WP Affiliate Machine Review

WP Affiliate Machine Review

WP Affiliate Machine Review
WP Affiliate Machine Review

WP Affiliate Machine By Ankur Shukla

Welcome by the WP Affiliate Machine Review.

So good of you for clicking the link to read this WP Affiliate Machine Review that is made for affiliate marketing to know more, before you spend your money on this plugin.

With all the online scammers, it is good to find out more about this WP Affiliate Machine program before accidentally wasting your hard earned money.

This program is made for affiliate marketing but WP Affiliate Machine is not going to be of much help to make affiliate marketing profitable, as you will find out soon.

It is the way to avoid scams, save money and get to know the real, honest way to make money online!


Overview Of WP Affiliate Machine Review

Name: WP Affiliate Machine
Web address: https://wpaffiliatemachine.com/
Price: $27+ many upsells
Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Owner: Ankur Shukla
For: Nobody
Overall Rank: 2 ☆☆
Verdict: Not Legit
Recommended: No

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with WP Affiliate Machine because I don’t promote scam programs! I only promote legitimate programs that have been proven to work.

What Is WP Affiliate Machine?

WP Affiliate Machine is a plugin that allows you to launch an affiliate site
and earn commissions from it without doing the hard work from writing content.

All it takes are three simple steps:

  1. Upload the WP Affiliate Machine plugin to your WordPress site
  2. Add your affiliate ID from Clickbank, JV Zoo and Warrior Plus
  3. Press the button and the WP Affiliate Machine will do the work for you

As an affiliate marketer with many years of experience, this is not the way to run an online affiliate marketing business because there is work involved from getting content online.

The owner will make you believe that his product is the easiest way to launch an affiliate site and start earning commissions with it. And it will only take you 60 seconds to create a site with just one click.

While this is very well possible, there is a lot of information missing about the quality and readability of the content. To get maximum results, you need to improve the content.

According to the sales page from Ankur Shukla, it seems that top marketers are making thousands of dollars with these sites. But this is just a sales pitch to make you buy the software.

It is very well possible to earn thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing, but with this software it is not going to be the case as you will find out soon.

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

About The Owner Of WP Affiliate Machine

The owner of WP Affiliate Machine, Ankur Shukla, is a product creator. These people are very interested in your money, creating similar products all the time.

Several times in a year there will be a “new” product on the market, which are very much copies of other products they have created. Ankur Shukla is no difference when it comes to product creation.

A few of his products are:

  • Backlink Machine: 100% Automated SEO Software
  • WP Suite: to manage multiple WordPress sites at once
  • Tube Rank Machine: a video ranking software
  • WP Tweet machine to send automated tweets on Twitter
  • FB Multi Poster: tool to post automatically on FaceBook
  • Paydrill: ultimate Paypal software
  • Fan Marketer to get unlimited fans to your pages
  • Azon Profit Builder: to set up an e-commerce store on Amazon

Nearly all of his products are WordPress plugins, being sold using the same sales page template, and all products have a private YouTube video.

Almost all of Ankurs’ products are just too expensive and from a questionable quality, but that doesn’t mean that all of his products are a scam, although I won’t call it legit products.

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Is WP Affiliate Machine A Scam?

As it is possible to get pages online and make money with it, I won’t call it a scam. But it is definitely not the way to make money online with duplicate content.

You can get lots of content in a short time, but Google could penalize your site for having too much duplicate content and remove your site from the search engine results.

The hardest part of marketing is getting content on your site on a regular basis. This content needs to be done manually and also must be quality and unique content.

This content will give you rankings and can be found by people generating traffic for your site. Getting traffic is the most important part for a website and the owner.

WP Affiliate Machine will take info from the internet and put it on your affiliate site. It will also load your page with product reviews, graphics and videos for affiliate products.

This means that you’ll get existing content and that will be seen by Google as duplicate content that won’t rank because Google want to see unique content.

Duplicate content will not get you high rankings, because the content already exist on the internet. You can even have your website penalized and removed from the search results.

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

Can You Make Money With WP Affiliate Machine?

Yes, it is possible to make money with this plugin but don’t expect too much. You are dealing with duplicate content that won’t get you high rankings, and thus not much traffic.

It also depends what kind of affiliate offers you promote, and the content that is written around the product. And the content is from a low, questionable quality.

