Dusan Belic (together with Marc Serafino and Nikola Pejcic)
For: Elderly
Overall Rank: 4 ☆☆☆☆
Verdict: Legit
Recommended: Yes

What Is Digital Health Briefs?

This DHBriefs review is about health care for seniors. As we all get older, we all get to deal with it one day. The Digital Health Technologies Transforming Senior Care brief presents an overview of digital health technologies used to increase the health of the elderly.

The research brief also investigates solutions older people can rely on to stay self-sufficient for longer. These solutions are for people aging at home as well as for people staying in retirement centers.

The problem is that most solutions seems to be complicated and many of these solutions are just regular products in a rebranded version. Technologies are developing, but interfaces need to change so that more people can use them.

About The Digital Health Report

The report will show what the major companies are doing to make people’s golden years as enjoyable as possible. It will explore the challenges, goals, technologies and trends in the tech-enabled senior care.

The technologies used provide family members and care providers with an easier way to keep up with their relatives/patients.

By going through and analyzing various senior care products and services, we touch upon technologies that have wider use cases, beyond care for the elderly.

This research brief provides and overview of a bigger market while highlighting those solutions that can have the biggest effects on senior care.

The 85+ pages report comes in an instant download Web version, optimized for mobile, with one year of updates and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Table Of Contents Of The Digital Health Report

Here is the table of contents from the research brief.

  • Introduction
  • Challenges
  • -Baby Boomers Are Retiring
  • -Nurse and Doctor Shortage
  • -The Aging at Home Trend
  • -Medication Non-Adherence
  • -Dementia
  • -Technology Is Not Easy To Use
  • Goals
  • -Convenience
  • -Engagement
  • -Staying in Touch
  • -Staying Independent
  • Technologies
  • -Remote Health Monitoring
  • -Telehealth
  • -On-demand Care
  • -Wearables
  • -Digital Assistants & Tabletop Robots
  • -Medication Management
  • -New Transportation Options
  • -New In-Home Care Services
  • -Virtual Reality
  • -End-of-Life Planning
  • -And more…
  • -Who’s Paying for the Technology?
  • Projects & Initiatives
  • -Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes Are Adopting Tech
  • -AARP Working With Startups To Improve Senior Care
  • -Best Buy is Offering Digital Health Tools for Seniors
  • -Japan Post Group, IBM and Apple Working Together to Mobilize Care For the Elderly in Japan
  • -DISH Partners With Independa to Transform In-Home Entertainment and Senior Care
  • -A Wristband Project for Personalized Dementia Therapy
  • -NIA Supports Development of IoT-based In-Home Service with a $4.5M Grant
  • Conclusion
  • List of Companies

Blockchain Technologies

The second product from DHBriefs.com provides an overview of blockchain technologies used to improve the health care industry. It explores different scenarios, solutions and new approaches that could have a big impact in health care.

Blockchain is one of those buzz words you can hardly miss in the media these days. Yes, it was propelled to the public imagination with the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the technology can have many other uses cases beyond moving money from one side of the planet to the other.

In fact, it is now in minds of many tech giants and even governments which can clearly see blockchain’s power to transform how businesses operate by decentralizing business models, creating more efficient processes, and providing a more secure and reliable way to exchange data.

The health care industry is one of the sectors where blockchain can really prove its worth. For one thing, it can reduce the liability and accuracy concerns related to the exchange of medical data, while providing cryptographic security to protect patient identity “out of box.”

Medical Health Records

Eventually, every patient will have its own “data wallet” to store and manage his/her medical records, and provide third parties with access to that data when needed.

Beyond health records, the technology could also be used to automate many administrative tasks in health care, thus removing human errors in areas such as payment processing and claim adjudication, which in turn could lead to improved accuracy and reduced costs.

Supply Chain Management

Another use case for blockchain is in the supply chain management, where a decentralized network could help medical supplier and pharmaceutical companies better track how their products are moving from the production facilities around the world to a local pharmacy and on to the patient.

And that’s just a start… In this research brief, we’ll take a look at some of the use cases for blockchain in the health care space.

As the possibilities of and interest in the technology grow, more companies will be jumping on the bandwagon, creating even better solutions some of which we may not be able to imagine today. And that, we think, is what the idea of progress is all about.

The 70+ pages report comes in an instant download Web version, optimized for mobile, with one year of updates and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Here is the table of contents from the research brief.

  • About this research brief
  • Introduction
  • Blockchain Basics
  • -What is Blockchain?
  • -How Blockchain Works?
  • -Public & Private Blockchains
  • -Side Chains, Child Chains, On-Chain and Off-Chain Data
  • -Business Use Cases for Blockchain
  • -Blockchain Glossary
  • Challenges
  • -Blockchain and GDPR
  • Blockchain & Health care
  • -Supply Chain
  • -Health Records and Interoperability
  • -Patient Matching
  • -Patient Engagement
  • -Care Coordination
  • -Genomics
  • -Insurance Claims Processing
  • -Clinical Trials
  • -Fighting the Opioid Epidemic
  • -Security
  • -And more…
  • Projects & Initiatives
  • -IBM Working With the FDA, CDC to Study the Use of Blockchain to Improve Public Health
  • -Healthcare Giants Testing a Blockchain-Based System to Tackle Care Provider Data Issues
  • -Mount Sinai Has a Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research
  • -Nokia Testing Blockchain For Sharing Personal Health Data Via Wearable Smartwatch
  • -BlackBerry Working with ONEBIO to Create a Blockchain-Based Ecosystem for Medical Data
  • Conclusion
  • List of Companies
DHBriefs products review
Review Of DHBriefs.com

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