Funnel Mail Suite Review

Funnel Mail Suite Review By Brendan Mace

Funnel Mail Suite Review
Funnel Mail Suite Review

Welcome by the Funnel Mail Suite Review.

So good of you for clicking the link to read this Funnel Mail Suite Review that is made for affiliate marketing to know more, before you spend your money on this software.

It is the way to avoid scams, save money and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!

Is Funnel Mail Suite Legit Or Scam?

Overview Of Funnel Mail Suite Review

Name: Funnel Mail Suite
Web address:
Price: $16.93 + too many upsells
Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Brendan Mace
For: Nobody
Overall Rank: 1 ☆
Verdict: Scam
Recommended: No

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with Funnel Mail Suite because I don’t promote scam programs! I only promote legitimate programs that have been proven to work.

What Is Funnel Mail Suite?

Funnel Mail Suite is an “All-In-One” system that replaces autoresponders like Aweber and funnel builders like ClickFunnels without having to pay monthly fees.

You can create unlimited funnels, landing pages and thank you pages using templates from your dashboard, including unlimited follow-up emails for subscribers.

There is also video training how to do everything as there is a learning curve. The software is not newbie friendly, making it unnecessary harder to work with the program.

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Can You Make Money With Funnel Mail Suite?

Consider yourself lucky if you can make money with Funnel Mail Suite. If you create a page, but don’t put it anywhere, it’s not going to make you money.

You have to put pages on social media, but if you don’t have a large following, you won’t see much results. Besides, do you really want to promote a scam product to friends and relatives? I don’t think so!

Upsells with Funnel Mail Suite

As always with make money online programs, there are upsells and this one is no different. Brendan is really friendly trying to get as much money out of your pocket as possible.

There are five upsells that he tries to sell you to get the most out of Funnel Mail Suite. In other words, the front end sale is far from complete. Here are the upsells:
Upsell 1: Elite Edition – $67
Upsell 2: Done For You – $197
Upsell 3: Limitless Profit Sequence – $197
Upsell 4: Limitless Traffic – $197
Upsell 5: License Rights To Everything – $167

The front end sale from $16.93 is just to get their feet in the door, then Brendan tries to sell you the much higher priced products you need to get more results.

The product should be unlimited, but as you have to buy more, it is not unlimited. In other words, Brendan Mace is telling lies. Ask yourself, do you want to buy from a liar?

Brendan Mace is a product creator making at least 1-2 products each month. If these products are so good, then why is he creating new products all the time?

To make it even worse, Brendan uses Clickfunnels??!! Why does he uses Clickfunnels if he got his own Funnel Mail Suite? Something is very wrong here.

As he doesn’t use his own product, it’s clearly not good enough. One thing is very clear: It’s all about the money, not to help you earning a profit online.

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

Is Funnel Mail Suite A Scam?

Just as almost all of Brendan Mace’s product, this one is also scam. What else can you expect from Brendan Mace. This guy is only in it for the money, nothing more, nothing less!

It’s again another too good to be true product selling you dreams to get rich online with hardly any work involved. That’s how they target mostly inexperienced people.

Money Back Guarantee

Here is another typical Brendan Mace scam: If you don’t make at least $100-$1000 in the first 3 days, you will get your investment back double, with 100% guarantee.

This is the sad true: If you happen to bought this software, and want to have a refund, you are dealing with the wrong person. Brendan is not a person who will give you a refund.

Once he got your money, you will never, ever see it back again. Even while there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee – that obvious doesn’t mean anything.

There are many examples on YouTube from customers who tried to get a refund, but never received anything or even heard from Brendan Mace again.

If you have paid with Paypal, you can open a dispute to get your money back. That’s why I always advice people to pay with Paypal, as there are too many scams online.

To make it even worse, the money back guarantee is only for the front end product. Brendan “forgot” to tell you that you don’t get the money back guarantee on the upsells.

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Pros And Cons Of Funnel Mail Suite Review

You get a free autoresponder, but it can be taken offline at any moment. Just as your pages that are saved on their host, if it is taken offline, you lose everything you have.


  • Fake timer, the price didn’t went up
  • Sales page is -again- full of hype
  • Only 2 funnel templates available
  • Business can be taken offline at any moment
  • Fake income claims
  • Fake links at the bottom of the page
  • Not in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws
  • Fake money back guarantee
  • Support doesn’t answer questions

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

Final Verdict Of Funnel Mail Suite Review

Scam! Funnel Mail Suite is AGAIN full of fake promises, what Brendan does on all his products. The only one who is making easy money is Brendan Mace, not you.

The software is not newbie friendly, you have to find out how to set everything up to get it to work properly. The videos are also not helping much to clear things up.

Contacting support is a waste of time because they will tell you to watch the videos, that is if you hear from them again. Most of the time they don’t even respond if you have a problem.

You only get 2 funnel templates while there is an image with 8 templates. It should all be unlimited but it isn’t. To get all the templates, you have to upgrade.

Your business is hosted on their servers, if they decide to stop, you’ll lose everything you have build up. So it is not a sustainable business and thus not recommended.

Legal Info Is Missing

The emails don’t have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page and therefor are not in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws, what could get you into trouble.

The landing pages are missing important info, such as disclaimer, contact page, or terms of service. There is also no tick-off box that you give permission to receive emails.

The privacy policy on the landing pages don’t link to anything. There is also no way to add your own links. Again, it is not in compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws.

You can also get funnel builders from Groove funnels and Elementor where you will have all the links to be in compliance with all the laws to stay out of trouble.

Product Creator Brendan Mace

Another thing I noticed, is that all Brendan’s programs look very much the same. He just makes some chances and a new product is ready to be launched to make him more money.

I own two of his programs: Fuego Breakout and Zero Hour Work days that are not making me any money. I did a few reviews on his programs, like Profit Mate and Madsense Profits that are also scam.

Stay away from Brendan Mace, he is a product creator and only in it for the money. He creates one scam product after the other just to get money out of your pocket.

It starts with a low price to get you interested, but then you’ll get several upsells, even from $197 each. And of course you need them all, according to Brendan Mace.

As with most of these scammers, once they have your money, you are left in the dark. Even the double money back guarantee is fake, you won’t get anything back!

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No Upsells With This Program

One more thing, you don’t have to worry about upsells because there are no upsells. Just see for yourself, create your free account and get started for free!

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Thanks for checking out this Funnel Mail Suite Review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

All the best to you,

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