The Foundation Of An Online Business

The Foundation Of An Online Business

The Important Tools You Need To
Start An Online Business

Necessary tools to start an online business
The Foundation Of An Online Business

There are six fundamentals to build the foundation of an online business that every internet marketer should have. You don’t have an online business without these tools. They are:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • An email address
  • An auto responder service
  • A product or a service
  • A payment processor

Let’s have a look at each one of these separately!

Domain Name

The first product you must have is a domain name, and not just any ordinary domain name. It should tell people directly the product or service that you are marketing.

For instance, if you are selling dog food, try to find a domain name such as This domain name will also do well in the search engine because of the keywords in it.

If money is a problem, search in Google for special domain deals. Many registrars are constantly having special deals for affordable domain names.

Sometimes you only have to pay $.89 for the first year. Don’t forget to have a good look at the renewal price, because that could be expensive.

Web Hosting

The second product you need is web hosting. It is very well possible to earn money online without your own web hosting.

You can earn money as an affiliate marketer or even on a marketplace like eBay without having your own website. And you can earn money online by blogging and using Blogger or Blogspot for free.

You have to keep in mind that having your own website shows a much more professional approach! Having your own website illustrates that you’re looking forward to the future as well as being prepared for the present.

It indicates that you are confident of success and up-to-date with the latest business trends!

If you think web hosting is expensive, you shouldn’t be an online marketer because you haven’t yet developed the right mindset. Web hosting has become fairly cheap these days.

It is possible to get a cheap web hosting account with unlimited space and bandwidth for as low as a few dollars per month, but you have to realize that you get what you pay for.

With cheap hosts, your website will be placed on shared hosting, and that could slow down your website. Your website also becomes vulnerable to attacks, but for starters this option is the best.

If you don’t want to share hosting with others, you should choose dedicated hosting, but it comes with a price. You can read more about hosting on the page website and hosting.

Email Address

The third product you need is an email address. If you sell products or use a payment processor that uses an email address as your identification, you need an email address.

An email address also gives your visitors and customers a way to contact you or if they have a question about products you are selling. It is now required by law to have contact information on your website.

My no.1 recommendation

Auto Responder

The fourth product you need is an auto responder service. An auto responder is a necessary tool that helps to automate your business by following up to subscribers via email, such as newsletters.

This tool is important for the foundation of an online business because it will help to build your list of prospects. You need one because most of your visitors will not buy the first time they visit your site.

If you find a way to collect their email addresses through a subscriber form, you can send them messages to remind them of your product or service. It will build your list of subscribers, and that is where the money is.

A well written follow up message can bring in a truckload of money. Just don’t try to sell in every message or subscribers might unsubscribe from your email messages.

Product Or Service

The fifth product you need is a product or service. A product or service should be something in demand and preferably something that you enjoy doing.

Here is how to find a product that is in demand. Go to Create a free account and log in. You will come onto the next page:

Research keywords with keyword planner
Research Keywords With Google

Near the bottom of the page, you will find a link that says: “Start using keyword planner”. Click that link, it will take you to the next page where you have to log in.

After logging in, you will see the following page:

Finding keywords with Google
Keyword Planner From Google

My no.1 recommendation

Click on “Find Keywords” and insert the keyword you want to get more info about. You need to do keyword research to find the right keywords so that people can find your website in the search engine.

In this case I used the keywords “tinnitus natural treatment” as an example to show you how it works and what you can do. This is what came up:

Researching keywords using keyword planner
Finding Keywords With Keyword Planner

On this page you can see related keywords; average monthly searches; competition; and the cost if you want to use Adwords.

This info is what you need to find out if people are searching for that product, and you can see how much it cost to advertise with Adwords.

The higher the Adwords amount, the more profitable that keyword could be. You can also see related keywords that you can use to advertise your product.

Another option is to go to and see what the hottest trends are at the moment. According to Google, this tool is updated every fifteen minutes, so the information is up-to-date.

The problem is that most results have to do with people, such as movie stars, celebrities, athletes, and other famous people. It is not a very good tool for marketing products online.

Payment Processor

The sixth essential that you need is a payment processor. Now, you can go for a merchant account if you wish, but it can be quite expensive to get started.

Another problem is a difficult process to have the interface working with your website. You would be better of getting an account with

Not only is it much easier, it costs absolutely nothing to open an account. The only time you will be charged is whenever you make a sale.

And even these fees are quite reasonable! With PayPal you can also send and receive money with just an email address.

Getting The Right Training

Now that you know how to build the foundation of an online business, it’s time to get training. And not just any training, but one of the best, if not the best online training.

Making money with affiliate marketing, or your own product, is not hard, but you need proper guidance or you could fail miserably.

The step-by-step training will take you from a beginner to a seasoned marketer on many marketing subjects. You can learn affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, Adsense, pay-per-click, SEO, content writing, and more.

You can read more about this awesome training program here. It is free to get started, so you have nothing to lose!

Create a profitable online business
Build An Online Business

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