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Traffic Beast Review By Glynn Kosky

The Traffic Beast Review
Honest Traffic Beast Review

Welcome by the Traffic Beast Review that is made for affiliate marketing to know more, before you spend your money on this software.

It is the way to avoid scams, save money and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!

Is Traffic Beast Scam Or Legit Software?

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Overview Of Traffic Beast Review

Name: Traffic Beast
Web address:
Price: $17 + many upsells
Refund Policy: 180 Days Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Glynn Kosky
For: Nobody
Overall Rank: 1 ☆
Verdict: Scam
Recommended: No

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What Is Traffic Beast?

Traffic Beast is the first affiliate marketing app that can generate free buyer traffic using a 100% done-for-you super affiliate system.

The click button traffic can reach over 800 million visitors in under 60 seconds. You should be able to earn 1000s in commissions each day, without any experience.

Traffic Beast comes with ready made campaigns where you promote Affilisites, Commission Shortcut, and Triple Traffic Bots. Just put in your details and start promoting.

With a squeeze page you give away a free product to the subscriber. If the subscriber wants more, he must upgrade and that is how you make money as an affiliate.

Traffic Beast Upsells

Upsell #1: Unlimited version – $67
Upsell #2: 100% Done-for-you – $97
Upsell #3: Unlimited traffic – $97
Upsell #4: Automation – $67
Upsell #5: ATM – $197
Upsell #6: Ultimate – $197
Upsell #7: License rights – $67

If you buy all the upsells, you have to pay a total of $806. A big difference with what initially started as $17, and still no guarantee that you will be making money.

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Can You Make Money With Traffic Beast?

In theory, it is possible to make money. The problem is that the products are low quality and from years ago. The products are all from the same vendor, Glynn Kosky.

First, you have to pay to buy his software, making him money. Second, you have to use his link to sign up for an auto responder service, making him money again.

Third, you have to promote his old products as an affiliate to make him even more money. A very sneaky way to earn money with his old out-of-date programs.

Instead of making money you have to spend money because there are several upsells. You also need an auto responder what will cost you money each month.

The auto responder is to stay in contact with the people who subscribed to get the free product. You have to email them to get them interested to buy the upsells.

You’ll get a traffic source, called Affiliate Traffic Lab, that is from about 5 years ago. Things have changed online, and Affiliate Traffic Lab doesn’t work anymore, you won’t get any traffic.

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Is Traffic Beast A Scam?

Yes, the software doesn’t deliver on the promises made on the sales page. These days the sales pages are full of hype with all kinds of fake promises just to make sales.

And you can forget about getting free traffic because there is no such thing as free traffic. This shows up all the time with new products; they all promise lots of free traffic.

In previous reviews there was also free traffic included. You can read about it in the Upassive review and in the Profitorial review that was also done-for-you and newbie friendly.

If you want traffic, you have to put in the work or pay for traffic. Traffic Beast comes with videos on how to get traffic but these videos don’t give in-depth information.

These videos are about advertising with solo ads and Google Adwords. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost you money instead of making money.

You can also promote on social media but without a following, you are not going to make money. Besides, do you really want to sell scam products to your followers?

Several of the videos inside the program can be found on YouTube, on the channel Super Affiliate Millionaire TV. You can watch the videos for free on this channel.

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Pros And Cons Of Traffic Beast

There is nothing to do because this push button technology is 100% done-for-you. There are no pages to build, no funnels to set up, no bonuses to source, and you get built-in traffic.

With the 100% free viral buyer traffic from over 100 sources and done-for-you integrations, there is no selling required and you can dominate any niche you want.

That is what Glynn Kosky try to make you believe on his sales page. The cold hard truth is the opposite: You won’t get traffic, it’s not 100% done for you, and making money is almost impossible.

  • Way too long sales page
  • Full of hype
  • Fake testimonials
  • Fake income claims
  • No free traffic
  • Software is not going to give you instant results
  • Fake timer, price didn’t went up
  • No first sale in 60 seconds
  • Fake money back guarantee

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Final Verdict Of Traffic Beast Review

Pure scam, the sales page is so full of hype, you might ask yourself if the seller is going to believe it. The claims made are ridiculous and far from the truth.

Traffic Beast is an old program with an update, new name, and a changed lookout to become a new product ready to be sold. This happens very often to make the owner more money.

There is no software that will give you unlimited traffic, it’s all a big lie! This is for people who are looking for a get-rich-quick system without work and want to get scammed.

That is what these scammers do: target newbies who don’t know much about marketing and are looking for that shiny object that will give them money on a silver plate.

As this software doesn’t work, you won’t get traffic and you won’t be able to build a list and thus no sustainable income. Translate done-for-you and autopilot into scam and there won’t be much left.

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Fake Money Back Guarantee

Don’t think you can get a refund because even the unconditional money back guarantee is fake. This is what can be found at the bottom of the sales page, what most people don’t read:

“To Qualify For The Conditional Guarantee You Must Show Clear Cut Evidence That You’ve Done The Work And Asked For Help And We Weren’t Able To Solve The Problem”.

As you can see the word UNCONDITIONAL suddenly changed to CONDITIONAL. Translation: forget about getting a refund! This alone is enough reason NOT to buy this scam software.

It tells you what kind of person the seller is. He uses affiliates to sell his old programs from years ago trying to make more money with it, while it is outdated.

If you want to make money online in an honest way, you must click the banner below. You can start for free so you have nothing to lose, not even $17.

But remember, building an online business takes time, there is no overnight success. If you want to make lots of money fast, then this is definitely not for you.

Thanks for checking out this Traffic Beast Review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

All the best to you,

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