Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting Review

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WA Web Hosting Review: Free Web Hosting For Members

review WA web hosting

WA web hosting review

This Wealthy Affiliate web hosting review was written to let you know what to expect when you use their web hosting. You have to become a member with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), because their web hosting is only for members. Non members cannot use it, but free members will get 2 free websites. First, let me tell you a little bit more what Wealthy Affiliate is, in case you don’t know (then you missed out to discover how to make money online).

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

With Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to start a profitable online business from scratch, starting with a solid foundation. The task based lessons are perfect, even for newbies who have no online experience. But also more experienced marketers can learn new things, because Wealthy Affiliate got classrooms on many different marketing aspects.

50 Free Websites For Paid Members

These days you can also get free web hosting with space for 50 websites: 25 of your own websites and 25 on the Siterubix platform. When you are a free member, you will get 2 free websites with hosting on the Siterubix platform (websitename.siterubix.com). Since 2016 it is also possible to register and buy your domain names with Wealthy Affiliate.

When you transfer your domain to Wealthy Affiliate, your website will not have any downtime. The DNS (Domain Name Settings) will stay the same, you don’t have to change anything. Your website can be moved from your previous provider to WA in a matter of minutes.

Buying Domain Names With WA

Buying a domain name is also possible through Wealthy Affiliate. With the powerful search function you can see almost immediately if the domain name is available, and will also give you good suggestions. Once you’ve found a suitable domain name, you can purchase it without any upsell, and immediately start building your online business.

Website Platform: Simplified And User-Friendly

The website platform is simplified and user friendly, anyone will be able to set up a website with just a few clicks. The website hosting is not a shared hosting account what most hosting companies have. It is top quality cloud based hosting, not the cheap hosting companies that cost less than $10. If you host your website with these cheap companies, it will be stuffed on a server with literally 1000s of other domains.

These low quality web hosts will slow down your website speed, and your website will become vulnerable to attacks and hacks from cyber criminals. These hosting services are not good to host your website on if you want to build a profitable online business. With Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to worry about the quality of hosting, it is state-of-the-art cloud hosting.

WordPress Themes And Plugins

You have a choice of over 3000 beautiful WordPress themes available, all mobile responsive, for every type of niche. And there are over 51.000 plugins available for your website: shopping carts; seo plugins; spam blockers; image optimizers; social plugins, and more. Almost all of them are free to use and you can install them with just a click of a button.

When your online business start to grow, you need good hosting that can handle all the traffic. And you probably need more space, or more websites. This is all no problem with cloud based hosting that can handle all this for you. Normally you would have to pay at least $75 for similar hosting services.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting

hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

And there is more good news in this Wealthy Affiliate web hosting review: You can get features that other hosts will charge you for, but with Wealthy Affiliate it is all included! Here are the included products that you will get when you register your domain through Site Domains:

  • Free WHOIS Privacy Protection to prevent spammers from getting access to you personal info
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Next Year Guarantee pricing
  • Comment spam control
  • Domain Security
  • Latest hosting technology
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Website monitoring and maintenance
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Free website encryption (SSL=Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Full Redundancy
  • Advanced DNS management
  • Instant setup
  • Daily website back-ups
  • Auto Login
  • Email & Forwards
  • SiteContent access with over 1 million high definition images

Site Protect: Three Point Protection

Site protect feature gives you a three point protection against spammers, hackers, and Botnet attacks with a built in virus and malware protection. There is also spam management that will stop your spam from reaching your website in the first place.

Virus And Malware Protection

Protection against viruses and malware: With the hosting you will also get protection against viruses and malware. There is nothing to worry when you have your website hosted with Wealthy Affiliate because they have more than one defense system. This is also available for free members.

Site Health: Website Analysis

SiteHealth is used for website analysis to determine how well your website is performing. You can see the quality of your content, an important ranking factor in Google, publishing frequency, website feedback, Google rankings, visitor engagement, plugins, and overall trust. Everything that can be improved, can be found there.

Site Comments: Building Trust

Site Comments: this is about people who leave a message on your website. This interacting from your visitor with your website will lead to better rankings. It is also about building trust and that will lead to higher conversions.

Site Feedback: Get Feedback From Members

Site Feedback: You can get feedback about your website from other members. This way you know if your website is good or not, in relation to your navigation, design, and user experience. Then you know what must be changed to efficiently improve it. This is another way to get higher rankings and higher conversions.

WordPress Video Training

Advanced Website Training: There is an advanced website training with hours of video training and more than 100 training modules that is going to help you to become knowledgeable about WordPress. You don’t need any technical skills to get started as the advanced training will take you from an absolute beginner to a WordPress expert.

WA video training online

online video training

Free Site SSL: Secure Website Encryption

SiteSSL: (Secure Sockets Layer) The free website encryption is for all websites hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. You can recognize these websites as they start with HTTPS://. The “S” stand for secure. The information (data) is transmitted over a secure 256-bit connection. With this connection, you can securely accept online payments, for instance with e-commerce websites.

These websites are preferred by Google and thus get higher rankings. The SSL certificates are included and completely free for paid members on any domain hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. Normally you would have to pay for this feature with prices starting from $50 per year and higher. The free SiteRubix.com domains are shared domains and are not eligible for SSL.

24/7 Website Monitoring: Overall Website Security

The websites are monitored 24/7 to look for potentially critical issues that could harm your website. The technology behind it will deal with these issues automatically to keep your site up, having it running smoothly with an overall website security.

Site Support: Get Help When Needed

Site Support: In case you need any help with your website, you can have direct access to the server administrators. These experts will look at the problem immediately and you can expect to get a response within 5 minutes. Yes, that is not a writing mistake: FIVE minutes, no matter what time of day or night it is!

Top Quality Cloud Based Hosting Technology

When you are a premium member, your hosting account is comparable with hosting packages that would normally cost you somewhere between $250 and $300 dollar per month. But with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll get faster quality hosting, using their fast cloud based hosting technology, included in your membership. More speed will give you better rankings and on top of that you will also get SiteSpeed to amplify loading times.

SiteSpeed didn’t work for my website; in fact, my website became a little bit slower. I had sent a message to support, received an answer that they were going to look into it, and never heard anything about it anymore. A faster loading website will give higher rankings and better user experience, keeping visitors longer on your site, and lowering your bounce rate.

Become A Member: Get Free Web Hosting

Hopefully you picked up good info about this Wealthy Affiliate web hosting review. If you are thinking of taking web hosting, you might as well become a member with Wealthy Affiliate. You get all of the above, including free web hosting, and you can also learn how to make money online. They already have more than 1 million members, that must say more than enough. Click the banner below and become a free member now!

free web hosting with wealthy affiliate

WA web hosting provider


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