User Experience Techniques To Increase Your Conversions

User Experience Techniques To
Increase Your Conversions

Key Elements Of A Good User Experience

User experience techniques and benefits
User Experience Techniques

Making Your Website Visitor Friendly

User experience techniques, or in short UX, is making your website visitor friendly. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, the visitor should be hooked with the experience from your website.

For instance, it should be easy to navigate around your page, and visitors should not have a problem to find what they are looking for.

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There are two things a website must have: content and design. The content must be original and compelling. The design must be mobile responsive, and if possible, have an SSL certificate.

This is a secure website with encrypted data. Google will give websites with an SSL certificate higher rankings compared to not secure websites.

Encrypted websites are seen as better user experience techniques because of the safe data transmission.

Good user experience techniques are fundamental for any entrepreneur who want to earn money online. Your visitor should be your number one priority

It doesn’t matter if you just have a simple website, or an authority website, if the user experience techniques are not good, you will leave money on the table.
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Improve User Experience, Increase Conversions

If you want to increase your conversions, you have to improve the user experience. You must lead your visitor through your site, in a way that is simple and user friendly.

This is important; if your website is not user friendly, a visitor can decide to leave your page and visit another site (from a competitor), that is a potential sale that is missed!

If the user experience is good, it can lead to more sales. This has nothing to do with nice graphics or so, but with page clarity. Your website must be easy on the eye, not full of banners, graphics, and other distractions.

If you confuse your visitor, they probably will look somewhere else. Visitors must easily find the information they are looking for.

Create A Mobile Website

These days your website must be mobile friendly, so that people can also watch it on a mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet, or other handheld appliance.

Many people are using their mobile device to access the internet, and more and more people are buying from the internet using their mobile device.

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You can check to see if your website is mobile friendly with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Make your website mobile friendly
Mobile Friendly Websites

Don’t put links too close to each other, as many people use a mobile device. Just think of all the people accessing the internet on their mobile phone with a screen that is smaller.

Because of the smaller screen, it can be harder to tap on the right link, so keep your menu navigation simple. Leave the visitor in control to decide if the link need to be opened in a new window.

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Optimizing Your Website

The first impression of your website must be interesting, before your visitor have read any content. This must be done by optimizing the area above the fold.

When visitors arrives at your site, they only see the part above the fold; this is the part that is visible without having to scroll down.

Show visitors there is more content below the fold by having an arrow icon or showing some text or an image that the content goes on.

There will be readers who will scroll up and down the page to see how long it will take them to read the whole article. Many visitors don’t take the time to read long blocks of text.

If your article is a bit long and it doesn’t look so interesting, they will either scan the page or close the page. You can prevent this by putting the time above it how long it will take them to read the whole article.

Don’t think that your visitor will read all the content on your page. Most visitors will scan your page to see what it is about. Visitors have a short attention span and need to see immediately what the page is about.

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If you have an attention grabbing headline, they are more likely to read your content. This headline must get their attention immediately, so they want to find out more.

Keep Content Readable

Don’t use different fonts or different sizes, keep all the text in the same font and size. It will keep your content better readable and more relaxing on the eyes.

Keep the left side of your content straight, and place images to the right of your content. Break up your text in blocks, and put enough white space in the text to make is easier to read.

Keep your text straight to the point; don’t use unnecessary filler. Your visitor don’t need to read more content than necessary, or they might lose interest and look somewhere else.

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Make your information useful, not only for the visitor, but also for Google. If you give valuable quality information, Google will reward you with higher rankings.

Valuable information will help people to find what they are looking for. This will lower your bounce rate and increase conversions, in other words, more money in your pocket.

Use heading tags and keywords in your content
Heading Tags And Keywords For Better User Experience

Use Heading Tags And Keywords

Use heading tags, so visitors know what that part of text is about, and they can easier find what they are looking for. If you also use relevant keywords in the heading tags, you’ll also improve SEO for higher rankings.

Search engines see heading tags with the right keywords as an important user experience on a website and will reward you with higher rankings.

