SEO Strategy Plan For Higher Rankings

SEO Strategy Plan: SEO Tips And Tricks

Get Higher Rankings With The SEO Strategy Plan

SEO strategy plan for higher rankings
Get Higher Rankings With The SEO Strategy Plan

This is page 2 from the ultimate SEO plan: The SEO Strategy Plan to get higher rankings.

Writing Articles

When writing articles use a 4-6% keyword density as this is usually the best when it comes to writing articles. Include your keywords within the first 100-150 words, to emphasize what your article is about.

In the signature box, always use your most important keywords as anchor text in the link to your website.

Write articles for your readers, not for the search engine! Not only does your article read natural, it can get you more clicks.

On top of that you avoid getting in trouble with the search engine for writing unnatural articles. Unique and helpful content can also get you higher quality links back to your page.

If you have links coming from within your article, they have more value than from somewhere else on your page, like coming from the sidebar or footer.

Try not to use too many 301 redirects as it will lower your PageRank. Keep your website updated with new information because Google will give stale websites a lower ranking.

Writing Content

Write content of at least 350-400 words, the more words you write, the better it will be but keep it high quality. Links from quality content have more weight for the search engine.

If your content is more than 1000 words, it would be better to separate it into two pages. Sites with higher quality content can also get you more direct traffic, resulting in a higher SERP (search engine ranking position).

Know how to write quality articles
Article Marketing Tips

Try to use your keywords as first and last words in your content, at least within the first two or three sentences. Make the keywords in the first paragraph bold.

Use your main keyword again in the last sentence, as close to the end as possible. This can easily be done with “Thank you for reading this page about (your main keyword)”.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google prefer sites that are mobile friendly, because more and more people use their mobile device to go onto the internet.

With the update in Google’s algorithm, mobile friendly websites get higher rankings than websites that are not mobile friendly.

No More Keyword Density

Forget about keyword density! Have a look at the video from Matt Cuts and see for yourself. There is no need to have your target keyword show up more than 3 times.

When your content is long, you can always include your keyword a few more times but it is better to use Semantic (related) keywords.

From using these Semantic keywords, you also have similar keywords. That is a signal for Google that you know what you are talking about.

If your page also ranks for other keywords, it will give a signal to Google about the quality of your content. Don’t keep repeating your main keyword as the search engine will be penalizing your page.

Try not to use the underscore (_) in your URL. It is better to use the separator (-). For instance, seo-strategy-plan.html is better than seostrategyplan.html or seo_strategy_plan.html.

If you use WordPress, you don’t need to use HTML anymore. This is taken care of by the content management system (CMS) of WordPress. Try not to put more than 5 words in your url, as this will give less value to your url. Too long URL’s can hurt your ranking.

You can also use link baiting: writing quality content that can be displayed on other websites. These websites must give credit for your work by linking back to your site.

About Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate, (people who leave your website without clicking anything), is another factor that Google uses to decide if your website contains valuable information.

Sites with low quality content will get lower rankings as it is not good for the user experience. If you link to bad websites, like pharmacy websites, it can hurt your rankings.

When you deliver quality information, visitors will stay longer on your site, leaving you with a lower bounce rate. This will also build trust, could earn you more links and a higher page position in the search engine.

Another way to build trust is to have “Terms of service” and “Privacy policy” pages on your websites. If you promote affiliate products, an affiliate disclaimer is required these days.

Keep Visitors On Your Site

You can lower your bounce rate by using more images; it will break up the text and it is entertaining for your visitors. This will increase time they spend on your site. More importantly, it can boost the interaction from your visitor, that will give value to the search engines.

When people leave a comment on your webpage, they are interacting with the info on the page. Comments will give your website more value, build trust, and lead to better rankings.

This is because the search engine can assume that there must be good info on your site. Not only will the visitor stay longer on your page, from interacting with your page, it will lower your bounce rate.

Too much ads above the fold in relation to your content, will be penalized. Popups and other advertisements that are distracting the reader, will be seen as a low quality site.

Google doesn’t like pages with a lot of affiliate links. If you try to hide these links, you can expect lower rankings. The same goes for spun content; it doesn’t have much value for the search engine.

You must deliver unique, quality content because Google want to give quality information to their readers.

Blogging To Get Back Links

Writing blogs are the easy way to get links back to your website. You can open a free account at or and write a post. At the end of the post, in the resource box, put a link to your website.

Blog Comment To Build Back Links

Find blogs about your niche and leave a comment with a link back to your website in the resource box. Make your comment useful, not only to get links back to your site and don’t spam as it could have your account blocked or even deleted.

Social Media To Build Back Links

Share your content on social media to get links back to your website. The number of Facebook likes is a ranking signal for the search engine. Google+ was good but cannot be used anymore because Google stopped with it.

Create A Related Video

Create a video about your content and put it on Youtube. Use your main keyword to target in the video. Don’t forget to put a link to your website within the video description.

Once the video is online, put a link in your article to the video. Youtube videos get a boost in the search engine result pages.

Website Loading Speed

Your Seo strategy plan must include having a fast loading website. Because Google wants to see websites with fast loading times. A website that load fast is good for the user experience as people don’t like to wait.

