How To Get Website Traffic For Free

Find Out How To Get Website Traffic For Free

Increase Website Traffic For Free

Know how to increase website traffic
Know How To Get Website Traffic

If you want to know how to get website traffic then keep on reading. In this article you will find some valuable tips you can use to increase traffic to your website.

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There are different ways to get more traffic to your website and you will find out how to put these ideas to work. If you use these tips, you can expect to see an increase in your website visitors.

Website owners always look for ways to increase their website traffic. Your website won’t do you any good if you don’t have visitors.

Visitors are what keeps your business going. The more visitors you have, the more sales you can generate, and thus the more money you can earn.

So it is important to get visitors (=traffic) to your website. The problem is that is cost more and more to get targeted traffic. Here you can find many ways on how to get website traffic.

Let’s first look at the free methods to get targeted traffic. There is no need to spend money for traffic when you can get it for free.

Write Unique And Quality Content

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website is by writing unique and quality content. Never, ever, steal someone else’s work as this won’t do you any good.

Not only is copied content not original, you might get yourself in big trouble. Search engines will also detect copied content and lower your rankings.

Give your readers unique and valuable content they won’t find somewhere else, and what will be of great help for them to reach their goal.

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You can find more info about writing unique articles on the page article marketing. You should use the tips to make your articles stand out to get more traffic to your website.

Write headlines that immediately get your readers attention, so they want to find out more and click the link to read your article or blog.

Never use your article to sell anything; only get your readers interested and make them clicking on to your website where you do the actual selling. This technique is known as pre-selling.

Don’t forget to put a link back to your website at the end of your article. This will give you some good one way back links which will give your website a higher ranking.

Use Keywords Naturally

Make sure you have the right keywords spread out in your text, keywords that people are searching for. Put the keywords in your text, so that it reads natural, not forced by keywords.

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Submit your articles to high traffic article directories, such as, and popular blogs, like and, the world’s largest blog directory.

The text on your website must consist of informative content, and be helpful to your readers so they want to read till the end where your link to your salespage is.

Using the right keywords in your content, can give you higher rankings, so more people can find your article, but don’t make it keyword stuffed as it could hurt your rankings.

Increase web traffic with article writing
Increase Traffic To Your Website With Articles

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Don’t Stuff Your Article With Keywords

These days the search engines are “smart” and recognize this trick. A keyword stuffed article or website can lower your rankings. You can find more info about keywords on the keyword research page.

Keep your website up to date, with fresh content to keep your readers interested. See it as a blog; with regular updates your website will rank higher in the search engines.

If you cannot come up with fresh content, you should think about outsourcing; hiring a ghostwriter or freelancer to write content for you. Share your content through social bookmarking to promote your website.

Check Your HTML And Links For Mistakes

Make sure your website got valid HTML. If you use WordPress, you don’t have to worry about your HTML as the WordPress program will take care of it.

Mistakes can prevent robots from crawling and indexing your site and it can even hurt your rankings. You can check your HTML with a validator, such as W3C markup validator.

Check if all the links work correctly, because Google doesn’t like broken links. It will be seen as a website where the owner does not take care of and this will hurt your rankings.

Also, create a sitemap.xml file for the search engine as this will help search engines to find all the pages on your website.

When you make changes to your website, such as adding, removing, or changing pages, don’t forget to update your site map.

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Offline Advertising To Get Traffic

The best way to advertise is word of mouth. Tell people about your website, and be proud of it, so that they want to visit your website.

An offline marketing technique that still works well is giving away business cards with your name and website address on it.

People might keep business cards for a long time, and every time they will see your website address on it. Even if they visit your website a year later, it can still bring in sales.

You should also leave business cards or a flyer on message boards, such as in in supermarkets. Check from time to time to see if they are gone, if so, just place a new one.

Exchange links with other websites in the same, or a related niche. Simply send an email to the website owner asking to place a link back to your website, and tell the owner that you already placed a link to his website.

Both websites will profit from this strategy. Don’t link to low quality sites as this will lower the credibility of your site and Google could also lower your rankings.

Traffic From Blogging

When you write a blog post, mention other posts you have written, that also will be helpful for your readers, with a link to that blog. Internal linking is also good for the search engines to get more traffic.

This way of Search Engine Optimization; will also increase time visitors spend on your website, improves referral traffic and more sales.

You should also write a guest post on related niche blogs. Let people know your an expert in that niche because people want to know more from an expert.

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If you have written a blog posts, submit it to StumbleUpon and reddit. Always respond to all comments on your blog. This will show visitors you care about them.

You will also build online relationships this way, and have commentators coming back to your site or blog to read your response. Google appreciate website where people interact, because it will say something about the quality of the content.

If you have an email list, include a link back to your blog posts. People might want to visit your blog to know more. This can give you a lot more traffic and sales.

Increase visitors to your site
How To Get More Website Traffic

More Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Another way to increase traffic to your website is by putting your website address at the end of your emails you send out, as well as in the old regular snail mail.

Many people can see it, and this can increase your website visitors. You can also put your website address on your car. A lot of people will see it, even when you don’t drive around, and it is free advertising!

Go to sites like Yahoo Answers, or Quora and answer questions related to your niche with a link back to your website.

If you give good and honest answers, many people will visit your website because they will see you as an expert in your field. Use message boards as well to answer questions, but also to ask questions with a link back to your website.

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Use Social Media Marketing To Get Traffic

Use social media to get followers. You can start a Facebook group in your niche to drive traffic to your website. If you have quality content, your followers will share it with others, promoting your product or website for you.

You can also start a forum in your niche, where people can ask questions, or join a forum and answer questions with a link back to your website.

Put a video with info about your product or niche on YouTube. From all social media sites, YouTube will send you the most traffic. Also, put an informative video on your landing pages that is relevant to your website.

A good video can improve page ranking and conversions more than anything else you can put on your pages. Video marketing also works better then article marketing.

Give Something Away For Free

Give away freebies, such as an ebook with your web address in it. Be sure to give a well written ebook with useful information, or they will not read it.

Other freebies are: screen savers, templates, games, newsletters, and other downloadable products. You can also use physical products such as a CD, book, or other small item that can be delivered cheap.

Give free advise through email or even over the phone. Many people will see this as a great value, and will visit your website more often. When people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

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Use The Right Keywords To Be Found

If you want your website to be found, you have to use long tail keywords, single keywords just don’t work anymore. You also have to know which keywords your visitors are using to find what they are looking for.

You can find the right keywords with Jaaxy, the worlds most advanced keyword research tool. You should try it yourself and see how it can improve your online business.

With Jaaxy, you can see how many people have been searching for a certain keyword; the estimated traffic; the SEO power; and you can even do a domain search for that keyword.

Targeted Traffic With Search Engine Optimization

The most important thing for a website is targeted traffic. Use SEO (search engine optimization) as an effective way to drive loads of traffic to your site.

For more info about SEO, read the SEO page. With Google Analytics you can see where your traffic is coming from. Use it to improve your SEO to get more traffic to your website.

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If you’ve found strategies that are working to get more traffic to your website, than put your energy in it to make it even better.

Click the link below and become a free member with Wealthy Affiliate and you will find more ways on how to get website traffic for free.

Find the best ways to get traffic to your website
Increase Website Traffic

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