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Keep your site clean, no dead links, free of errors, such as 404 error messages, also known as “page not found” errors. These errors can be found as events with Google Analytics.

Fixing these errors will make your website better, and greatly improve the user experience. Google also like to see a website free of errors, and this could lead to higher rankings.

Keep Your Menu Clean

Don’t stuff your header content with too many links as it looks unprofessional, and less choices are usually better. Don’t use more than one row of tabs in your menu.

Use drop down menus if you want to add more pages in your menu. Don’t use more than two levels in the drop-down menu as it will be hard to use for your visitor.

You can also hide secondary pages in the footer menu. This is not only good for the user experience but also good for SEO.

To make the list better readable, you can put a border between the different list items. You can use a hover effect to make it even better readable.

This hover effect can be a change in background color or in the text color. Don’t use tooltips or they might be in the way of the list item, making it hard to read.

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Selling Products: How And What

If you have a website where you sell products, visitors must immediately see what you are selling, and how and where to purchase the products. This can be done with “add to cart” buttons and “buy” buttons.

Once they buy a product and become your customer, you’ll also have their email address. You can stay in contact with them through email marketing, and have them purchase again.

An easy way to do this is to offer them a bonus or a discount on their next purchase for being a valuable customer.

If you offer multiple products on your website, make the one stand out that offers the most benefits or will save more money. Don’t give your visitor too many options, do the thinking for them.

If you give them too many options, they can have a problem with making a choice. The less choice they have, the easier it will be to get them from point A to point B.
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Have Fast Loading Pages

Make sure your pages load fast, especially your home page, because visitors don’t like to wait. Here is another good reason for fast loading pages: Search engines reward faster loading pages with higher rankings.

One good way to improve loading time for a page, is to use the w3-total-cache plugin from WordPress. You can check your page loading times with

WordPress total cache
W3 Total Cache From WordPress

Another way to have faster loading pages, is to compress your images. If your page loading time takes too long, visitors will likely close the page and look somewhere else.

When your page becomes too long, it can be split into 2 pages. With 2 shorter pages your reader can stay more focused, and your pages will also load faster.

Plus, you can have 2 pages in the search engine with different keywords and with a bigger chance your pages will be found. Just don’t dilute the information or it will negatively affect your search engine rankings.

A very good user experience technique, is to tell an appealing story. Visitors are interested to read a good story they can recognize. This will keep them focused to read the whole content.

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Registration Forms: Keep It Simple

If you want to use a registration form, try to keep it short and simple. Most visitors don’t like to give lots of info. Just a user name or email address and password should be enough.

Always use a two step registration system where the subscriber have to click on a link in an email you’ve send them. This way the subscriber cannot accuse you for sending spam.

Keep the log-in button the same size as the text fields, with a text like “create account” or “log in” so users know what kind of action they are taking.

Try to avoid standard terms like “click here”. Another way to let users log-in, is to have them use their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few more user experience techniques:

  • Don’t turn your website into a big sales letter, inform the visitor with the information they need. If they are ready to buy, they will buy
  • Make your navigation menu sticky because it is easier and faster to use. Visitors don’t have to scroll up and down to find the information links they are looking for
  • Keep reading going in one direction to keep your reader focused
  • Make sure visitors can contact you, because this user experience technique is about building trust
  • Don’t annoy your visitors with pop-ups after they come to your site. A subscribe form on the side of your website, for instance in the sidebar, is more than sufficient and also user friendly
  • Use at the most one animation per page as these can be distracting for your user
  • Keep your website updated on a regular basis for a better user experience and better rankings, as Google will give stale websites a lower ranking
  • If possible, use a bulleted or numbered list within the text. Not only will it break up the text, it will make things more clear and to the point, as you can see here

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Good UX: User Friendly And Effective

Good user experience and usability is making things easier for your visitors. Your website should give your visitors the information they are looking for.

You are probably not a UX designer, but when you use the above tips into your website, you will create a more effective and user friendly website. These user experience guidelines should increase your conversions.

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User experience strategy
User Experience (UX)

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