The Wealth Compass Review

The Wealth Compass Review

The Wealth Compass review
The Wealth Compass Review – Attract Anything You Want Easily

The Wealth Compass By Mark Pescetti

Welcome to my honest The Wealth Compass Review.

I have to congratulate you for clicking the link to read The Wealth Compass Review to know more about this program, before you spend your money on it.

With all the online scammers, it is good to find out more about this self-development program before accidentally wasting your money.

It is the way to avoid scams and get to know the real, honest way to create wealth!

Overview Of The Wealth Compass Review

Name: The Wealth Compass
Web address:
Price: $27
Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Mark Pescetti
For: All
Overall Rank: 4 ☆☆☆☆
Verdict: Legit
Recommended: Yes

What Is The Wealth Compass System?

The Wealth Compass System is a 4-week program using the Law of Attention (not the Law of Attraction) to access your natural state of abundance quickly and easily.

To experience unlimited abundance, you must be in harmony with the Law of Attention. You do this by reprogramming your subconscious mind to eliminate limiting beliefs.

If you think you are going to have a life of scarcity, then you will attract scarcity. You have to know how to effortlessly direct your attention towards what you do want.

The Wealth Compass manual will explain everything there is to align yourself using the Law of Attention so that you naturally attract wealth, abundance and success into your life.

The Natural State Of Abundance

You can magnetically attract wealth into your life to manifest your dreams to live a life of limitless abundance. You have to be in a natural state of abundance.

Your natural state of abundance is in the field that you can easily access by listening to brainwave tones. These Theta tones access your subconscious to manifest abundance.

It will reprogram your subconscious and clear away limiting beliefs and negative conditions that are programmed into your subconscious, without having to learn anything.

This will free up your attention, so that you can focus on a new life with unlimited beliefs, filled with happiness, joy, love, money, health, wealth and abundance.

Attract Abundance With Guided Meditation

With The Wealth Compass guide you will find out how to change your situation. Anyone can follow this system, no matter how much knowledge you have about attracting wealth.

You have to know how to effortlessly direct your attention towards what you want. The Wealth Compass will guide you how to live abundantly to attract abundance in your life.

The program uses high quality guided meditations and scientifically based brainwave entrainment. You only have to listen to these Theta tones to achieve abundance.

You first have to create a vision of the life you want and vision it daily with powerful pure thoughts of love and attention. This is all explained in the audio tracks.

The Wealth Compass Program Tracks

The first track you have to listen to is “Connecting With Your Natural State”. You’ll find out what abundance really is and how to let it into your life.

In track #2 “Feed The Good Wolf” you will clear away old limited conditions to open up to the Natural State. This will allow abundance to get into your life.

Once you apply this secret you will naturally and effortlessly adjust yourself with the universe and get everything that the universe can give you.

In track #3 “Waking Up From The Dream” your brain will start to rewire itself. You’ll learn that you create everything in your mind, from the way you think.

By changing the way you think in a positive way, you will attract whatever good things you want in life. This will open the door for your natural state to become reality.

In track #4 “Celebrating Your Dream” you will learn the power of appreciation. By appreciating what you’ll receive, you amplify the power of your thoughts to make them come true.

You need to listen to these four tracks once a day for four weeks. This will change the way you think about scarcity and limitation to direct your attention to your real desires.

From changing the way you think you are going to develop positive thoughts in your mind to have the natural laws of prosperity work in your favor.

You will literally force the universe to provide you automatically with a constant amount of wealth, abundance and good fortune. This will also give you a stress free life.

With the Wealth Compass program you have the chance to tap into this life changing power secret. You too can have wealth, happiness, success, and freedom coming into your life.

You will also receive the text versions of the tracks in the Wealth Compass program.

Wealth Compass Bonuses

When you decide to order the Wealth Compass program, you will also receive four bonuses for free.
Bonus #1: How To Become The Leader Of Your Attention: Free attention training to become the leader of your reality to get into an abundant state.

Bonus #2: The Wealth Compass E-book; these are the text versions of the meditations. Another way to absorb the information in an easy way.

Bonus #3: The Wealth Compass Printable Action Tracker: Helps to keep you staying consistent to get maximum results.

Bonus #4: One month free access to the Wealth Compass Inner Circle: The monthly magazine with tips and info to keep you manifesting your dream life.

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The Wealth Compass Program

The Key To Manifestation

The key to manifestation is knowing how to “change your frequency.” By listening to the audio tracks, you tune in to a specific frequency, changing the vibrations of your body.

Once you tuned into the right frequency, you can attract whatever you want in life. The universe will give you what you order your subconscious mind to attract.

Using this system, you will naturally attract wealth, abundance and success into your life. Everything you ever wanted can be yours after applying the secrets in The Wealth Compass guide.

What You’ll Get With Your Order

When you decide to order this life changing program, you will receive the complete Wealth Compass program (Valued at $197) and the four above mentioned bonuses.

To guarantee your satisfaction, you will also get 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, just send an email to support to get a complete refund.

Pros And Cons Of The Wealth Compass Review


  • Very affordable with $27
  • Instant access after payment
  • No waiting
  • Nothing to pay for shipping or packing
  • Easy to understand with everyday language
  • Step-by-step training
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Not much work involved
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Wealth Compass program is only available online, it is not sold in shops.
Of course there is some work involved, it’s not wealth on autopilot. The good part is that the work is kept to a minimum; you just have to listen to the audio tracks.

If you are interested in hypnosis, you should definitely check out the Titanium Hypnosis Membership Program, where you will receive one life improving hypnosis recording every month.

These hypnosis recordings are from Steve G. Jones, a wealth attraction expert and renowned clinical hypnotherapist with many years of experience.

Final Verdict Of The Wealth Compass Review

With The Wealth Compass guide you will discover secrets that not many people know. This is the ultimate program to chance your life to a much better life without much effort.

You will be using the secret Law of Attention to your advantage to attract whatever you want from the Universe to create a life of wealth, health, abundance, success and happiness.

All of this will only cost you $27, and will help you to attract wealth easily into your life using the law of attention, just by changing the way you think.

Your purchase is backed by a 60-day 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. The Wealth Compass guarantees positive results or else you get your money back!

Discover the incredible, life-changing secrets RIGHT NOW. Click the link below to download your copy of The Wealth Compass to discover the secrets to become happier and wealthier than ever before!

Thanks for reading the The Wealth Compass Review, hopefully you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments at the bottom of the page.

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The Wealth Compass Program

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