Nutrigo Lab Mass Review

Nutrigo Lab Mass Review – Ultimate Muscle Mass Formula?

Nutrigo Lab Mass Review
Nutrigo Lab Mass Review

Nutrigo Lab Mass Protein Powder

Many men dream of having a muscular body, and several try to build it doing bodybuilding. Building muscle mass will take time, using a solid training plan.

But there is more than just working out many times a week. You also need to eat the right kind of healthy foods and take supplements.

One of these supplements is protein. Protein is important as it builds new muscle mass. Now there is a new, very promising protein mix with a growing popularity.

Do you want to get a boost in your workout results, building a healthier, more muscular and leaner body? Then, you’re in the right place!

If you want to increase muscle mass, then you need Nutrigo Lab Mass. It will help you grow bigger and stronger and will take your exercise results to a new level.

Nutrigo Lab Mass Review

With Nutrigo Lab Mass you will be able to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently. Having a ripped body will also give you more self-confidence. Try Nutrigo Lab Mass now!

What Is Nutrigo Lab Mass?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a protein food supplement for those who wish to build up muscle mass quickly and effectively, without any side effects.

Its muscle grow development effects are amplified by the presence of L-glutamine, creatine, and BCAA, making it stronger than other similar products.

Nutrigo Lab Mass supplement is a mixture of 3 different proteins: 80% whey protein; 90% whey isolate Isolac; and 90% whey hydrolysate Optipep.

With this mix, available in 2 flavors: chocolate and vanilla, you can easily prepare a shake. Just take 2 scoops (about 100 grams) of Nutrigo Lab Mass and put it in a shaker.

Add 200ml of water or milk, shake it and your powerful drink is ready. Take it twice a day; as post-workout and between meals for the best results.

Expectations Of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass high quality protein powder will give you:

  • Faster absorption
  • Faster recovery
  • Spectacular muscle mass growth
  • Improved efficiency
  • Helps in boosting testosterone naturally
  • Increased strength
  • Accelerated fat burning
  • Reduced catabolism
  • Increased synthesis of growth hormone
  • Adjusted blood sugar level
  • With Nutrigo Lab Mass protein powder you will do more reps and maximize your anabolic potential to increase lean muscle mass.

    High Quality Protein Powder

    The proteins Optipep® protein hydrolysate and Isolac® isolate are made from Ireland bred cow milk. These cows have been fed exclusively on grass, giving the protein their high quality and delicious taste.

    The composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass is a complex of three types of carbohydrates with different levels of absorption.

    This ensures a systematic supply of energy to your muscles and allows you to effectively build lean body mass and reduce fatigue.

    Because of the formula of AOL, creatine and l-glutamine you will feel a clear difference in the quality of training.

    This protein powder supercharges your muscle mass by increasing your strength. This supplement also helps in muscle hypertrophy and preventing muscle imbalances.

    The added protein extracts in this supplement offer you explosive power quickly and effectively.

    This mix will improve:

    • Effective muscle mass growth
    • Repair of damaged muscles after heavy workouts
    • Faster storage of glycogen
    • Fast absorbing amino acids
    • Faster achievement of preset goals

    One container is enough for about 30 servings!
    Each serving of Nutrigo Lab Mass contains:
    23.35 g of protein
    3000 mg of creatine
    57 g of carbs
    2000 mg BCAA+ I-Glutamine
    357 Kcal

    Nutrigo Lab Mass is scientifically proven to get the results on providing your body with more strength and energy on building lean muscle mass.

    In case you’re not satisfied with the results you get with Nutrigo Lab Mass, you can simply ask for a refund. This product comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

    About Nutrigo Lab Mass Protein Supplement

    This product makes you more powerful than any other products available online, as the supplement includes the reinforced power of L-glutamine, creatine and BCAA.

    This supplement contains a natural source of combined ingredients that strengthens your body, gaining muscle and also stimulates hormonal balances in men.

    This quality protein powder is responsible for increased muscle growth and improved durability. In just days, you can get a muscular, ripped body without any side effects.

    Also, this supplement protects your body against aging and diseases, that could be lowering the quality of your life.

    Using this supplement, together with an effective workout, will boost muscle growth, and strengthens and energizes your body by burning all the unwanted fat.

    Your workout results will be simply awesome where you can expect exceptional results in only a short period of time.

    How Does Nutrigo Lab Mass Work?

    Nutrigo Lab Mass is an ultimate muscle building protein mix that includes three different types of whey extracts. This product comes in powder form to easily prepare a shake.

    Regardless of your age or genetics, the Nutrigo Lab Mass protein formula activates your natural anabolic growth hormones.

    This ultimate muscle building protein formula helps in building healthy muscle mass without spending endless hours in the gym by making your muscles stronger.

    It provide you to get a lean, muscular and athletic body that makes you feel more confident. You can expect to build a powerful and athletic-looking physique.

    The added whey extracts in this product, makes you build rock hard, vascular and shredded muscles without causing any side effects.

    This ground-breaking nutrition formula promises you to get the lean, sculpted physique that you’ve always been looking for.

    This specific protein formula will have you achieve the fastest strength gains and muscle growth possible.

    The Benefits Of Using Nutrigo Lab Mass

    • Using Nutrigo Lab Mass, you can quickly build up muscle with the combination of effective workouts
    • This product will have you growing stronger and bigger muscles
    • The two delicious flavours will give fast absorption of amino acids with the combination of exact carbs and proteins
    • This product increases strength and improves your workout goals
    • It makes you increase your muscle mass effectively in just a few short days
    • You can quickly maximize every single ounce of your strength potential and take your physique to the next level
    • Using Nutrigo Lab Mass, you can gain 10 pounds of pure muscle mass in just days
    • With this supplement, you can build confidence in boosting muscles that make you more persistent

    Pros And Cons


    • This protein supplement lead to fast muscle growth
    • It boosts your overall physical strength
    • This supplement helps you build lean muscles to get ripped
    • It helps you lose fat fast
    • Your energy levels will increase naturally
    • It helps in boosting testosterone levels naturally
    • Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this supplement
    • It has the highest potential in delivering abominable strength
    • This supplement builds muscle in less than an hour


    • Nutrigo Lab Mass quality protein powder is only online available. It is not sold in shops
    • As not everyone is the same, individual results may vary
    • You need to take this protein powder as suggested to get the exact results
    Final Conclusion Of Nutrigo Lab Mass

    Nutrigo Lab Mass is highly recommended! This supplement boosts your strength levels effectively and can be used by anyone to get ripped with healthy muscle mass.

    The Nutrigo Lab Mass high quality protein powder delivers surprising strength and size gains with real possibility and also improves performance.

    Because of the 60 days money back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk buying this product. The results you can expect will eventually astonish you.

    Don’t waste any more time, get your bottle of Nutrigo Lab Mass today!

    Review of Nutrigo Lab Mass Protein Powder
    Nutrigo Lab Mass Protein Powder

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