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Scam Warnings: Legit Or Scam Products?

Zippo Pay Button Review
From Brian Winters, The Owner Of

Zippo Pay button review
Zippo Pay Button Review

The Zippo Pay Button review will inform you about this unique button to have people pay with money or with leads. If they pay with leads, it will build your subscriber list, what will bring in even more money in the long run. Zippo Pay works with both digital and physical products. How good is this new unique product from Bryan Winters? Continue reading

Family Bunker Plans Review
From John Hartmann, The Owner Of

Family Bunker Plans Review
Family Bunker Construction Manual

These days threads can come from natural disasters, such as cyclones and landslides, but also from man-made disasters, such as terrorist attacks and stampedes. You can protect your family with a survival bunker. There is a lot you must know to build a survival bunker. It’s all in the book Family Bunker plans. Is this book worth your money? Continue reading

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Review
From Mark Williams, The Owner Of

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Review
The Mind Balancing Program

With the 7 Day Mind Balancing Program you’ll learn how to fall asleep instantly with a unique 3-minute sleep ritual called “mind balancing”. You can fall asleep within 90 seconds after you put your head on the pillow. You’ll wake up feeling renewed, focused and energized, without taking any medications or supplements. Continue reading

Affiliate Bots Review
From Chris X, The Owner Of

Affiliate Bots Review
Affiliate Bots Review

The Affiliate Auto Bots will give you all the tools needed to make money with affiliate marketing. People are making thousands of dollars on Clickbank, Amazon and JV Zoo. Copy their secrets with an easy 3-step formula to get in front of the most targeted buyers for instant affiliate commissions. Can it be so easy to earn money online? Continue reading

Teds Woodworking Review
From Ted Mcgrath, The Owner Of

Teds wood working scam
Ted’s Wood Working Scam

Ted’s Woodworking will give you 16.000 plans to build your own furniture, tables, shed, bed, cabinets, and a whole lot more. It can save you a lot of money building your own furniture, and being proud of it. But it seems Ted is not an honest person. There are many things wrong with the products. Are these plans worth your money? Continue reading

Online affiliate marketing course
Online Affiliate Marketing Training

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