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Colors Used In Marketing
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What Is Color Marketing?

Color marketing is about the psychology of web colors used in marketing to influence people. Colors used in marketing influence purchase decisions more than you think.

Purchases can be made according to the color of a product. Men prefer strong colors, especially blue, while women choose the softer colors, preferably purple.

When you started your website, did you paid attention to the color schemes? Probably not, you picked something you liked and got started with it.

These days most websites can have different color schemes that can be easily changed. A different website color can have a big impact on your marketing results.

Picking the right color for your marketing business is an important choice. It can mean the difference between making a sale or not making a sale.

The Color Test Showed Results

A test with a call-to-action button, showed that a red button had a 21% higher click rate than a green button. There are three colors that are best suitable for call-to-action buttons:
RED: very clear, stands out on most designs, and represents urgency and excitement.
GREEN: being a calming color, it can help certain shoppers making a decision, especially if the product is about the environment, peace, relaxation, or psychology.
ORANGE-YELLOW got a strong link with happiness, action, and warmth.

Using colors in marketing is an important choice, because colors have an amazing psychological effect on people. A study revealed that around 75% of decisions to buy or not to buy a product is totally based on color.

Labels and products have a certain color for a reason; to influence people to make their purchase decision. You can find it back anywhere, not only in marketing.

The same goes for power words; using power words in your content will also influence purchase decisions.

Using power words and the right colors is a powerful combination that can greatly improve your income from getting more clicks, sign ups, and sales.

Using The Right Colors

You should consider what colors to use on your website and marketing efforts. Using the right colors is very important for your audience. Colors are the first thing visitors will see, so it is critical to use the right color schemes.

As there is a choice of millions of color combinations, it would be very difficult to pick the right color combinations. With this article you will know a lot more what colors to use.

Web masters need to know the colors that will keep visitors on their site, and lower the bounce rate. You can use a website color selector app that can recommend the right colors without having an impact on the readability.

The text must have enough contrast between the foreground and the background to keep it readable. If it is hard to read, your visitors will likely go somewhere else.

Bright colors can be used well but try to avoid very bright colors as they will become a pain to the eye. Use colors that are closely related on the color wheel if you want to make slight chances.

Links should be clearly visible because readers need to click on it. The color should change after the reader have clicked on it, also because of the user experience.

The Best Color Combination

The best color schemes for website are white-yellow-black. This neutral combination creates a highly visual impression. Using a color palette generator can give your website a professional look.

Stay on the safe side by using the 216 web-safe colors. These are displayed exactly the same on all computers, and 22 of them are the really safe colors, displayed reliably.

On the web safe color page, you can also enter a color value, see the hex numbers from the colors, and you will find a link to the color names.

On the page with the color names, you can see the name, hex code and the exact color. If you click on one of the names, you can find out more info about that color. On that page you will also find color schemes with complementary colors.

The Meaning Of Colors

Here are 14 standard colors used in marketing and their meaning.

The Yellow Color

Yellow is eye-catching, the brightest color the eye can see, and therefor draws attention. The yellow color is linked with optimism, fun, hope, youth, creativity, clarity, happiness, sunshine and warmth. Yellow inspires curiosity, gives fresh ideas and thoughts.

The yellow color stands for communication and is linked with learning. It is an energetic and cheerful color. Yellow is the color to stand out from the rest and helps to make decisions by thinking clearly and do things in a new way. Don’t use too much yellow as it can cause anxiety.

The Blue Color

Blue is to build trust, loyalty, serenity and is for intelligence and authority. Blue also relates to reliability, security, responsibility, calmness and strength. It is a relaxing color for the body and mind; blue reduces stress, create calmness, peace and order.

The blue color can take control and make the right decisions when faced difficulty. As blue increases productivity, it is often used in office spaces. Because of the trustworthiness, many financial institutions using blue in their logo.

The Red Color

Red is a dominant color for excitement, confidence, perseverance and stimulates energy. This strong, positive color can improve self-confidence and is connected with physical needs and the will to survive. Red is also connected with competition, passion, vitality, appetite, intense emotion, and heat.

This sexual color can promote intense and intimate passion. It also whet the appetite, that is why you can often find it in restaurants. In China the red color is connected with good luck. In marketing red is used for impulsive shoppers as it creates urgency. That is why it is often used with clearance sales.

The Orange Color

Orange is the color for enthusiasm, fun, sun, courage, confidence, warmth, friendliness, and is linked with increased creativity, innovation and energy.

The orange color is a request for adventure, taking risks, competition, physical confidence, and independence. It is also a combination of happiness, beauty, passion and joy and sparks mental activity.

The orange color supports emotional strength during difficult times, and assist with pain and sorrow, disappointments and sadness. This comes from the optimistic and uplifting effect from the orange color.

In marketing, orange is used to manipulate impulsive buyers. It works well with a call to action button to have people to subscribe or buy a product.