A 2 second delay will result in up to 87% of people leaving your site. You can check how fast your website will load with

Faster website loading times to get higher rankings
Improve Website Loading Times For Better Search Engine Rankings

Page loading speed is an important factor for the search engine rankings. Google uses Page Speed Score to measure loading times. It goes from zero to hundred and your website should be at least 85 to perform well, according to Google.

Improve Website Speed

There are several things you can do to have your website loading faster. First, you can check your website speed with Google. Next, make your images smaller in size to avoid long loading times.

There are a few free programs online that you can use to compress images. (JPegMiniLite,, and ImageOptim).

Websites with large size images can take too long to load (depending on your internet speed) which can cause your visitors to leave your page. Get a web host with fast internet speed to have your pages load faster.

Don’t use unnecessary plugins that you don’t need. Every plugin will slow down your website a little bit, the more you have, the slower your website will be.

Remove all the plugins you don’t need and your website will become faster than before. You should also compress your JavaScript with Closure Compiler.

Create A Homepage On MSN, Google, And Yahoo

Create a personal webpage for these search engines and post articles here, including a link to your website. Use rss to syndicate your content also.
For Google, go to
For Yahoo, go to
For MSN go to

Create A Sitemap
Sitemap creation for better rankings
Create A Site Map

This is one of the factors that is important in optimizing your site to get higher in the search engine result pages. You’ll need to have a sitemap for the search engine spider to get your content indexed in the search engines.

A sitemap is also important to help visitors to navigate through your site. Keep the sitemap in the root folder of your website.

Through this link you can create an .xml sitemap file for the search engine. Sitemaps are normally written in .xml but you also need an HTML sitemap.

The HTML sitemap is for Bing and Yahoo as they prefer the HTML sitemap, while Google want to see the .XML sitemap.

It is a good idea to keep your site map updated, especially if you put new pages online on a regular basis. The more pages a website got, the more it will be seen as an authority website.

You can submit your sitemap to Google here:
To submit your site map to Yahoo go here:

Another trick you can do is to “ping” the search engines to tell them that there is new content on your site. The search engine will spider your site to check it out. You can use to ping the search engine about your new content.

Try to keep your XML sitemap below 10 Kb, or turn it into a head sitemap with sub-sitemaps. Make sure your sitemap is without mistakes, or Google is not going to check it.

About The Robots Text File

With the robots.txt file, you tell the robots which pages of your website to spider. Here you can exclude pages from being spidered and also being indexed, for instance when it is a page with a download on it.

Robots for indexing your pages
Robots Text File

Build websites that are easy to navigate, so users and the crawlers can find every page easily. Have lots of relevant and interesting content and plenty of trusted links.

Breadcrumb navigation is user friendly as visitors can see where they are on a site. This got to do with the user experience and is another factor how you can get higher in the search engine.

Offsite Optimization
Inbound Links

Offsite optimization is about getting links to your website. These are called inbound links or back-links; links coming from another website to your website.

This can be done by writing quality articles, submitting them to article directories, with a link in the author biography description. This will give you a link back to your site. This is also a good way to get indexed fast in the search engines.

It is easy to find directories where you can place your website to get a backlink. Use Google search and type in “your keyword phrase” and “add url” or “add website”.

For instance, if you want to get backlinks from a beauty website, type in “beauty” and “add website”. You will get a big list of sites where you can add your URL to create a link back to your site.

Do not link to sites that ask for a link back (reciprocal link) because these links have less value for your SEO efforts. For SEO purposes Google considers inbound links, one way links, as the most legitimate links.

This is because the other website does not have any profit from it. So, the more of these links you have to your website, the better it is for your SEO results.

Get higher in the search engine with backlinks
Creating Back Links For SEO
Building Back Links For Free

When you have quality content on your website, other website owners may want to link to your site. You can also get links from forums or blogs.

Write some useful info on a forum or blog with a link back to your website. Place the link in the bio description where you tell more about yourself.

If you have links coming from a similar niche, it will have more value than links from an irrelevant website. Older links also carry more weight for the search engine.

Build links the natural way; if you suddenly have 100s of links in a short time, it will be seen as spam with lower rankings as a result.

When you have several links to your site with a certain keyword in the link, such as pharmacy, it can be seen as spam or your site is hacked. Anyway, it could get you lower rankings.

Try to make your back links look natural: include your URL, domain name, and keywords but different ones than your main keyword.

More Useful Tips
  • Links from Wikipedia are nofollow, but Google gives value to these links
  • Never use the Meta tag refresh
  • Don’t use question marks in your links
  • Don’t use frames because spiders cannot read your page, meaning you won’t have your page indexed!
  • Do not use cloaking (hiding the link destination), you will get penalized
  • Do not use CSS to make text invisible, you could have your website banned from the search engines
  • Don’t write almost invisible text by using a size of 1 pixel, it will hurt your rankings
  • Having a favicon can boost your ranking
  • A bulleted list (like this one) helps to break up content, is user friendly and preferred by Google
  • The times a page will be updated is also a factor because it will keep the page info more up to date
  • Secure sites (https) will rank above non secure sites
  • Get visitors to the information they are searching for with as least clicks as possible
Check Your Website

Last but not least: check your website online. There are several websites where you can have your website checked for free to see what more you can do to optimize your website and get higher in the search engine.

Here are a few sites:,,, and

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