The Affilorama Review – By Mark Ling

The Affilorama Review By Mark Ling

The Affilorama review from Mark Ling
The Affilorama Review

Is Affilorama A Legit Program Or Scam?

Welcome to my honest The Affilorama Review.

I must congratulate you for clicking the link to read this Affilorama Review that is made for affiliate marketing to know more, before you spend your money on this program.

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With all the online scammers, it is good to find out more about this program before accidentally wasting your money. It is the way to avoid scams and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!.

Overview Of The Affilorama Review

Name: Affilorama
Web address:
Price: $1,- 30 day trial, after that $67 per month or $747 for 3 years
Refund Policy: 60 day money back guarantee
Owner: Mark Ling
For: Beginners to Advanced
Overall Rank: Very good
Verdict: Legit 8.5*/10*

The Affilorama Review: One Of The Better Programs

The Affilorama review was written to let you know what to expect with the courses from Mark Ling, being a highly successful internet marketer.

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With Affilorama you can learn how to make money on the internet with affiliate marketing. It is free to get started, no hidden costs.

Affiliate marketing can make you a few hundred dollars extra per week, or do it full time and make thousands or even more each month. Mark Ling made easy to follow quality courses to turn you into an affiliate marketing expert!

About Mark Ling, Owner Of Affilorama

Mark Ling, the owner of Affilorama, knows what he is talking about, being a successful internet marketer himself.

If you want to know how Mark Ling earns more than $50K per month, you need to become a member and follow his training. He will help you to really making money from the internet.

Affilorama with Mark Ling
Mark Ling, Affilorama Owner

Together with Simon Slade he is also owner of Salehoo dropshipping and whole sale supplier. There is a lot of money to be made with dropshipping and if you are interested, you should definitely read my comprehensive review.
Personal recommendation
If you want to learn everything about affiliate marketing, you can find it at Affilorama. Here you will find everything about becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

With the info at Affilorama it is easy to get started. The lessons are broken down into 12 small step-by-step videos that are easy to understand.

All The Training You Need To Succeed

Even if you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, you will understand it. You get all the tools and training necessary to succeed.

As a free member, you’ll get a lot of free useful info including videos, articles, and more that is very helpful. Although you are limited with the free membership, you can still learn some good marketing techniques with useful ideas as well.

The Affilorama review is also about paid products. With Affilorama you get important tips to make you website more profitable. You can try it first for $1 for 30 days, after that you will be billed $67 each month.

There is also a Premium Plan with 3 years access, which will cost you $747, (was before $497) but it will save you over 30% compared to the $67 per month plan.

As with everything, you must follow the detailed step by step lessons to make it work. If you follow the steps, you can be sure you will be making money from the internet, even if you are completely new to the internet.

You will learn to build a profitable internet business that you can duplicate, rinse and repeat for all kinds of affiliate products.

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AffiloBlueprint: comprehensive affiliate marketing course
Affiloblueprint Affiliate Marketing Course

Mark Ling has a 90 day roadmap, called AffiloBlueprint, which will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. It is a step by step blueprint that can take you from earning $300, or $1000 to even more per month.

AffiloBlueprint is one of the better marketing products for affiliate marketing. This will cost you $197, with a free month access to Affilorama Premium.

After the trial month Affilorama Premium will cost you $67 per month, if you decide to continue with the Premium Membership.

AffiloBlueprint is a complete and comprehensive affiliate marketing blueprint course, in an easy to follow step by step system.

This blueprint course teaches you how to build affiliate websites from scratch and how to promote it, so that it becomes profitable to make you money in a short time.

You also get a free month trial to AffiloTools, a website building tool, to create a professional looking website where you can promote affiliate products.

The videos, more than 90 in total, will teach you step by step how to do each task. You can also download the videos to see them without an internet connection.

