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Frequently Asked Questions About
Wealthy Affiliate

Here you’ll find several frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) and answers about Wealthy Affiliate. Get to know more about Wealthy Affiliate before you become a member and start with their affiliate marketing training.

Question: What is Wealthy Affiliate?
Answer: Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing platform where you can learn marketing, but they specialize in affiliate marketing.

Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?
Answer: Yes, they do not promise you overnight riches. You will learn to build a sustainable business what takes time.

Question: I have no technical background. Will this work for me?
Answer: Yes, you will start from the beginning, learning along the way as you go on.

Question: How much cost a membership?
Answer: It’s free to become a standard member!

Question: How long can you stay a free member?
Answer: You can stay a free member for as long as you want!

Question: How much is a premium membership?
Answer: A premium membership is $49 per month or $359 per year (that’s just $29 per month!) These days it is also possible to pay for 6 months at once, that will cost you $234 (that is $39 per month).

Question: Are there any up-sells?
Answer: No, the premium membership is fixed at $49 a month or $359 a year, nothing more or less.

Question: What kind of payments does WA accept for the premium membership?
Answer: You can pay with Paypal, credit and debit cards such as master card and visa card, and electronic checks! (Premium members can now also pay with credits, collected from reviewing websites from other members.)

Question: Is there a money back guarantee?
Answer: No, because you have 7 days of full access to try Wealthy Affiliate and check out everything before going Premium.

Question: Is there more than affiliate marketing?
Answer: Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you article writing, keyword research, SEO, website development and programming, social engagement, niche marketing, and lots more!

Question: Is everything I need included within Wealthy Affiliate?
Answer: Yes, you get a website, domain, hosting, article writing tool, keyword research tool, link tracker, and lots more.

Question: Do I need to have my own products to sell?
Answer: No, you can promote products from other people!

Question: Do I need a website?
Answer: You don’t need a website as you can do affiliate marketing without a website, but to do it properly, it is better to have a website. (Don’t forget that you are building a real online business)

Question: Do I need to have my own website?
Answer: No, free members get 2 free websites with free hosting!
Premium members can register 50 free websites and free hosting. (25 own domains and 25 on the Siterubix platform)

Question: Do I need to have/buy a registered domain name and hosting?
Answer: No, you can use the free website names ( and free hosting inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Question: Is web hosting expensive?
Answer: No, if you buy your domain name with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get free state-of-the-art hosting.

Question: How long will it take to build my site?
Answer: You can have your site online within a day, but it will actually never be finished as you have to keep putting more and more info online.

Question: Do I need to learn sophisticated programming skills?
Answer: No, your website will be build with WordPress, you don’t have to know programming. There is also training on how to work with WordPress.

Question: Does the program have Clickbank training?
Answer: The training provided can be used for anything, like Clickbank, Amazon, Click2Sell, JVZoo, Ebay, PayDotCom, and lots more!

Question: Can I pay with Paypal?
Answer: Yes, that’s no problem!

Question: How much money can I make?
Answer: It depends how much hours you put into the program, how well you use the information, but it is in fact unlimited!

Question: Can I write my website in another language than English to promote products?
Answer: Yes, you can write in any language that you want!

Question: Is this also working in Europe?
Answer: Yes, wherever you have an internet connection, this will work!

Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate available worldwide?
Answer: Yes, but some countries cannot use the free starter membership. They have to become a premium member right away. These countries are: Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, and Vietnam.

Question: Where do I get the products to promote?
Answer: You get the products from signing up for affiliate programs!

Question: Do I need to be a paid member to make money?
Answer: No, you can make money as a free member but as a paid member you get access to all the information! (=all the available training and new future training)

Question: Is it possible to do all of this from a smart phone or tablet?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to do this on a smart phone or tablet but it might be a little harder then if you use a PC or laptop!

If you have another question, just send me a message using the contact form at the end of the page. (I had to remove my email address as it was used by spammers to send me spam)

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