There is even a bigger problem because the more people that buy the plugin, the more duplicate content there will be. You have to be one of the early birds to get your content to rank.

If you just get started with affiliate marketing, this is a way to get content quickly on your site but you need to improve the content to a higher quality and better readability.

You need to change the content anyway because it will be duplicate content and also to improve the SEO for higher rankings in the search engine.

If you want to know how to create your own affiliate marketing website, then you should check out my number 1 top recommendation.

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

Pros And Cons

WP Affiliate Machine is easy to use with only three steps and you can build a site fast, so it does deliver on its promises. Then you only have to fill in your affiliate links to make money.

You can use it with Clickbank, JV Zoo and Warrior Plus, the three largest providers of affiliate products. It doesn’t work with other affiliate programs, for instance with Amazon.


  • Not as good as advertised
  • Several upsells, six in total
  • Limited to 30 reviews
  • Poorly written content
  • Duplicate content
  • Doesn’t work with the Amazon affiliate program
  • SEO of the pages will not get you high rankings
  • Only 30 days money back guarantee
  • Lack of support

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation

Final Verdict Of WP Affiliate Machine

If you just get started with an online affiliate business, this could be a good way to get content on your site. But the negative points are heavier than the benefits.

WP Affiliate Machine is not as good as advertised; it is a simple way to get pages online quickly but the content is taken from other sites, meaning you will have duplicate content.

Furthermore, you will have no knowledge about the product that is reviewed. Any questions people might have about the product, will be difficult to answer.

How To Rank High In The Search Engine

To have your content rank high in the search engine, you need to have unique content and optimized pages for proper search engine optimization.

When you have to rewrite content to avoid duplicate content and to improve search engine optimization, you might as well write your own original content.

You will also be limited to 30 reviews and if you want more, you’ll have to buy the membership option (upsell) what will cost you $27 each month.

And there are several upsells; the owner is only interested in money with not much in return. It is for a reason he created many products, and it is not to help you make money online.

Because of all this, I don’t recommend WP Affiliate Machine. I will not call it a scam as it is possible to make money with it, but it comes close to being a scam.

This plugin is just like Affiliate Cash Ultimatum that also promise to make you easy money with affiliate marketing. Both have upsells and too many promises how easy it is to make money online.

If you are looking for a decent way to earn money online, you should check out my #1 recommendation. You will get 10 free and complete training lessons without any commitment.

Wealthy Affiliate recommendation
You will find out how to create a profitable online business, starting with a solid foundation. Then you have to set up a website where you will promote affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing can help you to earn a good amount of money online, even a full time income, but you need to know how to do it right, or you won’t be making much money.

Get The Right Education

What you need is good education on how to make money from the internet. What you must have is a niche website where you promote affiliate products.

With a website you can promote products from Amazon, Clickbank, paydotcom, Walmart, Target, and lots more retailers that have an affiliate program.

But you need to know the proper way to promote products with affiliate marketing, or you won’t make much money.
Wealthy Affiliate recommendation
You have an opportunity here to find out how to get started for free with Affiliate Marketing.

There are 1000s of people just like you who started their own online business and turned it into a profitable work from home business.

With the step-by-step training, you can hardly go wrong. And even if you run into a problem, you can expect to get help from 1000s of members.

Get All The Training You Need

With the training you get absolutely everything, from affiliate marketing, content writing, SEO, social media, video marketing, the list goes on!

And with content writing, you’ll learn how to write content that will rank high in the search engine so people can find your website when they perform a search.

You will learn affiliate marketing from experts who have once been where you are now. You’ll get a fully customizable website with a choice of over 3000 website designs. And it all comes with free quality hosting.

You can expect to get support whenever you need, there is a whole community of people who can help you out. Even support from the owners is available.

You can read a thorough review here of this program, then create your own free starter account to get started immediately.

No Upsells With This Program

One more thing, you don’t have to worry about upsells because there are no upsells. Just see for yourself, decide if you like it, and join whenever you want.

You can read more about this program here.

And yes, you will learn to create a real business with long term positive success. Not a get-rich-quick scheme or something like this WP Affiliate Machine plugin.

Don’t hesitate any longer, create your free starter account now!

Thanks for checking out this WP Affiliate Machine Review, hope that you’ve found what you were looking for, and leave any comments you have below.

All the best to you,

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