This will save you a lot of data traffic, in case you have a data limit. AffiloBlueprint is a bit pricy with $197, but it is a one-time payment for a great product.
Personal recommendation

Affilorama Premium

Premium membership with Affilorama
Affilorama Premium Membership

With Affilorama Premium you’ll get even more training, bootcamp videos, and interviews with several successful internet marketers who are making a good living of the internet.

This Premium Plan will cost you $67 per month, or you can go for the 3 years access, which will cost you $747, (was before $497) but it will save you over 30% compared to the $67 per month plan.

With the $1 trial membership, you’ll get access to

  • The affiliate blog bootcamp training
  • Affiliate marketing training videos
  • Premium software tools
  • Free web hosting up to 15 domains
  • Every month 30 quality PLR articles
  • Secrets of successful internet millionaires
  • Stealth marketing strategies

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Affilorama Jetpack

With Affilorama Jetpack you’ll get a customized website, but it will cost you $997. On this website you can get a discount of $250, so you can have it for $747.

This will also include access to AffiloBlueprint 3.0 what normally would cost you $197. Although the price is high, you will get good info to help you a big step on your way to making money from the internet.

Premium marketing training with AffiloJetpack
Affilojetpack Premium Training Course

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In the AffiloJetpack course you’ll learn everything about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, how to optimize your website, and also how to do keyword research to get more visitors to your website.

This course include a choice of 18 niche products, with access to AffiloTheme, 20 PLR articles, 3 quality ebooks, traffic secrets, pre-written emails and more.

With the content “cheat sheets” you will know how to write quality articles that are completely unique and are loved by the search engines.

AffiloTheme (no longer available)

The AffiloTheme itself can be bought for a one time payment of $97. You’ll get one month free access to the Premium Membership, after the free month you will be re-billed $67 per month, unless you cancel it.
Personal recommendation
AffiloTheme is a WordPress theme with quality video training how to get the most out of it. You get 6 themes in one with customizable colors and fonts to create a beautiful website.

It all comes with squeeze pages and opt-in forms to build a list of subscribers. You will also get an

  • Affiliate link cloacker
  • Pop over generator
  • Header creator
  • Free theme updates
  • Access to the private AffiloTheme members only forum
  • Unlimited support

This all comes with free web hosting (for one site) for one year. This product doesn’t have SEO training, while all the other products do come with SEO training.

Affilorama comparison chart
Affilorama Comparison Image

Affilorama Product Comparison Image
Click on the above image for a larger overview picture.

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The Blog And Forum

The Affilorama Blog is packed with motivation and articles related to affiliate marketing that will teach you how to make money on the internet but also how to improve your existing websites.

The forum is very supportive and helpful, and if you still have a problem, you can always ask the support staff for help.

Whatever package you choose, you’ll get video training, free web hosting, a free website with a maximum of 15 websites for premium members, and customer support.

Don’t expect to get help from Mark Ling himself, as he is a very busy marketer, and most of the time busy with other things than helping people with Affilorama.

I have to admit that Affilorama is very good, but the price is just too high. Also, you’ll get several upsells to buy even more and that is one thing I don’t like.

When you buy a program, you should get a complete program, not part of the program to buy more later.

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Some Outdated Videos

Another thing that is not good is that a few videos are outdated. For instance about back linking, this doesn’t work anymore after the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

In fact, if you try to use these techniques, you can expect to be removed from the search engine result pages for using black hat techniques.

And there is more that is not good: the use of PLR articles. These articles can be used by anyone, and will cause duplicate content issues, meaning you will not get any rankings with it.

The same goes for an article spinning tool; this will get you lower rankings, if you get any rankings at all! You just have to write your own articles to be sure to stay on the safe side.
Personal recommendation
Affilorama is a very good course to learn affiliate marketing, but considering the high price and the many upsells, you will do better choosing a better quality marketing course.

This course will cost you less, give you even more, and you can expect help from the owners, who are online very often and are highly successful internet marketers.

The Affilorama review was my personal and honest opinion about the affiliate marketing programs from Mark Ling, hope you enjoyed it.

The Affilorama review for 2019
The Affilorama Review

Posted by N. de Vries


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