Wealth Academy Review: Real Wealth Or Online Scam?

Wealth Academy Review By Richard

Can You Make $1000s In A Short Time With The Wealth Academy?

The Wealth Academy Review: scam or legit program?
The Wealth Academy Review

Welcome to my honest Wealth Academy Review.

It is good of you to read this review to know more about the Wealth Academy because there are many scammers online selling programs that don’t deliver what they promise.

It is the way to avoid scams and wasting money to get to know the real, honest way to make money online!.

This is not the CPA Wealth Academy from Alex Gould.
It is also not the VIP Wealth Academy from Gavin Mountford.
Nor is it the Wealth Academy from Shaqir Hussyin.

Then What Is Wealth Academy Exactly?

This Wealth Academy program is from a guy who calls himself Richard. If you can believe him, this program will help you to make 1000s of dollars without marketing experience. Really??

Is this product going to make you 1000s of dollars from the online world? Can you expect to get financial freedom, as promised with this product, working from home, just by paying a small amount of $24.95?

I don’t think so, in fact, you might consider yourself lucky if you earn some money and see your investment back. The owner will even tell you that you can expect to make an amount between $2.000 up to $17.000 in only a week.

Only 2 Hours Of Work?

These are crazy numbers, and that also with 2 hours of work with a set-it and forget-it system. No way, you can forget about making that kind of money, especially when you just get started in marketing and have hardly any online experience.

Even when you start an online business, it will take some time before you will see results. Many scammers will tel you how easy it is to make money, just to sell their product. It also depends what kind of marketing you want to do to earn money online.

Overview Of Wealth Academy Review

Name: Wealth Academy
Web address: WealthAcademy.click
Price: $24.95 And Several Upsells
Refund Policy: 60 day Refund Guarantee
Owner: Richard probably??? (keep reading to find out)
For: Beginners to Advanced
Overall Rank: 1 ☆
Verdict: Scam
Recommended: NO!

Personal recommendation
The Wealth Academy is actually a renewed version of Smart Money Methods. Sometimes a product will be updated, because the internet is constantly changing.

But The Wealth Academy is sold as being a new product, while it is nearly the same program with outdated training, just to make the owner more money.

Several Red Flags

Outdated training is a red flag and already reason not to buy this product. You might try something that worked years ago, but doesn’t work anymore these days and could even get your website removed from the search engine results.

I wrote a review about Clickbank before, but it seems I have to write another one. Clickbank doesn’t care to sell scam programs, as long as they can make money.

One thing I already didn’t liked, were all the upsells, as you can see on the image. Another red flag! When you buy a product, it should be complete.

An upsell would mean that the product is incomplete and that you have to buy more. So, the $24.95 is for an incomplete product (it’s a dirty trick that almost all marketers use).

It’s one of the reasons I wrote this Wealth Academy Review to warn you for these dirty marketing tricks just to get more money out of your wallet.

Upsells and the commissions
Commissions From Upsells

One way to make money with this product, is to become an affiliate for Amazon, find hot niches and sell them to your audience. You can do this on social media, but also with article marketing, keyword research, or paid advertising.

Low Commissions With Amazon

It is possible to make good money from Amazon, because Amazon is a big online retailer with 1000s of products, and also reputable. The problem with Amazon is, is that the pay-out is much lower than with downloadable products.

That makes it already much harder to generate 4 figure days. Either you need to sell large volumes or sell higher priced products. But with the right training, it is still possible to make a good profit from Amazon.

You can make a profit when you use the Ecom Income Blueprint from Nick Tsai, the most complete course about selling on e-Commerce like Amazon.

In this comprehensive proven-to-work video course Nick Tsai will explain how to find products with good commissions and where people are interested in. You will be much better of spending your money on the Ecom Income Blueprint than on Wealth Academy.

I’m not going to say here that Wealth Academy is a scam, although there are enough reasons. You do get some training for a low price, $24.95, and a free website builder, but it is not really going to help you.

As the information is partly outdated, you cannot rely on all the techniques he teaches in the training. This program is definitely not going to help you build a 5-figure business, and to quit your day job.

Personal recommendation

Outdated Training Materials

Some of the training goes back to 2014 and will not help you to make money online. In fact, some of the techniques used in the training can have your account banned on social media. This is due to the GDPR rules that affected social media sites.

The owner, or owners, want you to buy the more expensive products, that is how they make their money. Most of the time, these marketers are not there to help you to succeed online, they just want to fill up their pockets with your money.

Just think of it this way: If you knew a way to make very good money online, would you tell others how to do the same? And end up with a lot of competition, eating away part of your profits? I don’t think so.

What About The Owner?

I could not find any information about the owner of this program, raising another big red flag. In the video he calls himself Richard from Boise, Idaho. It seems someone got something to hide. That is why I decided to give this product the verdict “SCAM”.

The Video: Big Sales Letter

The video is one big sales letter, only to get you interested. And also too long, just 16 minutes of sales talk, telling you all kinds of things, but not what you really need to know.


In this video, this Richard guy will tell you all kinds of things what the Wealth Academy program is NOT, only that you will be making money with affiliate marketing on Amazon.

He won’t tell you what to sell, how to sell, or how to get high rankings to get buyers for the products. Already a good reason not to spend your money on this program.

And it becomes worse from all the lies and false claims:

  • No experience necessary
  • Only 2 hours of work
  • Financial freedom
  • No investment needed
  • Brand new product
  • Earn $2000 to $17.000 in a week

Personal recommendation
With so many lies, you already know what you get yourself into. Here are the pros and cons of this “Wealth Academy” program:

✓ 60 day refund policy
✓ Some marketing training
✓ Website builder

✗ Unrealistic claims
✗ Outdated information
✗ No information about the owner
✗ Expensive upsells (up to $500)
✗ No proof of actual results

If you have something to say about the Wealth Academy review, just leave a comment in the comment section at the end of the page. People need to be warned about these scammers, trying to get their money unethically.

Don’t get yourself into these get-rich-quick schemes. It will only cost you money and precious time. Learn to do things the right way from the start. Set yourself up for success, build a profitable website, starting with a good foundation.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online

It will be very hard to find a legitimate program that will teach you the proper way how to make money online.

Many scammers are using it to take advantage of their customers by selling them a product with big promises, but what is not, or hardly, going to help them.

You don’t have to search for that legitimate program, because I have been in your situation. I also had to deal with scammers, but finally ended up by a legitimate company where I received proper marketing training.

What You Don’t Get

My #1 recommendation does not sell you hype, give you false promises, or claiming how much money you can make. There are many things you won’t get:

  • No Hype
  • No False Promises
  • No Money Claims
  • Not A Get-Rich-Quick Program
  • No Upsells
  • No Credit Card Needed: Free To Get Started
  • No Spam: Your Account Will Be Taken Down

You can start for free and even stay a free member for as long as you want.

With this unique program, you will discover how to build a profitable online business with long term results. You will get step-by-step task based lessons to take you from an absolute beginner to an experienced internet marketer.

It’s Free To Get Started

As I said before, it’s completely free to get started! Put your credit card away and click the image below to create your own free starter account to know how to make affiliate marketing profitable.

Thanks for reading this Wealth Academy Review, hope that it helped you to make the right decision in your search for making money online.

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