The Green Color

Green is the healthy color: peaceful, fresh and natural. It’s related with safety, comfort, harmony, balance, growth, good luck, fertility, freedom, prosperity, and healing.

The green color supports home and family, friends, love of nature and pets. It is an emotional positive color and related with inexperienced or being new.

The green color is relaxing, both mentally and physically, is emotionally positive, and it is said that it got healing powers. It’s no coincidence that hospitals use the color green in their operating room.

In fact, almost anything related to health, often got the color green. In marketing, green is used to create a carefree feeling and becomes more and more popular for new websites.

The Purple Color

Purple is the color for stability, success, ambition, luxury, power, wealth, passion, romance and relaxation. Purple is associated with spirituality, creativity, magic and mystery, and let us get in touch with our inner thoughts. It is also for respect, imagination and sophistication.

Persons searching for the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment, will find assistance in the purple color. In marketing, purple is the perfect mix of the stability of the color blue and the power and energy of the color red. This blended color makes it the prevalent color for luxury brand items.

The Black Color

The color black will make you feel luxurious, classic, exclusive and powerful. It is connected with mystery (black magic), elegance, sexuality, fashion, confidence, wealth, sophistication, power, security and control. Don’t use too much black as it can cause depression and a negative environment.

Because of the power it transmits, black comes over as being intimidating, unapproachable and unfriendly. It is related to a strong will, discipline, self-control and independence.

Black will protect you from negativity and getting injured while traveling, but also when you just step outside your door.

The Brown Color

Brown is the color of down to earth, and also stable, strong and natural. Brown is the color of feeling good, comfort, protection, family, warmth, dependability, handiness, reliability and masculinity.

Brown is also sensual, warm and sensitive, and gives a feeling of comfort and calmness. In psychology, the brown color indicates honesty, sincerity, and being genuine. Brown promotes organization and order, but not as far as perfectionism.

The White Color

White is the clean color, pure and innocent. It is also about freshness, health, comfort, protection, simplicity, clarity, youth and used to stimulate growth and creativity. This neutral color is often used together with other colors.

In marketing white is very often used as background color because it makes dark or black text easily readable. The white color will show best in a basic and simple design as it shows a nice clean look. White is a terrific help if you want to clean up your life and start fresh.

The Gray Color

Gray is for balance, a very controlled, calm and neutral color. It is a reliable, conventional, practical color, mature and responsible. Gray can provide new and positive energy and is associated with professionalism, formality and sophistication.

Gray is a solid and stable color, quiet and reserved, creating a feeling of calmness and also expectations. Gray is also conservative, sad, boring and depressing from one side, but formal and elegant from the other side.

The Pink Color

Pink is a feminine color showing caring, imagination, creativity, innovation, passion, intimacy and affection. As pink is a combination of white and red, the pink color got characteristics from both of these colors.

The white color is to achieve success and insight, and the red color gives pink the action it needs. A deeper pink color will give it more passion and energy.

Pink is also a positive color, producing warm and comfortable feelings. It is the color to make things going well, being okay. Combined with darker colors like dark green, dark blue, gray or black it will make the pink color stronger and more mature.

The Turquoise Color

Turquoise is a friendly, happy color, enjoying life. It creates stability and emotional balance, increases concentration, and will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Turquoise is a mix of blue and green; with the peace, tranquility and calmness from the blue color, and growth and balance from the green color.

Turquoise also got a hint of yellow, giving it uplifting energy. In case of an emergency, turquoise will help to think clearly and make the right decisions. It will also build confidence and boost creativity and sensitivity. If you ever get stuck, turquoise can help you getting back on track.

The Gold Color

Gold is the color of wealth, money and power. It is connected with abundance, success, prosperity, achievement and well-being. It also involved prestige, elegance, sophistication and extravagance.

Gold is an uplifting and positive color, has a charming personality, radiates confidence and magnetism. It makes people feel optimistic, spiritually heightened, and they want to share their wealth and wisdom. Gold colors include happiness, brilliance, generosity and tradition.

The Silver Color

Silver is like gold, a symbol of riches and wealth. It’s a powerful color for harmony when it comes to the physical, emotional and mental sections. It is also about being sophisticated, glamorous, and distinguished.

People who like silver are considered sensitive, confident, elegant, kind and gentle, and are often lost in a dream world. Many of these people are very creative and artistic, hence they will be good writers or poets.

The story goes that silver attracts success, because people who like this color see possibilities and are open to new ideas. In marketing, silver is mixed with other colors to create an industrial representation or high tech website.

Influence Your Visitors With Colors

If you want to attract new customers, then yellow is your best choice because it is eye-catching. If you want people to trust you, go for the blue color.

Subtle changes with the use of colors in marketing, can influence sales, conversions, and trustworthiness. Now that you know the meaning of colors used in marketing, use it in your next campaign to profit with your marketing efforts.

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Meaning Of Colors Used In Marketing

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